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Thursday, January 9, 2020

11 Tips To Avoid Injuries While Exercising

Don't let an injury get in the way of exercise. The key is preventing the injury.
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 If you have been exercising or training for some time you probably have experienced an injury or two. The most common sports injuries when you are younger are from falls or over-exertion. When you get older, the list of ways to be injured tends to increase as our body starts to wear out. Getting older does not have to mean more exercise-related injuries if you follow these below fitness tips. Some of the health tips are for the prevention of injuries while others can help you when you do get a fitness-related injury. Prevention of an injury is always best when you are my age as recovery from injury can also slow with age.

 I have been running and biking for over 35 years and have had my share of sports-related accidents. When I was younger, I experienced some major bike accidents that left me with bruises and once a broken collar bone. I also was hit by a car while bike riding and ended up with a concussion and some missing teeth. This type of sports injury was one that I had no control over. Then there were the running injuries that were the results of falling and those two may or may not have been preventable. The exercise injuries that I am discussing today are ones that can be prevented with the proper sports gear and with some amazing supplements.

 I am also going to share some products and supplements that I have found to be beneficial for preventing fitness injuries. I also have some experience with products and supplements that have helped me after I suffered from a gym-related injury. They say learning from someone else's experiences is always a good thing. So since I have had my share of injuries and I am still very active, I will gladly share what I have learned over the years. I am that person at the gym who likes to exercise at a high-intensity level. I don't let my age get in the way of having fun while exercising. I may be over 50 but I exercise like a twenty-year-old.

Some of the most common exercise-related injuries include

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sprains—injuries to ligaments, the tissues that connect bones to one another

muscle strains—injuries to muscles or tendons, the tissues that connect muscles to bones

tendinitis—inflammation of a tendon, often due to overuse
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muscle tears of the knee—a rip in one of the ligaments that helps stabilize the knee or cartilage that cushions the knee joint

rotator cuff tears—rips in the group of muscles and their tendons that hold the arm in the shoulder socket

dehydration-- when your body loses too much liquid

lung-related injuries-- things like asthma

To avoid getting laid up for days—or even weeks—with an injury, follow these 11 precautions when you work out.

1. Start Slow 
 Whether you are new to exercise, returning from an exercise break, or starting a new type of fitness, it is always good to start up slow. The risk of injury is increased when you jump to fast into a new exercise program. So start slowly and work up to your fitness goal. If you have never walked more than a block, it is not wise to try to walk 3 miles in one day. Your body will be sore. So whether your goal is to run a 5K or walk a mile, start with a small amount and gradually increase the distance that you go each day. If an exercise class is your form of exercise, start with a beginner's fitness class.

2. Select the right exercise
 If you have bad knees than running may not be the sport for you. If you hate water, then don't take up swimming. I think the best exercises to start with are walking and bike riding as these are low impact exercises, so you won't experience a lot of muscle soreness. If you prefer to work out at the gym, then starting with walking on a treadmill or using a cardio machine are good options as well as water aerobics. Then as your body gets used to exercising, you can then try things like running and jump roping. I have taken breaks with my running and have always started with walking when I returned. Then I alternated with walking and running before I ran the whole exercise session.

3. Warm-up
  Cold muscles are more injury-prone so make sure to warm-up the muscles before your workout. This helps the blood flow to your muscles and reduces soreness. A warm-up can be simply walking at a slow pace for 3-5 minutes. I like to walk up the hill on my street before I start running. Warming up before your work out is also beneficial for those with asthma as it helps to open up your airways.

 I also discovered an amazing supplement that helps open my airways so I can breathe better and exercise with asthma. This natural supplement helps me cough up the mucus that clogs my lungs from my asthma triggers. I discovered ClearLungs Liquid a couple months ago at a health conference and it helped me stop coughing when I was having an asthma attack from the cleaning chemicals that were on the carpet in the expo hall.

4. Stretch
 Stretching is always good before and after a workout. I used to be that person who did not have time for stretching but an ankle injury that ended me up in physical therapy told me otherwise. The PT lady told me that stretching is a must for those people over 40. My trainer told me it was best to do small stretches of 10 seconds on each muscle before your fitness routine and 30-second stretches after the exercise session. I learned, last year at a fitness conference, that stretching after a fitness session helps with reducing the visceral fat in your belly.

