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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chuck E Cheese's and Money Saving Tips

Today we went to Chuck E Cheese for Jesse's birthday. My kids love this place and always choose it for their birthday. This place can be pricey,so I will share some tips on getting the most for your money. First is of course use coupons! Go to www.chuckecheese.com and sign up your kids. They will get coupons that are better than the ones in the paper. I used one that was for a large pizza,four drinks, and 110 tokens for 29.99 and also a salad bar for 4.99. Also at the website there are games for the kids to play to get free tickets. We played the Chuck E Blocks and got 50 free tickets per kid. Under Promotions there is a reward calendar tab,you prnt a calendar and have your child do the task for two weeks and they get 10 free tokens. Your children can also get free tokens for good grades and if they are celebrating their birthday(one for each year.) The best advice is buy a set amount of tokens and tell the child when they are gone that is all,we will not buy more. Let the kids have  blast on their birthday without breaking the bank. I spent a total of 37.00 today for pizza,salad,4 drinks,and 135 tokens. Jesse says "thankyou grandma for the birthday money to spend here."

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