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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fuel Your Body the Right Way: 4 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Taking care of you is a good thing! If you take care of your body, you will feel better and look better. Like I tell my kids, your body is like a car. You give it the food that it needs to run properly. A car can't run that well on bad gas and neither can your body run that well on unhealthy food that lacks nutrients. A car that sits in the garage for a long time has a hard time starting and your body has a hard time operating when it doesn't get regular movement. So take a look at these 4 tips and see how you can treat your body better.

  Are you struggling to lose the extra pounds? Did you enjoy the holidays a bit much? It's okay. Remember that well-balanced choices could mean a better lifestyle, happier and more fulfilling. If you want to shed some of that extra mass, go back to the basics, looking at diet, exercise, and sleep.

What Are Your Eating Habits?
 Weight is often equated to food. What you put in affects how you look? Therefore, evaluate several factors. Do you eat a variety of nutritious fare? Make sure you are getting protein, limiting carbs and increasing those leafy greens. Are you eating the right portions? Too much of even the best thing can be bad. Grab some measuring cups, and begin to really see how you fill your plate. Don't overload. Finally, select good late-night snacks. Avoid the chocolate. Focus on protein.

Do You Drink Your Water?
 Your car doesn't run without fuel. Your body is the same. If it's left on empty, eventually it is going to break down, leaving you stranded and in need of help. Water keeps organs functioning and helps deliver the proper nutrients. Don't neglect it. Start the day with a glass of water before you down a cup of coffee. Then, fill up a very large bottle. Don't let it get out of eyesight. An added bonus, the tummy may not grumble as much because it's filled with fluid. That means less calories and more satisfaction.

How Much Do You Move Around?
 In today's world, much of weight gain is attributed to a lack of exercise. Sure, you may get up and do a few things, but is it sustained enough to work muscles and battle calories? Your goal, then, is to get 30 minutes of good cardio in a day. These don't need to be intensive, and they could fit in during several points of your schedule. Wake up a bit earlier, and enjoy a run, getting the job done before others wake up. Are you not a morning person? Consider eating lunch at your desk and using that break to take a little walk outside. If you really need to get yourself going, set up some time at a local gym. Paying for the expense could be enough to motivate you to go. Lastly, remember that this exertion doesn't mean you can eat more. You're training your body to get stronger and use fuel appropriately.

Are You Getting Sleep?
 Your body needs rest to regenerate from the day's events. Establish an evening routine. About an hour or so before you get to bed, start some quiet activities. Take a soothing shower, and eliminate the use of electronics. The glow from the screens can work against your efforts, stimulating brain activity. Play a board game, read a book or do some simple chores (like folding laundry). You want to focus on winding down. When you're feeling tired, go to your room, turn on some white noise such as a fan and turn out the lights. If you're still struggling, consider a lavender lotion. The scent is sometimes associated with relaxing. Hopefully, you'll drift off, obtaining that desired 6 to 8 hours of healthy slumber.

You are important. Take care of yourself, so you may feel your best to tackle upcoming challenges.

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