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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

8 Great Giveaway Ideas to Spice Up Your Event

 If you want to connect with your customers, increase brand recognition, and make a lasting impact, hosting an event is the way to go. Memorable event freebies and swag can help with this. But with all the alternatives out there, it might be tough to choose a freebie that would really make an impression. It is well known that many corporate presents can be generic and tacky, even though gift-giving is a frequent practice in modern companies. Presents that fail to make the receiver feel appreciated are the most undesirable kind of gift to give. To make your event handouts memorable and foster a good impression of your brand, consider some of the suggestions made in this article for creative, interesting, and personable presents. In this post, we'll talk about why it's a good idea to have unique, thoughtful prizes at your event and how you can make them.


 A planner is a neat concept for a keepsake that may be used for events or exhibitions. Planners are indeed pretty common, but they are really useful for those who are attending the event. They can jot down a variety of key events and information using the planner. It is possible to give it a one-of-a-kind appearance by creatively designing the planner.

 To add some flair to the situation, you might want to consider purchasing planners that have a leather cover for added durability. On the interior, you should include several pockets that are convenient for storing things like pens, cash, and credit cards. Make sure that your branding and company logo are printed on the cover; this will ensure that your booth remains in their minds for a considerable amount of time after the event has concluded.


 An example of a conventional sweepstake is a sort of giveaway in which participants are required to take some kind of action to be eligible for rewards. In a nutshell, it is comparable to a lucky draw or a random selection procedure. The completion of an action, such as referring a client or following and commenting on a social media post, is rewarded with the opportunity to win something by providing the opportunity to win anything. This concept for a tiny freebie is a fantastic one to try out for online retail companies on the internet. For instance, you can make use of a website popup to lure customers with the promise of hidden sales deals, access to products that are the result of special collaborations, and the opportunity to win a free item annually. As a result of the fact that holding a sweepstakes like this might be as simple as displaying a banner message on your website, this is also an excellent concept for a monthly giveaway.

Goodie Bag

 It is common practice to give away goodie bags as souvenirs at a variety of events, including exhibitions. If there are numerous booths giving mementos, you might want to think about purchasing a goodie bag. However, in contrast to plastic bags, these tote bags are extremely useful for transporting things or commodities from one place to another. One additional advantage is that it is possible to find custom tote bags in Canada, for instance, which makes it possible for your organization to become more well-known. Most of the time, these bags come with free samples of the product. If your company operates in the beauty industry, for instance, you could incorporate samples of makeup products into the tote bags that are distributed as souvenirs.

Product Launch

 An additional excellent concept for a giveaway is to generate excitement about a brand-new product. You have the option of providing a prize that is either the impending product or one of the new arrivals. As is the case with other ideas for giveaways for businesses, using a countdown in these kinds of campaigns can generate excitement and increase participation. 


 Cups are an excellent choice if you are looking for an item that will be used frequently and does not cost you a lot of money. You have the option of providing mugs, water bottles, tumblers, or any other style that comes in a convenient form factor. When searching for the ideal model, it is important to keep in mind the kind of event that you are throwing.

 Additionally, this presents an opportunity to exercise more creativity. Should you be ready to make the necessary financial investment, you have the option of individually branding the cups that you distribute. This will have a long-lasting memory of your event and brand each time they take a sip or open the cupboard. 

Spin-to-Win Wheels

 When it comes to product giveaways, spin-to-win pop-ups are an innovative and entertaining approach that allows you to make the consumer experience more engaging. You have the option of giving away a variety of prizes, such as discounts, free things, surprise coupons, and other incentives, based on the intention that you have for the contest.

Scented Candles

 Candles are a gift that will last for a long time and can significantly boost your well-being. It is possible to alleviate stress and boost a happy attitude by burning candles that have the appropriate scents. After a long day, they can also help you feel much more calm, which is a huge benefit. There are many other kinds of candles available, and the person who receives them will be able to select from a variety of fragrances, including rose, grapefruit mint, sea salt, orchid, vanilla, or lavender.

Photo Contest

 An entertaining approach to giving away free stuff is to host a photo contest where participants are asked to send in unique self-portraits, frequently featuring your products. There is a prize for the best photo. You can maximize client involvement and establish a community around your business by holding a photo contest.

 One of the best methods to connect with potential consumers, create leads, and turn those leads into paying customers is to offer promotional gifts. We believe these eight suggestions for promotional giveaways will help you stand out from the crowd.

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