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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

10 Health and Fitness Products You Need To Try

 Check out these products that I discovered. These are products that you need to try!

I received samples of the below products to review

 I am passionate about health and fitness. If you have been visiting my website for a while, you probably already know that I love to talk about health and fitness. I proudly call myself a fitness buff and health nut as I know the benefits of a healthy body. At 55, I feel amazing thanks to eating a healthy plant-based diet and daily exercise. When others discover my age they are always amazed. I have a desire to help others gain control of their health so they too can feel amazing.

 I think my passion for helping others started when I turned 50 and my body seemed to start turning against me. My cholesterol was high and my muscles were starting to sag. I started having running injuries and I also started to experience asthma symptoms that made me feel like I was out of shape. In other words, my body was not getting any younger. So I then realized that running was not enough to keep my body healthy and started eating more healthy foods. I also started researching natural supplements to gain control of my body before it was too late. I also started lifting simple weights to make my muscles stronger. I was not going to let my age be an excuse for poor health. These changes made a big difference in the way I looked and felt. 

I love discovering new products

 I also love trying new healthy products like food and supplements as so many of them have helped me. Through my research of sharing my healthy tips, I have realized that the wellness market can have a dark side. There are plenty of companies trying to make a quick buck off of people who want to buy healthy products. Almost any product can be called natural so one has to do their research before buying wellness products or supplements. So when I discover supplements that work, I will share it with others. Thanks to supplements, I am able to manage my asthma symptoms naturally and if you have asthma, you need to try ClearLungs.

 This month I have been busy trying a whole bunch of new fitness products that are great for winter. I also had fun discovering new protein powders, supplements, and a healthy snack subscription. So keep reading to discover my finds and you might just find a product or two that you will want to try.

1. Fitsnack

 If you are like me and love snacking, then you need to check out a unique way to discover healthy snacks with a monthly subscription box. This box of healthy snacks has a wide variety of snacks for many different health plans like Keto, vegan, low-sugar, non-GMO, high protein, organic, gluten-free, and even raw. My box had 9 snacks in it and I was able to enjoy 6 of the snacks. The snacks that I could not eat had dairy in them or was made with meat. So I passed those onto my kids. I enjoyed sampling the snacks and this is a box that I would love to receive every month.

FitSnack is a healthy approach to snacking, fitness, and mindfulness. The monthly subscription is perfect for anyone looking for a wellness-in-a-box. This company wants to introduce you to delicious, nutrient-dense snacks that not only taste good but are good for you. The snacks are hand-selected by Fit Snack's Nutritionist, and the majority are sourced from local businesses. With Fit Snack, you know the whole family will receive the nutrients they deserve without compromising taste. In addition to snacks, they also provide a Virtual Fit Life Guide, which includes exclusive at-home yoga challenges, workout challenges, meditation challenges, easy recipes, mindfulness, and nutrition tips. Check out FitSnack

2. Magic, a GREEN apple-flavored energy drink

 I choose to exercise first thing in the morning as morning exercise helps my cognition and memory. Morning exercise also helps with my seasonal depression. So I am always looking for a natural energy drink that I can drink before I run. Magic is a vegan, plant-based pre-workout drink mix that gives your body and mind an extra boost to have a great workout or take on a busy day. This green drink also is loaded with leafy green veggies. The energy comes from a natural source from Coffeeberry® Energy.

 I tried this apple-flavored energy drink before I went running and it gave me the energy to run my 4 miles. While it gave me energy, I felt it was too filling to drink before I ran. I prefer something very light before I run like a clear energy drink. The next day I added the Magic powder to my breakfast smoothie and it gave it a great taste. That morning, I accomplished plenty with my work from the extra energy. 

Califina creates products to help all women perform better in their daily lives. Whether you’re pushing yourself at the gym, running around with (or after) your kids, or preparing to crush that presentation at work, Califina provides scientifically-proven formulas to help you feel better, look better, and achieve your goals faster & easier. Check out Califina

3. DrinkLyte

 If you had a night of celebrating with too many alcoholic drinks then you know how you feel the next day. I don't drink so I don't have any experience to offer with the feeling of a hangover, I have just heard from others that it is not a good feeling. So while I have not experienced a hangover, I have experienced dehydration. DrinkLyte is a lightning-fast electrolyte rehydration drink that helps you recover after you've been drinking so you can be healthier and feel your best the next day.

 Drink Lyte delivers a monthly party-at-home subscription so you can drink, rehydrate, and recover. The small packages of drink mix are easy to take with before you head out to a night on the town. You simply drink one package of DrinkLyte before you start drinking and the other one before you go to bed. This supplement promises that you will wake up without the nasty side effects from drinking. Check out Drink Lyte

4. Greater Than Sports Drink

 Even though it is wintertime, that does not change my need for hydration after I exercise. I am still sweating and water is not enough to replace my electrolytes. Greater Than Sports Drink is a delicious organic coconut water that is sweetened with juice. I love that it comes in a variety of flavors so I can quench my thirst after a sweaty workout.

