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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Treat Sore Muscles With Carex Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Wrap

This is a sponsored post with Carex. All opinions are my own.

 This past month, I have changed my fitness routine due to having to shelter at home to do my part in flattening the curve of a virus outbreak. A month ago I was visiting the gym to get my strength training in. Since my local gym is closed, I have learned to be creative with weight lifting exercises by using my pink five-pound kettlebells, a bungee cord, and an empty detergent bottle filled with rocks. I have made such great progress in my stronger body plan and I am not going to let a virus pandemic get in the way of my progress. You have to see my before and after body photos from my six-month update that I did back in January. You will be amazed at how 3 days of weightlifting for six months toned my stomach and took away belly fat.

 My older son who was not able to return to the academy in New York has been showing me some new muscle strengthening exercises so I can maximize the benefits of working out at home. This same son, who has some serious muscles from lifting weights, has inspired me to take my at-home fitness routine to the next level.

 So in addition to running every day, I am also lifting weights 3 times a week as my new motto is strong bodies are made in self-quarantine or social distancing. I have learned to improvise with my muscle building routine and to get the maximum benefits of 5-pound weights, I have learned that more sets and different exercises still help my muscles get a great workout. My son's advice must be working since I am experiencing sore muscles. So I am glad that I have my Carex Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Wrap to soothe away my body aches. This muscle therapy device along with my CBD ointments have been my go-to pain relief at a time when I can't visit my favorite gym that has a hot tub.

 This versatile Bed Buddy Thermotherapy Wrap can be used for both hot and cold therapy. So depending on the type of overworked sore muscle, I can get the temperature that I need to make my sore muscle feel better. This wrap is one of several natural ways to treat muscle pain from exercise. I love that I can place the Buddy Wrap in my freezer for cold therapy to help ease sore muscles, aches, and pain. If I desire moist heat then this 100% natural body-conforming wrap heats up quickly in the microwave. The wrap is filled with natural grains, herbs, and flowers so I don't have to worry about it aggravating my asthma. I tend to stay away from muscle creams as they usually have chemical fragrances in them that can trigger an asthma attack. I have been able to manage asthma symptoms without prescription medicines and this hot & cold wrap is a natural alternative to over-the-counter drug treatments.

  I really like that this muscle therapy device is soft and flexible. The blue handles make it easy to wrap the heating pad around my arm, back, or legs. After I go running, I love to take the muscle therapy wrap out of my freezer as it helps me cool down. I know when summer gets here, I am going to have to hide my Buddy Wrap as my boys will love using it at bedtime to help them fall asleep faster. The Carex Cold Wrap needs to be added to my 12 tips to get a better night of sleep.

Bed Buddy Thermotherapy Wrap Highlights:

+ Doctor recommended moist heat
+ Provides both hot & cold therapy
+ Flexible form-fitting design
+ Reusable
+ Filled with 100% natural grains
+ Easy and safe, use as directed

 The Bed Buddy Thermotherapy Wrap is available in original white (unscented), balance orange (nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, and almond-scented), bliss pink (lavender, rose, and cherry blossom scented), or fresh green (eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemongrass scented). I love that you can get them scented for great aromatherapy while you do muscle therapy.

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