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Thursday, April 1, 2021

3D Interactive Making Of The Notebook Movie House

 If you have seen The Notebook Movie w/ Ryan Gosling, then you are going to love this 3D interactive website that shows the making of the Notebook House

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 The movie The Notebook is one that I enjoyed watching. This movie is a love story that captured my heart. It is a movie that stayed with me long after I watched it with my husband. After I watched The Notebook, I wanted to know more about this movie that focused on the restoration of a beautiful house. Once I saw the house, I wanted to know how Noah repaired the house for Allie.

My summary of The Notebook movie

 The Notebook tells the tale of two people who fall in love despite their social differences. The rich girl, poor man love story happens one summer in South Carolina. The local mill worker Noah captures the heart of a vacationing rich girl Allie. Noah takes Allie to an old house that is in need of desperate repairs. It is there that their love for each other grows stronger. Noah has dreams of one day owning the house and fixing it up. He shares his dreams about repairing the house with Allie. 

  Allie then asks Noah "what about me?" Noah then wants to know about her dreams about the old house. Allie shares her dream of a white house with blue shutters and a room for her to paint. Allie also wants a big porch so she and Noah can drink tea and watch the sunset. Allie’s parents don’t approve of the relationship because of the couple’s social differences, and they work to separate the two. So the two go their separate ways. 

 While Noah is still in love with Allie, Allie becomes involved with another man. Noah buys the old house and restores it just the way Allie wanted it. The house appears in a newspaper and catches Allie's attention. So she returns to see Noah it becomes clear that their romance is anything but over. It is clear that the house represents the love between Noah and Allie.

The Making of The Notebook House

 If you have seen the movie The Notebook, then you know all about the house in the movie. The house is central to the plot. It’s where the couple comes to be together when they’re young and in love. It’s what Noah spends his time on after he returns from the war. And the house is what brings the two back together again after Noah’s renovations are mentioned in the local newspaper. 

 If you have not seen The Notebook, you need to watch it as it is an awesome romance movie that will have you saying "pass the tissues." The house in the movie starts out in need of desperate repairs and is completely restored into a beautiful home. The movie does not go into detail about how Noah repaired the home and after the movie, I wanted to know more about this house. So I am glad that I discovered a 3D interactive website that shows the making of the Notebook House

 This new 3D interactive website shows before & after graphics of the house in the Notebook. I just love that there are plenty of photos of the Notebook house. Each photo shows different parts of the house and has descriptive information about how Noah restored the home with his love for Allie. From the photo of the painting room for Allie all the way to the wrap-around porch, this website shows 9 different parts of the Notebook home. The making of the Notebook home is simply fascinating to me and brings back awesome memories of the love that Noah had for Allie.

The history of the house used in The Notebook

 The three-story house from The Notebook is a classic old plantation home and this 3D website even has information about the history of the house that the movie was filmed in. When you visit this unique website, you can even watch a clip from the movie to get even more insight into the famous house that the movie was filmed in. I loved learning about how the filmmakers modified the house for the movie scenes.

 I don't want to give away all that this website has to offer as you have to go check it out yourself. The interactive website will capture your attention and your heart. Like me, it may even inspire you to watch The Notebook movie again. Here is the LINK for the Making Of The Notebook Home.

Have you seen the movie The Notebook?


AiringMyLaundry said...

How neat! It's been ages since I've seen this movie. I need to re-watch and check out the house.

Kathy said...

I haven't seen this movie yet. I keep wanting to watch it, but always forget. I'll have to borrow it from our library. It always seemed like a great movie.

S. Graham said...

Ohhhh, this is so neat! I've never been a huge fan of the movie, but I sure do love behind the scenes stuff from any movie!

Gervin Khan said...

I've watched this movie more than 10 times. I like because it looks like a Romeo and Juliet story and it's really beautiful!

monicazyoung said...

It is one of my favorite movie, such an amazing story. Super cool to know more about the behind the scenes

Gust si Aroma said...

Sounds like an old fashion movie. Love story movies are my type!

Gervin Khan said...

The movie concept is definitely great plus the book itself is just awesome as it is. They definitely create such wonderful love story that everybody can relate, loved it!

Ruth I said...

Oh wow I remember this movie. This is one of the classic known movie for me. I think i might watch this again.

Beth said...

I love old houses! I've never seen the movie, because I thought it was a sad story. My husband promises that I'll enjoy it, and now I believe him.

Wanda Lopez said...

I loved this movie when I saw it years ago. A truly classic house for sure.

Celebrate Woman said...

Have not watched the move, but am willing to see it after your review. Quiet time is in order.

Mama Maggie's Kitchen said...

Oh wow! I haven't watched the movie but this post made me really interested and curious! I want to see the house.

Marysa said...

I think I read the book many, many years ago, but I haven't seen the movie. Sounds like a great movie and it was interesting to learn more.

Daniel58 said...

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