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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Discover Smile Zemi With a FREE Tablet Deal

 Looking to enhance your child's education or learning? Check out an innovative home learning service that makes learning fun.

I received a Smile Zemi learning program in exchange for this article

 We as parents want the best for our kids when it comes to learning. We want to see our kids succeed in school. As a busy parent, it can be hard to juggle work, family, and your child's education. So what is a parent to do when it comes to giving your kids the best education?

 In a perfect world, you can choose to homeschool but the stress may not be good for the child or the parent. If one was wealthy, they could send their child to the best private school. The reality is most parents can't afford the cost of private schools and most parents are not qualified to teach their kids at home. Even if parents have the education to home-school, they may not have the time or patience.

Are you a busy parent juggling work, family, and your child's education? It's time to say goodbye to the stress! 

 Discover Smile Zemi, the innovative home learning service designed to take the pressure off and make learning fun. This unique learning platform offers personalized lessons that adapt to your child's needs, boosting their confidence, and academic skills. This learning program will help set your child up for success. 

Smile Zemi is an effective alternative to tutors and learning centers

 All children can benefit from additional learning. There is no such thing as too much learning. The more learning help the child receives the better for so many things. A good education will help your child succeed in school and in the future.

 The Smile Zemi is a program that can help kids learn beyond what they learn in school. This learning program can enhance a child's learning and reinforce learning from what they learned in school. Smile Zemi makes learning fun.

Back to School Special ~ Get a free tablet ($329.99 value) with the purchase of the Smile Zemi Learning Program.  ~   limited time only ( ends July 31st, 2023)

Checking out Smile Zemi

 I had the opportunity to check out the Smile Zemi learning system. This is a learning program that I wished I had access to when my kids were younger. This learning program would help kids succeed in school. The Smile Zemi is geared toward elementary school-age children in grades 1st-5th. While my boys are in high school, I was able to have my oldest granddaughter check it out. 

 My granddaughter is starting kindergarten next month and has attended pre-k. So she has experience with online learning. There were some lessons that I felt my granddaughter could do like Rhyming Words. So I introduced the Smile Zemi educational program to my granddaughter.

 I liked that this learning system for kids was available on a tablet. The tablet is needed for the learning program. Right now, you can get the tablet for free. I liked that the tablet was large and came with a protective case. I was able to bring the Smile Zemi Tablet to my granddaughter's house.

 I preloaded the Rhyming lesson for my grandchild to check out. The lesson had pictures and audio so that made it easy for her as she is learning how to read. I liked that the lesson included a learning section and then a practice test. So my grandchild was able to learn about words that rhyme. The fun part came when she was able to interact with the lessons with a digitizer pen.

Smile Zemi makes learning fun

 My granddaughter enjoyed watching the lessons and taking the practice tests. I loved seeing her excitement when she got the answers to the test right. The program told her "great job" when she got the right answer correct and "good try" when she answered incorrectly. There was even a how-to-solve section to give her additional help. I loved that my granddaughter could hear the instructions and see the words as they were being spoken. This would help her learn how to read.

The Smile Zemi learning device made learning fun for my granddaughter and I loved that there was so much learning available. 

All the grades of learning included:

+ Math

+ ElA

+ Word Study

What is Smile Zemi?

About Smile Zemi 

Smile Zemi is the first tablet-based educational learning system tailored to meet the needs of elementary school children grades one through five and specifically designed to improve academic performance aligned with Common Core State Standards.  Developed by JustSystems, one of Japan’s largest manufacturers of educational software, Smile Zemi features a professionally developed curriculum and materials, including instructional videos, exercises, and quizzes to help students most effectively study Math and English Language Arts (ELA) on their own and in support of Common Core State Standards.

Smile Zemi is a tablet-based home learning service that promotes independent study by offering fun exercises coupled with rewards for accomplishments!

Smile Zemi has fun rewards

+ When your child completes 4 lessons, they will earn a fun reward 

Smile Zemi has a Parent Portal

+ This learning system has a parent portal that is password protected, so parents can apply clock settings, progress reports, and more. Parents can also access the parent portal through an app on their phone.

Smile Zemi is a flexible home learning service 

+ This may just be what your child needs to improve their confidence and academic skills

+ More affordable than home tutors and learning centers

+ Can be used outside the home for learning on the go

Back-to-School is just around the corner help kids start the school year off with Smile Zemi! 

Back to School Special ~ Get a free tablet ($329.99 value) with the purchase of the Smile Zemi Learning Program.  ~   limited time only ( ends July 31st, 2023)

The offer is valid under the condition of continuing the subscription for one year.


Tammy said...

This sounds like a wonderful teaching tool. I'm sure the kids would love to use it to learn.

Deborah Ackerman said...

What an amazing teaching tool and a great article! Thanks for writing it!

Kathy said...

This sounds wonderful. I would have loved this when my kids were younger. I'll have to share with some of my friends who have younger ones.

Marysa said...

What a great promotion. It is nice to have some different ways to help incorporate learning into daily life.

Anonymous said...

That is sure to make learning easier and so much fun for kids

Anonymous said...

Vidya t commenting here:)

Nicz Escat said...

This sounds like a really great and wonderful teaching tool! It will make learning more easier.

Gust si Aroma said...

What a nice item for kids! I love that they ca learn so many things!

LisaLisa said...

This sounds like a wonderful teaching tool my grandkids would benefit from. We are always looking for ways to enhance their learning experience.

Beautiful Touches said...

I love it when there are education-focused technology so readily available for children, Zemi looks like an interesting product!

Monidipa said...

Your detailed review of Smile Zemi is incredibly informative and engaging. You've highlighted the benefits of this innovative learning program with enthusiasm, making it a compelling choice for parents seeking educational support. The inclusion of your granddaughter's positive experience adds a personal touch. Well done in providing valuable insights!

mail4rosey said...

Smile Zemi sounds great for back to school. can you believe it's about to be that time already?

Christy G said...

This sounds like a great service. Too bad my son is too old for it.

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