 Greater Than does not have added sugar, dyes, chemicals, stimulants, and other potentially hazardous ingredients that outweigh the hydration benefits. Made from 10 simple ingredients, including 38% fruit juice and organic coconut water, Greater Than is an all-natural, totally delicious hydration solution with 2-3X the electrolytes of typical sports drinks and none of the added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Available in seven different flavors, including brand-new Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical, Orange Mango, and Peach Clementine, as well as best-selling Chocolate, Grape, and Watermelon, Greater Than has been the delicious and healthy hydration solution for serious athletes, nursing moms, and everyone in between, for more than a decade. Check out Greater Than

5. CountryLife

Your gut plays an important part in the health of your body and it can help your immune system. Wintertime is a perfect time to take care of your gut health, especially with all the germs that are out there. I like the below supplements so I can help my family improve their gut health. My boys liked that this immune supplement was a delicious chewable. I liked that the adult formula could also help with my stress. The Country Life Gut Connection line of products is the perfect solution to any gut issues you currently face and will have lasting effects on your overall wellness.

 Reinforce your first line of defense with Gut Connection™ Immune Balance™. Immune Balance™ is a scientifically formulated blend of prebiotics balanced with other immune-supporting ingredients to support a strong & healthy immune system, improve gut microbiome health, and maintain overall health even in times of stress.

 Gut Connection™ Kids, an extension of the popular adult line. With fun and tasty animal-shaped chewable that your kids will love. These chewable make taking their supplements fun and tasty. Immune Balance™ is a scientifically formulated blend of prebiotics balanced with other immune-supporting ingredients to support a strong & healthy immune system and improve gut microbiome health. Check out Country Life Vitamins

6. Biochem Sports Nutrition

 I don't like to eat before I go running in the morning so I need a source of energy that is not going to weigh me down. This Beet Energizer is not only delicious but gives me the energy that I need to run 4 miles. I love that has no artificials and is made with food-based ingredients like beets, coconuts, and Coffeeberry.

Get energy without the jitters! Biochem Beet Energizer is designed to give you the endurance you need to perform at your best. Mixed with water, it's an ideal pre-workout supplement and helps maintain hydration and electrolytes. Check out Biochem Beet Energizer  

 I like adding a scoop of Hydro Recovery to my morning smoothie to help me recovery and hydrate after running. This coconut water powder has BCAAs, electrolytes, and tart cherry. I like that it contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. It is a clean-ingredient supplement. Biochem believes there is an athlete in everyone. Check out Biochem Hydro Recovery 

7. Vitamin & Me

 Buying the right supplements can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if you have no clue about what supplements to take. The selection of brands can also be overwhelming for most. Vitamin & Me helps you select the supplements that you need so you don't take any supplements that you don't need. I like that they have an optional monthly subscription plan so you don't run out of your vitamins and supplements. I took a quiz and some of my recommended supplements were vitamin D and collagen. I loved that Vitamin & Me offered several types and brands. So I selected a collagen coffee creamer and a lemon-flavored vitamin D gummie.

 Using their unique matching technology, Vitamin & Me pairs customers who take their assessment with a personalized vitamin plan based on their individual needs, including custom prenatal vitamins, then offers deals on subscription packages for those supplements. Vitamin & Me offers a range of brands and have made sure to curate the highest quality vitamins on the market, only the best for women and their babies. Check out Vitamin & Me

8. Organifi Green and Red Juice

 I like adding red and green powders to my daily smoothie. I will alternate between the two powders to get the healthy nutrients of lots of fruits and veggies. These superfood powders support long-lasting natural energy, without caffeine, sugar, or the afternoon crash!  Now, you can get the superfood greens AND superfruits you need all in one convenient bundle. 

 The green juice has 11 of the world’s most perfect superfoods in one powerful blend. You’ll find ingredients like spirulina, moringa, ashwagandha, and Matcha green tea. These are ingredients that help you reset the body, improve immune health, and even reduce cravings for those naughty treats that sabotage our healthy plans! With the natural flavors of lemon and mint, this is the tastiest green juice you’ll likely ever try.

 The red juice has pigmented fruits and veggies are packed with antioxidants. The red juice also included exotic superfoods like Siberian ginseng, cordyceps, and Rhodiola, which are known for their unique properties in supporting increased energy, with no crash or unnatural side effects!  Both juice powders are delicious tasting. Check out Organifi Green and Red Juice

9. Powerful Plant-based Protein

 Plant-Based products can be delicious! The new Powerful Plant-Based Protein drink stays true to the great taste while keeping its labels clean. I like that these vegan protein drinks are dairy-free and ready to drink. That makes it super easy to grab a protein drink for a meal on the go. Each container has 20 grams of protein. These creamy drinks are also soy-free and gluten-free. The three flavors- Mocha, Vanilla Bean, and Chocolate are very delicious. The Mocha protein drink even has some caffeine in it so it is like drinking my coffee and protein in one drink. Check out Powerful Protein

10. Drink Wholesome

 If you want a simple protein powder that is made from real food then Drink Wholesome is a great option. This simple protein powder makes it easy to make a nutritious protein smoothie. I just add my preferred fruit and blend it up. I added frozen blueberries to the PB Chocolate flavor sample and it made a wonderful chocolate protein shake. 

  Drink Wholesome that takes a fundamentally different, better-for-you approach to protein powder by using only real food ingredients – ingredients you can pronounce and find in your kitchen. Their new vanilla protein powder, for example, is made with just 6 real foods: egg whites, coconut, chickpeas, vanilla, monk fruit, and sea salt. This is a radical departure from the typical – looks nothing like real food – ingredient list. Check out Drink Wholesome 

Which new healthy product would you like to try?

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