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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Living In The Desert

Here in Albuquerque, New Mexico are are is the desert. We have a dry climate and do not get much rain so  we do landscaping different here. We don't have much green here and if we do it is because someone chooses to waste water.  The above picture is a new area the city made a walking path by a drainage area. We have drainage areas because when it does rain in the summer.it comes down hard and fast. It only rains for about 15 minutes but the amount of water is great so it needs to drain somewhere.
   This new path that Jesse and I run on is pretty cool as it is made from volcano rock and is fun to climb on. There is also a hill that we can run down too.

My running partner fell asleep today so he could not do the hills.

Here is examples of another park we go to that has grass. In order to keep the grass green here it has to be watered every day. So mostly only parks have grass. Most home owners choose to plant drought resistant plants.

These are examples of drought resistant plants that don't need much water.

Here is my son mastering the monkey bars.

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