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Friday, July 31, 2015

Gourmet Gifter Has Gifts To Please Most Everyone

      My parents and other relatives live far away. So when it comes to gift giving, I am always searching for the perfect gift to give for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays like Christmas. I like to give unique gifts that I know the person will enjoy. I like to buy the gifts online as the company takes care of the shipping. I love giving food gifts and most people enjoy receiving food, including me. My favorite food gift to give and receive is chocolates. I know some people do not like to receive chocolate as they are trying to eat healthy so that means I have to shop at different places to buy gifts for different people.

    I have discovered a place that sells many different food gifts that will please even the people who want to eat healthy. Gourmet Gifter sells wonderful gifts like candy and chocolate, my favorite, but they also sell many healthy food gifts too like popcorn and cold pressed meal replacement bars. Gourmet Gift has a wide selection of food gifts too, so you can send different gifts to the same people for gift occasions.

   I was sent four yummy treats to sample to give my opinion on. Two of the food items were healthy and two were not. The healthy food items were so delicious that my family did not realize that they were healthy and ate them all up. All of the food items that I received would make wonderful gifts for any occasion. So read on to see what I received. I listed the in order of my family’s favorites.

                               Salty Sweet Addiction 

   My family loved this healthy kettle corn popcorn and ate the whole bag in a day, I barely got to eat any. I loved that this 100% all natural popcorn is gluten free and low calorie,  so it is sure to please even the healthiest person. Gourmet Gifter also uses non GMO butterfly popcorn for its rich corn flavor that has a great flavor punch. This salty sweet popcorn is also low in sodium and a great source of fiber. It is a great snack that I can feel good about serving to my kids as it is free from Trans-fat, cholesterol, preservatives, and MSG. This is a gift that I would give to my dad who is on a strict diet due to health reasons. I would also gift it to my friend who wants her children to eat healthy food.

                        PurEarth Meal Replacement Bar

     This cold press meal bar was quite delicious and made a great breakfast on the go. I enjoyed my Meal bar last Sunday, as that is a day I take my breakfast with me due to we have to be there early in the morning. The meal bar that I received was pineapple flavor and had no sugar added to it. The bar receives  all of its flavor from the sweet pineapple. I love that that nothing is baked, cooked, or heated, so none of the nutrients in the ingredients are degrade, That means your body is getting great nutrition. This yummy bar is loaded with all –natural prebiotic fiber that is derived from the tapioca plant. This bar is easy to digest and loaded wit fiber. I would love to receive these meal bars for a gift. It also would make a great gift to give to my friend who is a runner and is always looking for healthy food to eat on the go.

                                                                  Peanut Brittle

    This handmade peanut brittle was delicious and packed with peanuts. This brittle was sweet and crunchy. The peanut brittle had a nice buttery taste to it and made a nice afternoon treat that satisfied my sweet tooth. This gift would please almost anyone on my list as my friends and family love receiving sweets.

                                                       Chili Cheese Puffs

       Do you have a friend or relative that loves cheese puffs? Then these chili flavored corn puffs are sure to be a hit. These fluffy corn puffs are topped with a blend of cheese and a flavorful spice. I normally don't like cheese puffs but these were delicious and they did not leave my fingers bright orange. My father-in -law would love receiving these puffs for a gift.

  These were just some of the yummy products that Gourmet Gifts sells. They sell many other sweets, snacks and healthy items. I love that you can buy the items separate or buy gift baskets that are filled with favorite items. So whether you buy a gift basket or select items to make you own food basket, Gourmet Gifter is a great place to buy food gifts for almost anyone on your list for any gift giving occasion. Go take a look at their website and see all the yummy items that they sell. Christmas is almost here or maybe you are looking for a birthday gift. Gourmet Gifter is a great place to shop for a gift to say thank you to someone.You don't need a reason to buy a gift and you can even treat yourself. So go take a look at their website.

                                                     Gourmet Gifter Website

     Gourmet Gifter thought it would be great idea to do a promotion for new customers! Each person on their first time order will receive 3 free bags of Colby's Kettle Corn ($12 value) with a $30 purchase.
                                                The promo code for this is FIRSTORDER

"These opinions are my own and I received the above mentioned products in exchange for a honest review."


Jamie said...

What a great gift idea for those people that just don't need anything, and are so hard to shop for!! Might be the place I can find something for some of my family! :)

Christine Goulbourne said...

You're quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers to visit! Love the products and ideas, thank you!

Terri Patillo said...

Great gifting ideas!

ReviewsSheRote said...

Just right for that persaon who has it all =D

Yona Williams said...

A really nice collection of goodies – I think the chili cheese puffs are something different that I would like to try.

Jennifer said...

That peanut brittle looks delicious!

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