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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Back to School promotion with Smile Zemi

 Looking for educational resources for homeschooling or at-home tutoring services? Considering a Learning Center or a Tutor? Wanting to give your children the best education? Keep reading to discover a home learning system that makes learning fun.

Sponsored post with Smile Zemi

  As a parent, you want the best for your child when it comes to learning. A child that does well in school will have more opportunities when it comes to the future. When your child does well in school, they will be able to get the education that they need to be able to go to the college that they desire and may even get scholarships to pay for college. Face it, smart kids are a good thing.

 As a mom of 5 kids, I know how important doing well in school helps a child with their future job. The time to help kids to be successful in school is when they are in elementary school. A good education early on helps kids learn how to be motivated to way to keep succeeding in school. I like to think that I did a good job with my children's education. My three older kids are adults and have all done well in school, 2 of them were high school valedictorians. My middle child was able to attend a military academy and graduated as an officer. He is now learning how to fly jet fighter planes for the Navy. My oldest son was just promoted to an officer in the Naval branch of the military. My oldest daughter is a stay-at-home mom by choice. My 2 younger kids are in high school and are in the top 1% of their class. 

How are my kids so smart? 

As a parent, I have always made learning a part of my kid's life. From the time that they were toddlers all the way to when they graduated college, I gave my kids the resources that they needed to learn. That meant puzzles and books when they were little and making sure to include learning in things like baking and shopping. When they got older, we made many trips to the library for nightly reading. I gave my kids what they needed to learn and encouragement to do well in school. I made learning fun for my kids and helped them to learn the rewards of doing well in school. 

 When learning was tough for my kids, I gave my kids the resources that they needed, like a tutor and online learning programs, to help them learn. I made their education a priority and talked to my kids about the benefits of doing well in school. Along the way, my kids took charge of their learning and were self-motivated to do well in school.

Smile Zemi makes learning fun and promotes independent learning.

 Smile Zemi is a learning tool that will help your child succeed in school. Smile Zemi is a learning system that replaces a learning center and tutors. Smile Zemi is a learning tablet that fosters children's critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help them succeed in school. I reviewed the Smile Zemi learning system and you can read my full Smile Zemi review here

What is the Smile Zemi Learning System?

 Smile Zemi focuses on teaching Common Core State Standards (CCSS), targeting grades 1-5. This is a learning system that promotes independent learning by offering fun exercises coupled with rewards for accomplishments! All the learning takes place from the comfort of your home on a learning tablet. You can even load lessons onto the tablet to take the fun learning on the go. That way your child can use the fun learning system while in the car or in the grocery cart.

Boost your child's learning with Smile Zemi, our tablet-based home learning service tailored to meet the needs of elementary school children, grades 1 to 5. 

Learn more ~ SmileZemi.com

With the Smile Zemi education program, you don't have to worry about potential learning distractions as the included tablet has no access to the Internet or games. You select the learning programs and Smile Zemi provides the learning tools. This unique learning tool even has quizzes so you can see your child's knowledge of the learning material.

Smile Zemi Back-To-School Special Offer

From August 14th - September 10th, the Smile Zemi tablet fee of $329.99 will be $0.00 with a special coupon on the Smile Zemi Website. 

~ When you purchase a full year of the Smile Zemi learning program, you will receive a free tablet. 

~ The Smile Zemi program only operates on the included tablet and is required to use the learning program.

~ This Back-To-School Special Offer saves you $329.99!

Learn more ~ SmileZemi.com

More about the Smile Zemi Learning Program

 Smile Zemi is the first tablet-based educational learning system tailored to meet the needs of elementary school children grades one through five and specifically designed to improve academic performance aligned with Common Core State Standards.  Developed by JustSystems, one of Japan’s largest manufacturers of educational software, Smile Zemi features a professionally developed curriculum and materials, including instructional videos, exercises, and quizzes to help students most effectively study Math and English Language Arts (ELA) on their own and in support of Common Core State Standards.

Why Smile Zemi?

When it comes to learning, there is never a thing as too much learning or the thinking that my child does not need to learn more. Even as adults learning never stops. The Smile Zemi learning tablet is perfect for all school-age kids. It does not matter if your child is home-schooled, attends private school, or public school, this learning tablet will enhance their learning. 

~ Smile Zemi is an at-home learning system for grades 1st- 5th that allows students to work independently on Math and ELA subjects.

~ The perfect learning tool to help your child get ahead in school.

~The durable and sturdy tablet is designed for learning purposes only, with no access to web browsers or games.

~ Includes step-by-step approachable, fun exercises, and easy-to-understand explanations.

~ Follows Common Core State Standards and enhances children's problem-solving and reading comprehension skills.

~ The tablet learning system tracks your child’s progress and parents can monitor it in real-time via smartphone.

~ Designed to achieve results you would expect from tutoring or learning centers! 

~ Provides Motivating Rewards to keep your child engaged in learning.

Smile Zemi's Mission

~ We are dedicated to continue working to help children discover the joy of learning and to experience significant personal growth through learning.

Smile Zemi Back-To-School Special Offer

From August 14th - September 10th, the Smile Zemi tablet fee of $329.99 will be $0.00 with a special coupon on the Smile Zemi Website. 

~ When you purchase a full year of the Smile Zemi learning program, you will receive a free tablet. 

~ The Smile Zemi program only operates on the included tablet and is required to use the learning program.

~ This Back-To-School Special Offer saves you $329.99!

Learn more ~ SmileZemi.com


AiringMyLaundry said...

This sounds like a great program for kids! What a fabulous deal.

Kathy said...

Sounds like such an amazing program for kids. Such a great deal as well. I love this.

Fatima D Torres said...

This will come in handy during the academic year. Pretty interesting and worth saving.

Marysa said...

Great program! I've never heard of this before. I wish this was around when my kids were younger -- it is always good to have some educational support.

Abida said...

Seems like a very great website that offers an amazing learning system.

mail4rosey said...

My first to hear of it. I love that it considers core standards in its design. I know the standards are important in the school system.

Zab Zaria said...

There is a lot of great things to be said about this program for kids! Thank you so much for sharing about this

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! This sounds like a really great and amazing program. Thanks for sharing this with us

Beautiful Touches said...

This seems like a great way to keep your kids engaged with learning while at home!

Gust si Aroma said...

wow! This is a great offer!And I know that learnig from a tablet is much easier and fun for kids!

Monica said...

This sounds great and I'm sure kids will love it since it's on a tablet. Kids love their screens might as well make it educational!

Monidipa said...

What an insightful post about fostering a love for learning in kids! Your personal journey and dedication to your children's education shine through. Smile Zemi seems like an excellent tool, making education enjoyable and convenient. The Back-To-School Special Offer is a fantastic opportunity. Keep up the great work! 📚🌟

Marie Gizelle said...

It's really nice to see new ways for kids to learn. Technology is really adapting to the ways kids learn...great program!

Christy G said...

My son went back to school last week. I’ll have to see if he could benefit from this device. I’m all for making learning fun and enjoyable.

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