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Monday, January 6, 2014

Mae’s Weight Loss Success with Weight Watchers

Here is some great information on weight loss that I want to share:

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How Mae Lost 125 lb
Before joining Weight Watchers Mae considered herself to be a coach potato. Spending her entire life overweight, she yo-yoed from one low-carb diet to the next searching for a quick fix for her ongoing weight loss problem. As she approached her 30th birthday weighing 300 pounds, Mae was ready once and for all to get healthy.

Mae decided to join the Weight Watchers online program where she could easily track her food, look up point values, and have all the resources she needed to reach success right on her cell phone and home computer. As a tech savvy person, it was a no brainer for her.

What often caused her to fail with previous diets wasn’t true with Weight Watchers. Because Weight Watchers allows you to eat your favorite foods, just in smaller portions, Mae was able to indulge without falling off track and feeling guilty. If she wanted a donut she ate a donut, as opposed to depriving herself until she gave in and ate 10 donuts as with previous diets.
Making Healthy Food Choices

Weight Watchers helped Mae learn the value of healthy foods as opposed to fattening unhealthy ones. While in the past she would regularly eat at fast food restaurants, sometimes three times a day for their convenience amongst her busy life style, now she has learned to cook and she prepares meals in advance. Mae tells us that the Weight WatchersRecipe Builder was a huge help when it came to cooking healthy meals as it calculated the point value of each meal for her. She never had to guess and always felt confident she was eating within her daily points allowance.

Getting Physically Active
Before joining Weight Watchers Mae had very little, if any, athletic abilities. Her fitness routine was nonexistent. After beginning to lose weight with the Weight Watchers program alone she decided to get active and shed the excess pounds more quickly by hiring a personal trainer. Now Mae runs 5Ks, works out regularly, and honestly feels lost if she happens to miss a day or two at the gym.

Losing 125 lb
Now, Mae has gone from 300 pounds to 157 pounds losing a total of 125 pounds with Weight Watchers. After losing this weight, Mae found a new, more confident spirit. She is finally happy and is diving into new hobbies that she has always wanted to do but never thought she could. Her weight is no longer holding her back from enjoying life to its fullest.

The advice Mae stresses to anyone trying to lose weight is to just be patient. It’s easy to get discouraged and want to quit but patience is the key to weight loss success. No one simply wakes up one morning 300 pounds, it’s a process gaining and it’s a process losing. Both take time.

Since her weight loss success, Mae blogs regularly about her journey, challenges, and new goals. Her hope is to help inspire others to tackle their weight head on with confidence. You can read more about Mae’s success story and follow her blog: http://www.reducedfatgirl.com/about-the-rfg/.


Bonnie G said...

I love weight watchers. It was the easiest program to follow. I also lost a lot of weight myself on following the program a few years a back. She looks great! Thanks for sharing. =)

Jessica said...

I had great luck losing weight after both kids with weight watchers! Now I maintain by eating clean and exercising, but it was so great to get the weight off.

Unknown said...

Great article! I've used Weight Watchers at Work in the past and had very good results.

Unknown said...

i know several people who have been successful with weight watchers great article about all aspects of weightloss success

Gabe and Libby said...

WoW - This is just the kick in the pants that I need!

Joanne said...

Way to go!! You much be so proud of yourself!!

Unknown said...

What an inspiring story!

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