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5.  Stay hydrated
 When you work out, you sweat. While sweating is healthy, you need to start your exercise time with a properly hydrated body and then replenish the lost fluids after your fitness time. If you feel thirsty during your work out time, then drink small sips of water. Water is the best fluid hydration liquid and sports drinks are not necessary unless you are working out for more than an hour or on a hot day. Check out these summer hydration tips. I discovered this delicious drink that has six herbs, electrolytes, and vitamins to hydrate your body. I like that it has turmeric in it as turmeric is great for pain relief.

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6. Choose the proper gear
 I learned the hard way about not having the right shoes for the right sport. I was wearing trail running shoes and was running on the street. The tread on my running shoe got caught in a small crack in the street and I fell down. The end result was a torn hamstring that put me out of running for several months. I also experienced foot problems from not wearing sports shoes with a proper fit. So head to a sports store that offers advice on what shoes fit best for your feet. Also, make sure to replace fitness shoes as they wear out. Shoes with a worn-out tread can cause foot injuries. Clothes matter when it comes to exercise. Ladies need to support their boobs and everyone should wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move. When working out at the gym or in the heat, less is best so your body does not overheat. In the winter dress in layers when exercising outdoors.

Meet the revolutionary socks that people are obsessed with. Engineered for performance, but perfect for everyday comfort. Feetures are the most comfortable socks that I have worn for running. These cute socks give my feet amazing cushion and I love the way that they hug my feet. These socks offer compression for my feet and I can run better, The socks come in both male and female styles and many sizes so you can get the perfect fit. I also love wearing them to the gym.

7. Lift weights
  Having strong muscles will help keep the injuries away. I am not talking big bulky muscles but rather just strength. Lifting simple weights 2-3 times a week or doing things like push-ups will help your body be stronger. Adding collagen to your diet will help keep your joints healthy while giving your muscles some protein to help them recover faster. I love snacking on a delicious greens and chocolate multi-collagen bar after my workout. These bars give me 15 grams of protein, healthy green veggies, and takes care of my daily chocolate cravings.

Multi Collagen Protein gives you support for your skin, nails, joints, and gut with five types of collagen from four food-based sources. 

8. Switch it up
  Alternating between a couple different exercise programs will not only prevent boredom but will also help your body recover better as you will be using different muscles. I like to run a couple days a week and then alternate with speed walking or using cardio exercise machines at the gym, I also like to bike a couple times a month. It is always best to lift weights every other day as your muscles need to recover.

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9. Know when to stop
You never want to work out to the point of pain. If an activity hurts, stop doing it right away. "Playing through pain can often prolong your healing time and take you away from the game or exercise you enjoy," Dr. Berkson says. "Remember to seek the advice of a medical professional whenever pain seems abnormal or is not improving." Get help immediately if you suddenly feel dizziness, shortness of breath, or chest pain. Your body will give you the signals you need to know when to back off. If that knee is feeling a little achy, your soreness lasts for more than the recommended 24 to 48 hours, or you are just plain tired, then it is time to look over your exercise routine. Rest and recovery might be what your body is looking for. Make sure you take those rest days as your body is making actual gains during this time. My recovery days always include extra protein for muscle recovery. If you do get a fitness injury, take the time off from exercise and let it heal. I recently started experiencing muscle soreness in my arm from lifting weights so I took a week off from my weight lifting sessions. That week break along with some Arnicare cream allowed my arm to heal and the soreness was gone.

Huel Bars are a nutritionally complete snack that contains a balanced amount of carbs, proteins, fat, fiber, and all 27 essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, they are vegan, lactose-free, soy-free, gluten-free, low-GI and GMO-free. The chocolate bar is my favorite!

10. Eat smart
  What you eat and drink is just as important as your workout. Not only will carbohydrates give you energy for your workout, but they will also replenish those glycogen stores for your recovery and for the next workout. Protein after your workout is just as important as this will help repair those muscles you just broke down. Work with a sports nutritionist to understand when, how much, and what foods you should be eating to keep you healthy and energized for your workouts. I love starting my day with a delicious Pineapple Guava Tropical Protein Smoothie that also supports my skin and hair. Get the recipe HERE.

11. Use the equipment correctly

 One mistake a lot of first-time gym attendees make is not learning how to use the gym equipment correctly. I too have made mistakes when using gym equipment like weights and cardio machines. So many machines like the treadmill and the stair stepper look so easy to use but when one does not have the proper form or use the machine as intended by the manufacturer, injuries can occur. These injuries may start out as sore muscles but over time can turn into something worse like a muscle pull or tear. If you are new to a piece of gym equipment or are unsure if you have the proper form on the machine, don't be afraid to ask a gym associate about how to use the exercise machine. You can even lookup a video on the brand's website to get information on how to use the gear.  With all the technology that these cardio machines have, it makes you wonder why there is not a training video on the machines. I also think that gyms should offer group sessions when you first join a gym so you can learn about all the equipment.

