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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Memorial Day Weekend Project

I love long weekends as it allows my husband the time to do projects around the house. Our pergola needed a new roof as our last one that was made of fabric wore out. We decided to do the roof this time in metal as we wanted it to last.  So on Friday we bought the metal pieces from Lowes, that was a fun time carrying them home in our minivan as they were 12 feet long.

 On Saturday my husband and son painted the metal pieces as we did not want to blind the neighbors. We used grey paint on the whole piece and added yellow for accent.

Here is my older son playing on the ladder. 

I have to throw a picture of the younger boys in too for grandma to see.

My husband nail the metal pieces on top of the pergola and here is the end result. I now have a shady place to sit under in the yard.


Unknown said...


Btw, I find it mildly amusing that you call it "my project" and then talk mostly about your husband and boys doing the work. It's like when I say "we should put up the flag" when I mean for my husband to do out because I can't reach. :-D

BloggingBabiesandtehbayou said...

That is going to be so much fun this time of year. I can see you bbq'ing and sitting in the evening roasting marshmallows!

geekbabe said...

Looks like you guys really needed some shade there! Nice job, hope you have lots of memorable family times there this summer!

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