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Friday, September 9, 2016

Teaching Kids Science & Math Through Gardening

Most kids, including mine, don't know how food is grown.

    My kids don't like eating vegetables. I decided that maybe teaching them about how vegetables are grown might entice them to try eating vegetables. The teacher in me decided to turn the vegetable growing into a science and math lesson. I started by purchasing vegetable seeds. I decided to shop for my seeds on Amazon as I always have Amazon money to spend and they have unique items too. I found a cute organic vegetable seed kit  and it was perfect for our garden growing.  I liked how the box had ten different varieties of vegetable seeds in one box. My boys enjoyed looking at the seed containers and discovering new vegetables. This box of seed had some unique varieties of vegetables, many that I had never heard of like Red Burgundy Onion and Long Purple Eggplant. I was getting hungry just looking at the containers.

  Our first math lesson started with arranging the seeds by size. My boys were amazed at how small some of the seeds were. The Tender Sweet Carrot seeds were very small in size while the Golden Beauty Corn seeds were very big. I then had my boys write the name of the seeds on a piece of paper and had them count how many seeds were in each container. They then wrote the numbers next to each seed name. The corn seed container only had 3 big seeds while the Brandywine Tomato seed had a bunch. It was cool to see how each seed looked.

  Next, it was time for some research on the computer to learn more about each type of seed. I had my boys look up how much spacing each type of seed needed.  My boys also looked up online how many days each seed needed to grow into a vegetable. They wrote all this info down next to the seed name.

   We were finally ready to plant the seeds in soil. We decided to start the seeds in cups indoors and then replant outside once they were bigger. My boys enjoyed playing in the dirt and filled the cups up. I am glad we did that outside as they made quite the mess with the dirt. We placed the cups of seed and soil on the table near the window with the best sun and I put my boys in charge of watering. I told my boys that the seeds only need a little bit of water each day and gave them small cups to use. Those dosage cups that come with children's medicines are perfect for the plant watering.

The hardest part of growing vegetables was waiting for them to grow. My boys found the perfect story to read at bedtime to help with that. This book tells a story about 2 kids who grow vegetables. My boys just love the pictures of the vegetables in the story. The story made them excited and they could not wait to taste their vegetables.

  This organic vegetable seed kit  was the perfect gift for my boys to learn more about vegetables and how they grow. I am just hoping that our seeds will grow into plants that we can plant outside and grow into delicious  veggies that my boys will eat. As long as my boys are in charge of the watering it might just happen. I am not allowed to water plants as I have killed even cactus plants.

You can find this unique seed it at Amazon and it is the perfect price for gift giving. I might just have to buy one for my friend who loves to garden for a Christmas gift. This might even make a great teacher gift.
           Who do you know that would love to receive this vegetable seed kit?

                                 Buy the organic vegetable seed kit on Amazon

"These opinions are my own and I received the above-mentioned product to facilitate this post."


Unknown said...

It is such a great idea! I will try this with my son, he would enjoy it.

Amy Jones said...

What a positive and creative way to teach math! I'm sure kids understand it a lot more like this

Chei said...

wow this is great idea. Thanks

tauyanm said...

this is so cool my daughter would love this! all things to play with and learn all at the same timE!

Unknown said...

What a fantastic idea, I bet my two boys would enjoy this.

Unknown said...

Aww, how fun! I love doing little things like this at home with my kids and I love that it teaches them as well!

Ckrusch said...

What a positive and great way to teach math! I'm sure kids understand it a lot better now!

Unknown said...

What an awesome idea, They are so creative. I wish my boys would enjoy this

Elizabeth O. said...

They get to learn two skills at once, that's awesome! It would be nice to get them into gardening while learning math, I never thought about putting those two together to interest the kids!

Ellen said...

I love this. What a fun way to encourage learning!

alfonzowrods said...

How creative and entertaining! Not only teaching science & math but life skills too.

Becca Wilson said...

This looks like such an interesting way to teach math. My son would definitely be up for this!

Colette S said...

This is definitely a creative idea. I love it.
I am gardening now, so they could have better interest :)

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