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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable And Save 25% Off All Wedding Products At MagnetStreet.com!

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      I have had weddings on my mind for quite some time. My daughter just got married last March and it was a wonderful day. My oldest son got engaged in in 2013 and has not yet set a date for his wedding. He has been overseas with the Navy since February serving his 2nd mission overseas. I happy to say that he just returned to the states July 1st. He is stationed in Virginia and I am in New Mexico so I don’t know when he will have leave to come visit. His fiancée also lives in New Mexico so she will be happy to see him also. The separation has been hard on them and I think they will be choosing to get married soon. I can’t wait to help them plan and celebrate their wedding.


   Planning for a wedding takes a lot of work. One of the first items you need when planning for a wedding is ordering the invitations. MagnetStreet is your wedding headquarters for all your printed products, helping you capture and share your message about your special day. MagnetStreet is an online, full service stationery store that allows you to create highly personalized wedding announcements, invitations and more. They offer a variety of wedding products and designs in unlimited color options and designs to help you communicate your message in your own unique way. 

   Through July 7th you can save 25% on all wedding products at MagnetStreet.com! That means you can save money on Wedding Save the Dates, Wedding Programs, Wedding Invitations, and more. Just use code: WAFJULY at checkout!

    Check out some of the wonderful wedding products that you can purchase. I love that you can customize these items with your own photos. You can even choose the colors you love on these items. MagnetStreet offers a wide selection of colors, for example,they don't just have one shade of purple but nine different shades of purple. They have over 80 different colors to choose from. This place also has all the innovative editing tools so you can select the font and the words so you can unleash your creativity when designing your product. You can even order samples of their many wedding products.

Shop Save the Date MagnetsSave the Date CardsSave the Date Postcards

Save the Dates
  • Save the Date Magnets Large, small, square, heart—we offer a variety of magnet shapes and sizes for each design.                                        
  • Save the Date Cards From size and shape to paper stock, find cards to fit your unique style and budget.
  • Save the Date Postcards Style and convenience! Available in two sizes, postcards are easy to address, stamp, and mail.
    Wedding ProgramsWedding ProgramsProgram Fans

Wedding Programs
  • Tea-length Programs With your ceremony printed on both sides, Tea-length Programs offer simplicity and elegance.
  • Half-fold programs Half-fold Programs open like a greeting card—sweetly narrating your nuptials on each side.
  • Program Fans Available in four unique shapes, Program Fans help guests stay cool during your ceremony.         

Wedding Invitations
  • Rectangle Invitations Widely popular, Rectangle Invites are an easy way to tie your chic wedding look together.
  • Shaped Invitations Add a trendy touch to your wedding with a Shaped Invite. Unique, modern and totally fun!
  • Pocket Invitations Keep your enclosures neat and organized inside a pretty pocket fold. Choose from two layouts.

Through July 7th you can save 25% on all wedding products at MagnetStreet.com! That means you can save money on Wedding Save the Dates, Wedding Programs, Wedding Invitations, and more. Just use code: WAFJULY at checkout!


  1. It looks like this company makes some pretty wedding memories!

  2. I remember all too well how stressful planning a wedding can be so I am all about making that process easier. Looks like there are some great options here!

  3. How fun!! It's always great to have the memories on something you can keep for a long time...as well as share them with friends/family!

  4. I might have to check these out when shopping for our wedding renewal invites :)

  5. Love the ease with design and customization. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What beautiful invitations! This makes we want to start on my Christmas cards. I know you are happy to have your son back in the US. Hoping is able to take leave soon and come to visit you.

  7. I would have loved to have these for my wedding!

  8. Wow! This company makes some awesome products for weddings. I would love to book them for my wedding too. The wedding invitation card designs also look marvelous! Can you also help me in my search and tell me which venues in San Francisco is good for my wedding ceremony?

  9. Wow! I’m so grateful and excited! This is perfect timing for our wedding planning. Thank you for your offer.

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  11. These are beautiful invitations. Here in California, where our business is based, our wedding clients sometimes will ask if we have recommendations for other wedding services, like invitations. We will have to let them know about yours. Thank you!


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