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Thursday, September 7, 2017

My Discovery Of Natural Energy Drinks

I never thought that I would enjoy an energy drink.

  Back in July, I went to an amazing fitness conference. Blogfest was a great time of learning, networking, and trying new products. One of the new products that I tried was a natural energy drink. I never thought that I would drink an energy drink as I always thought that they had chemicals and stimulants in them that were not good for my body. Well, that all changed back in July. I discovered an energy drink that was made with caffeine, B-vitamins, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. This drink was also sweetened with Stevia so it had zero calories. I already drink coffee so I was OK with trying this natural energy drink. The drink was delicious and it also got its natural color from purple sweet potatoes.

  It started with a small sample of Vuka Work Zo-Cal and I loved the taste. The rep at the expo booth offered me a full can and gave me his card. He told me if I like it he would send me a case so I could try all their energy drinks. I stuffed it into my bag. Later on that day, I wanted to get some exercise in and I saw these cool exercise bikes that tilted slightly sideways both ways. My body was slightly tired from a previous workout class so I decided to try that Vuka drink that was in my swag bag. It tasted like a delicious berry lemonade and was lightly carbonated. As I drank my drink, I watched others trying out the cool exercise bike and then I asked the rep if I could try it out. The rep talked about how the tilting of the bike made it feel like riding a bike on the road. I then had a burst of amazing energy so I decided to stay on the bike for 20 minutes as it was so fun to ride. When I finished, I still had great energy so I then walked over to these rowing machines that had water in them and rode on those for another ten minutes. This can of delicious Vuka gave me great energy but did not make me feel jittery.

 So when I got home later that week from the conference, I contacted the Vuka rep and said that I would love a case of their natural energy drinks so I could try the other varieties. Vuka later sent me a case of their drinks. I just love the colorful cans. I also love that each energy drink has a different purpose because sometimes one needs energy to Think, Renew, Thrive, or Workout. All these drinks are sweetened with cane sugar, have natural colors, and different flavors. My favorite can is still the Vuka Work Zo-Cal. Right now I just use Vuka in the morning before I go running since morning and I are not friends. I like Vuka better than coffee before I go running as it does not affect my stomach to do number two. The last thing that I want is to have to find a bathroom while running. Go check out all the flavors and varieties of Vuka.

Vuka Energy Drink Website Facebook 

Do you exercise in the morning and would a natural energy drink help?

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