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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A First That Is A Last

As a mom you cherish the little things about your children. The little things make you happy and glad that you are a mom. We also get sad when events happen in our child's life because that means they are growing up. I am a mom of 5 children ages 5,7,14,19, and 23 so I have had lots of first but this current one made me happy and sad. My youngest lost his first tooth. This was a great event in our house. What makes it so great is that my last three boys never lost their teeth. That is because they had such long roots that no amount of wiggling made them fall out. They always went to the dentist and he pulled them based on the new coming in.

 My youngest told me last week that his tooth was loose. So he tried wiggling it and it moved a little. The next day he said "mom my tooth is hurting and not falling out. Can you call the dentist, so he can pull it?" His older brother who is 7 had 2 teeth pulled a couple of months ago, so he assumed it was his turn.

I told my youngest we would call the dentist in a couple of days and I truly thought I would need to. The next day my son came to me and said with a toothless "mom where did my tooth go?" I was shocked that the tooth fell out on it's own and asked him where he was last He found the tooth in the bathroom. I was so happy for him as he was not going to have to have his teeth pulled. He was following in the footsteps of my oldest who lost her teeth on her own.

That night my son begged me to go to bed. He knew the tooth fairy was coming!

This event made me realize my last child was not a baby anymore. His first was my last first for the tooth fairy. What first or last things about your children have made you happy and or sad? Did any of them happen this week?  Hug those kids tight, they grow up too fast.


  1. They do grow up fast! My two are now 20 and 22. I missed my oldest's last 'first day of class' this week - after this semester he is done with school! I remember his first day ever of school like it was yesterday. Where does the time go?!?!

  2. Awww cute little boy. My daughter is almost 20 months so I have a ways to go :)

  3. What a cutie! I have three boys 12, 5, and 9 months. I sure do appreciate the little things more with the last because I really do know how fast time flies!

  4. I wanted to cry each time one of my kids lost their first tooth. Leave the baby stage so quickly

  5. I felt it more when my youngest went to school than I did with their teeth. Congrats to your baby, though! The milestones seem so simple at his age.

  6. I had never heard of kids whose teeth who wouldn't have fallen out on their own. That must have been so frustrating for you and your kids, but how wonderful that his came out on his own!

    1. My boys hated having to get their teeth pulled but my oldest boy has a tooth that is sideways because the big tooth was coming in. My 14 year old once had 6 pulled at a time He was happy when the tooth fairy came.

  7. We haven't hit this stage yet... I both look forward to and dread it! Thanks for sharing!

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  9. That's awesome. Truly, such growths are really worth celebrating, even if they hit our lives in the slightest, most low-key of ways, but nonetheless carrying something extraordinary. We should all really bring ourselves back, and take ourselves to these moments of realization; when we find there is no tooth fairy,
    and all our convenient illusions are shattered. We shouldn't solely live through our illusions, and always try to inquire and analyze. Cover all the bases, far as what a trip to the dentist is concerned, since we seem to be encultured with wariness for the science of it all - and their necessity.

    Thomas DeFinnis @ Wynnewood Dental Arts


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