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Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Do I Run?

   People ask me all the time why do I run and those usually are the people who hate to run. One of the main reasons I run is for exercise. Running provides me with an intense workout that helps me keep in shape. I used to just fast walk, but once I hit the big 40 it was hard to stay in shape with just walking. I put on five pounds, all in my stomach, and I did not like what I saw in the mirror. So I started running. I had done a lot of running in my younger days but kids came along and made it harder to run. The last two kids were so close in age that made it even more difficult to get out running. So when kid number four went to school, I started running again.

I discovered the joys or running again and love how running made me feel. Running also helped my mind too. I also took up creating this website at the same time I started running. I discovered how running helps me to think so much better, in fact, I plan my next post when I am out running. I am able to write better after I get a good run in. Running helps me to have energy long after I run.

I also run to stay young looking. I look young for my age and I do believe that running, along with eating healthy keeps me young looking. Running also helps me to eat healthy. I feel great about myself after running so that helps me to make wise choices with food.

 I run because it is fun. Yes after you have been running for a while it becomes fun. Running also allows me to enter races and have the fun of winning. My teen son and I love to enter races just for the sake of winning. He is a fast runner and always wins in his age category. I tend to win in my age category too. The picture below is from a race we did a couple of years ago on Thanksgiving. This race was in Joplin, Mo. and it was very cold that day.

Here is a photo from a race that my son wanted to do. It was one where you had to run through mud and climb things. My son loved this race, me not so much. I just had a hard time in the mud as it felt so gross.

Some people run as it allows them to eat more. This use to be the case with me, but once I hit 40 that all changed. I now find that I have to run and eat healthy to stay in shape.

              So do you like to run? Tell me why you run.

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Jamie said...

I'm proud of you for running!! With my asthma, I've really never been able to handle it, but I know so many that love to do it! :)

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