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Monday, September 24, 2018

Green Beauty Products That I Discover For Cooler Days

Take your summer glow into the fall months with these green beauty products.

    I received a box of organic skin care products from Sanre to facilitate this post.

 The cooler weather will be here before I know it. Here in Albuquerque our cooler temperatures usually start at the beginning of October around the time our Balloon Fiesta begins and that is just the morning/evening temperatures. The daytime temps stay warm enough for shorts up until November. There have been many Halloweens here that my kids are too warm in their costumes. It is always the early morning of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta that I am complaining about having to wear jeans. It is hard to transition from wearing shorts and a tank top the day before to jeans and a jacket. I am always glad that I dressed warm as it quite chilly at 5:30 am while waiting for the hot air balloons to go up. By 10 am I am stripping off the layers as it back to 70 degrees. The hot/cold temperatures can do a number on my skin so it is around this time that I start using thicker creams on my dry skin. This fall I am excited to use some new organic SkinFood products that I received the other day.

Natural organic ingredients are best for my skin

I received samples of beauty products to facilitate this post.

  I try to eat natural organic food so it makes perfect sense to me to put organic ingredients on my skin. My son's sensitive skin has made me more conscious of what I put on my skin. So I want to keep my skin healthy the same way I do for my body. When this box of skinfood products arrived, I was like a kid in a candy store and I just had to try them all. I really liked the names of Sanre creams and they all had wonderful natural scents that did not affect my allergies. If a product has a chemical scent, I will start coughing due to my sensitive lungs. My husband brought home a hand lotion from his last trip that did not have a natural fragrance and it set me into an allergy fit when he applied it to his hands. So he now uses it in the morning before I wake up.

  My favorite organic cream was the C-Love as it had a nice cherry scent. The Supple Sunshine -Solar- was my favorite cream to use at bedtime as it had soothing lavender in it. These skinfood creams were thick and made my skin feel so smooth.

 Natural fragrances are always good for my allergies

  The next two products that I pulled out of the box was a purifying cleanser and a hemp serum. I was amazed at how well this cleanser cleaned my skin. I took a shower the night before after wearing makeup, so I thought my face was clean. I guess my soap in the shower missed some spots as my white washcloth turned brown and I did not leave the house that day. After I washed my face I used the serum which was a nicely scented oil. I like applying oils to my face for intense hydration. I find that while oils make my skin so soft, they also make my skin look greasy so I use beauty oils before bed.

Lips that taste like chocolate is awesome!

  I got excited when I saw a Chocolate Lips moisturizer as I love anything with the taste of chocolate. This lip product had a sweet taste to it but it did not taste like chocolate to me. That is probably a good thing as I would be licking my lips all day. The Sweet Lips also had a nice taste to it but it was not sugary. I guess the nice taste is good as I tend to lick my lips. So you will never see me wearing lipstick as they taste bad and they get messy on me.

    The last products were sample sizes but these teasers of a product were fun to try. The radiant glow was too dark for my skin but it blended quite well into my skin so I might just have to buy a shade lighter for some natural color on my face. I loved the Vanilla Sensation Solar as it smelled so good and I would be better about applying my sunscreen when it smells like vanilla and has organic ingredients in it.

Sunscreen that smells like vanilla gets me excited


  Sanre makes there products in small batches by hand and they use safe organic ingredients that one can recognize, ones that are non-toxic. These ingredients are nourishing and healing to the skin like food is to the body. I love that use cold-pressed USDA Organic Oils and natural scents from spices and fruit extracts. The spices that they choose also have skin benefits that help with inflammation, bacteria, and wrinkles. In fact, many of the ingredients are found in foods that we eat. Your skin is like a sponge so what you rub on your face does get into your bloodstream. So if an ingredient is not safe to eat, is it safe to put on your skin? This is my new thinking about my skincare products that I am trying to use. Go take a look at Sanre's website and see all the wonderful natural ingredients that they put into their products. I wish the internet had a way to transport scent as these products smell so amazing!

Which of these products would you like to try?

About SanRe Organic Skinfood: 
A revolutionary way to handle your skincare needs. The brand brings together the best ingredients with the latest in green beauty innovation. The SanRe beauty line includes everything from intense hydrating moisturizers, lip treatments, and more. Created with quality in mind, the line focuses on using natural ingredients to help your skin bounce back after exposure to the summer sun.


Farrah Less said...

I am a big supporter of organic products. I know sometimes it can be a little bit pricey but its all worth it. I love their lip balm.

Heather said...

I want to try that lip balm! I hate having dry lips, so I have balms all over the place!

A Labour of Life said...

what a fun box, organic and pretty. I love learning about new skin care lines and new gift box subscriptions, so double win. Thanks

Kathryn at Quest for $47 said...

That chocolate lip moisturizer looks AMAZING! Organic skin care is so important. Thanks for sharing!

Annreeba said...

Wow..I love natural beauty products! I want that silky hands one. Thanks for sharing this.

Becca Wilson said...

I am so in love with products that are all natural. Taking care of your skin and lips even in the cooler months is so important.

Bianca D said...

I have never heard of this particular brand before but it looks like they have so much to offer. I am definitely going to be looking more in depth to see what I can get for myself.

Christa said...

I live in the desert where everything is hot and dry most of the time. I'm always on the hunt for soothing products. And I certainly prefer natural ingredients!

Wendy Polisi said...

Now this is the stuff I am really into. I never like buying things that aren't natural or organic.

Sandra said...

Yes, please check out our website!

Unknown said...

You will never have dry skin again!

Melanie said...

It still feels like summer here in California, but I'm so ready for fall! Stocking up with beauty products for the new season will help it feel like fall, even when it's still in the 80's. These all sound delightful!

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