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Thursday, April 8, 2021

4 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Hydrated

 Water is essential for the growth and health of children. It can also help them with weight control since it helps them to properly process food. When kids are properly hydrated, they can stay healthy and active the entire day.

 While keeping hydrated seems like a very simple thing to do, for kids, it isn’t the case. It can be difficult to convince children to drink water as many of them just hate it. Especially as spring and summer come, parents got to step up to ensure that their children stay hydrated.

 For starters, check this out to learn more about the dangers of dehydration. This should be more than convincing to encourage you to try your hardest in keeping your kids hydrated.

 Fortunately, you've come to the right place! Here, you'll find some of the best tips to keep your kids hydrated.

1. Pack A Bottle Of Water Every Time You Go Out

 When you know you’re headed out for the day, on the night before, prepare your kids’ water bottles, then, freeze them up. That way, you can start with ice-cold water as you leave your home so that the water in the bottles stay colder for a longer time. This can encourage children and even your active teens to drink more water.

 When they’ve got their own water bottles, it’s easier for everyone else to remember to drink water. You also don’t have to worry about being in a place where there isn’t bottled water for sale. Parents love getting a Polar Camel 32 oz stainless steel water bottle for outdoor activities so that the drink remains cool and fresh all the time. Plus, with a larger bottle, your kids will have more water on hand to drink throughout the day.

 A fun tip along this line is to bring your kids with you when you buy their water bottles. Let them choose a design or a cartoon character they love. This can help them to love bringing their own water bottles with them and, most importantly, drinking water from them.

2. Add Some Flavor To Their Water

 When it comes to beverages, most kids won't drink plain water. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem as they can still achieve their daily recommended dose of water through flavored beverages. But, don’t just center around store-bought juices and smoothies as having these daily isn’t good for your kids’ health. Remember that such choices are filled with sugar.

 Hence, instead of those, slice up some fruits and infuse these into the water. The taste would be a lot milder than juice and closer to water—just enough flavor to keep it from water from staying bland. This can help them love to drink water, little by little.

3. Make Your Own Juices

 Some parents make their own drinks for their kids. You should, too. Especially if your kids already go to school, it’s best for the younger ones to drink their own beverages than to buy artificial juices. You don’t want your kids to drink sugary beverages every day as this will only have harmful effects in the long run.

 Making your kids’ own juices would be a lot healthier. You can alternate from among different fruits. Plus, with a juicer, you may even sneak in tiny bits of veggies without your kids even noticing. This way, not only are you keeping your kids hydrated, but you’re also able to give them a helping of vegetables that they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

 That said, here are some healthy juice recipes you can prepare:

+ Apple lemonade, which is a refreshing blend of apple and lemon juice

+ Carrot and orange juice as a rich source of vitamin C and fiber

+ Mixed berry splash, which you can create using berries you have at home

+ Green juice, which is a hydrating blend of cucumber, spinach, orange, and grapes.

4. Offer Water With Every Meal And Snacks

 If you’ve got an option to stick with water for meals and snacks, then, first offer this before some other types of beverages. Especially when you’re just at home, keep the juices limited only for snacks. Parents have a big role in influencing their kids to make sound and good decisions, and choosing water above anything else is one of these.

 Doing this consistently is a good way to build that habit at home. Soon enough, your kids will be asking for water on their own, without the need of prodding.


 The tips above can help your kids stay hydrated. Especially when summer hits, it’s easier for kids to be dehydrated. The heat is at its peak, and kids will also find this as the perfect time to run around and enjoy outdoor activities they’ve missed out on in the colder months or rainy days. Making children drink enough amounts of water can be quite difficult as they’ll naturally find it boring. However, there are ways to spruce it up, such as making a delicious infused water, making your responsibility to keep the whole family hydrated at all times so much easier to handle.

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