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Monday, February 15, 2016

My Second Week Of Getting Back To Running

  I had the best intentions when I set out to run today. I had a nice two days off from exercise and I was ready to start running again. I drank a glass of ZupaFood Elite twenty minutes before I went running as I needed some energy. The boys had the day off from school so we went up to the park. The ZupaFood Elite gave me the energy that I needed so I started off walking fast for about 2 minutes. Then I started to run and I was able to do so for 2 minutes. I was able to alternate running and walking for about ten minutes, but then my legs started hurting and I was not able to run. I think it had to do with the fact that the park had several hills and this was too much for my legs. So I just fast walked for the remainder of my exercise time.

  I realize that there will be set backs and changes with my running plan and I revised my plan for the rest of the week. I made this day my walk day and will run tomorrow. My boys do have tomorrow off from school, a teacher in-service day, but I think I will have them ride their bikes on the walking paths while I run. These walking paths, that are near our house, are flat so that will be better for my legs. On a positive note, I have been massaging my ankles at bedtime and that seems to help with the stiffness that comes from the tendonitis.

So will tomorrow bring better results with my running plan?

My husband had a doctor appointment so he got home early from work. I was able to go running by myself. The weather was in the 60's. I decided to push things with my running and decided to run until I was tired and then walk for a minute. Running felt good and I was able to run for four blocks and then walk for a bit. My legs and ankle felt fine for the first 2 miles, but then started to feel tight so I stopped to stretch and adjust the laces on my shoes. I then was able to run again until my hamstring had some pain. I walked for a while and then stretched. My hamstring felt fine again and I ran the last 1/2 mile. My legs felt fine for the rest of the day.

My ankle tendonitis is feeling stiff today, so I will do extra stretching throughout the day. My boys get home from school early so I will make today a walk day while they play at the park.

I had an incredible run today, despite it being super windy. I was able to run half a mile/ walk 30 seconds intervals. I had no pain what at all while I was running and I did not even feel the need to stretch or adjust my shoes. I am ultra picky on how my shoes feel and I will adjust the laces several times until the feel just right. I think my new shoes are perfectly broken in after 2 weeks of use as they felt so comfortable while I was running. It was super windy out and I had to run against the wind so it was a tough workout, but I felt no pain. I was super dirty when I was done running as the wind was making sand fly everywhere, the joys of living in the desert.

Today is a walk day. I want to run but my heel is feeling stiff. The walk days are helping my tendonitis not to flare up again, so I will walk even though I want to run.

My getting back to running is going quite well and I am happy about the progress that I have made so far. The rest days of just walking seem to help my body not to suffer any injuries and that is good. I think next week I will increase my run times on the days I run so I can build up my endurance.

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