 Other mistakes that a lot of gym buffs make is wanting to lift heavy weights as they think, the heavier the better. This can lead to muscle injuries or back problems. If you are new to lifting weights, then start out using the weight machines with light weights to get a feel for how you should be lifting the weights. Lifting weights slow controlled motions is always best. Many weight machines have guides on them also. Many gyms also offer training sessions so you can learn how to use the weights. We all want those toned muscles but it takes time and even a small amount of weight is beneficial.


Masshole Mommy said...

It is SO important to warm up and stretch afterwards. I work at a gym and most injuries I see are from not properly warming up or stretching it out.

Mom Knows Best said...

That is so true. I learned that the hard way several years ago when I injured my ankle

AiringMyLaundry said...

I'll keep these in mind! I try to stick to jogging in the neighborhood, but I always make sure I'm hydrated. I might start doing workouts at home since I'm allergic to the gym.

Mom Knows Best said...

The gym is not for everyone. I am glad that one can get exercise in many ways. I just go to the gym because it is free for my family with my husband's work and that is where my husband likes to workout

Chad said...

I needed to read this post twice!!! I've injured myself a number of times exercising. Thanks a lot for the tips.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Now how do I not injure myself at work so I can exercise? I'm fighting to get back to the front desk so I stop hurting my wrist and back but apparently my boss doesn't believe my doctor's note. Sigh.

Amy Desrosiers said...

I love to exercise daily but do currently have an injury or more like a flare up with my heels. Plantar fasciitis is painful!!

Kathy said...

These are all really good tips. I've been doing a lot more exercising myself lately. I know how careful you have to be when it comes to injuries too.

Lisa Joy Thompson said...

These are such great tips! I exercise daily, but have had to change it up due to an old rotator cuff tear injury that's flared up! I may need to check out Incrediwear!

Monica said...

Warming up and stretching are so important! My instructors at my gym stress this a lot to avoid injuries.

Kita Bryant said...

These are some awesome tips. Plenty of water and good warm up is so crucial to staying safe.

Marie at Complete Literature said...

I do love to walk. I have never been able to run because of my asthma. I have the most respect for people that do run even with asthma. I literally feel like I'm going to die after about a quarter mile. I don't know how you all do it!
That being said, I do stay fit in other ways. And I eat well. I am fortunately very healthy for my age and hope to stay that way for years to come.

Nyxie said...

Very useful post, not only for athletes but for anyone who takes part in exercise.
Thank you for sharing :)

Joanna said...

I usually end up with a knee injury after zumba, when I come back to the gym after a few weeks of not going due to traveling. It's always so annoying but I found out that a knee sleeve helps a lot keeping it in place and minimizing the damage.

Ckrusch said...

Love your tips! I had a 7 day workout streak and my whole body was aching!!

Jessi Joachim said...

These are such great tips for avoiding injuries when working out. I know as a beginner I worry about hurting myself.

Unknown said...

My husband is a PT and we live by these things! Something I was surprised to learn early on is how important gear is. I used to hate running. But, once I invested in the right shoes, it was a game changer!

Leticia Carpenter said...

These are such great tips to follow!I love that you encourage lifting weights, I feel like there is such a misconception about lifting weights and being bulky.

Amber said...

Such great tips. I've had friends injure themselves exercising, doing things you wouldn't think could cause Harm

Mom Knows Best said...

I put off lifting weights as I thought that I did not need to. I turned 50 and my arms started to sag. I now know that weights are great for strength and will help me as a I age.

Mom Knows Best said...

I learned after foot problems about wearing the right shoe

Mom Knows Best said...

Walking is also great exercise. It is not always to exercise with asthma. Usually I run for about a 1/8 mile then walk and cough up some mucus. The Clearlungs does help me open up my lungs.

Mom Knows Best said...

My husband had Plantar fasciitis and used heel cups for a while. Here is what he used https://amzn.to/2tPB5rI

Mom Knows Best said...

A work injury does not sound fun. Hope you can work this out with work

Mamacita La Cuponera said...

These are useful tips! I don't like to run, so I walk and stay fit in other ways. I like to eat healthy too. It's important to stay in good shape.

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