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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Discovering New Uses For CBD With CBDfx

 CBD has many uses and many forms. Discover some amazing CBD products 

I received samples to facilitate this post

 I am no stranger to using CBD products as part of my wellness plan. I have been using different forms of CBD oil for about three years. I first discovered hemp products when I had a sore thumb that I thought was broken. The over-the-counter pain relievers were not helping with my pain so I decided to try a topical CBD ointment that I received from a conference. When I applied the CBD cream to my painful thumb, I was not sure what to expect as I had never used CBD before. I was amazed at the immediate pain relief after I applied the CBD lotion and I was even more amazed the next day when my thumb was no longer experiencing any pain nor stiffness.

 Through my research, I discovered that the pain in my thumb was called a trigger thumb and may have been caused by my computer mouse usage. It was that CBD experience that I was ready to explore CBD more. I was ready to discover other CBD products and other CBD uses. I then tried a CBD tincture for pain and later CBD gummies for sleep. I never experienced any weird side effects from ingesting CBD oil so I was glad that I discover the amazing benefits of CBD.

What is CBD?

 CBD is short for “cannabidiol”, and is produced within the cannabis (hemp) plant. Yes, CBD comes from the same plant that marijuana but does not contain THC, the compound that gives you the high feeling. CBD can not get you "high" since it contains no THC. This article about CBD explains in detail CBD and THC.

Cannabidiol (CBD) facts

+ CBD does not get you “high” (non-intoxicating)

+ Comes from hemp or cannabis plants

+ Is being studied for potential anti-seizure and anti-inflammatory properties

+ Indirectly interacts with CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors

+ CBD is federally legal

How does CBD Work?

Your body already contains a wildly complex endocannabinoid system (ECS) that affects several different areas and functions (more on this momentarily). That system is rife with “receptors”—sites that await the presence of cannabinoid molecules. Read more HERE

 Now that you have an understanding of CBD, I want to share some amazing new products that I discovered last month at Moms Meet Wow Summit. I met with CBDfx at the online conference and was excited to discover some new uses for CBD with their edible CBD line. While CBDfx has a complete line of CBD products, I was interested in sampling some of their CBD edibles. 

 My favorite way to take CBD is through edibles and up to now, I was enjoying a CBD gummie at bedtime to help me fall asleep faster. After viewing the different products that CBDfx offer, I was ready to take my CBD experience further and discover more ways to use CBD. 

CBD has many uses

 Most people know about using CBD for anxiety and stress while others use CBD for pain relief. CBD is also useful for sleep. The uses of CBD are many beyond these and I was ready to discover how CBD could help me with exercise and my wellness routine.

 So I requested some edible CBD products from the CBDfx website. I was excited to try some unique wellness CBD gummies, CBD drinks, and CBD cookies. My plan was to incorporate CBD into my day beyond sleep and pain. I knew that these products with CBD would help me do just that.

CBD gummies with superfoods

 Since I enjoy running, I decided to try CBDfx Gummies with Turmeric & Spirulina. I loved that these vegan gummies had antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superfoods in them so they would be useful to help with my joints. These green gummies were a delicious new way to take my turmeric and spirulina supplements. 

  I also decided to try CBD Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar. I knew that apple cider vinegar had many benefits like helping with blood sugar, so I decided to experience this superfood with CBD gummies. These delicious gummies have all of the detox health benefits of apple cider vinegar, plus Vitamin B12 for energy and supporting immune function, along with organic pomegranate, an effective antioxidant.

I love that both of the CBD Gummies from CBDfx were made with

+ 100% organically grown hemp, extracted into broad-spectrum CBD

+ All-natural, vegan & Gluten-Free

+ No fillers or artificial sweeteners

+ superfood rich

+ contain powerful antioxidants

CBD Cookies With Protein – 100% Vegan

 I like cookies and when I discovered cookies loaded with protein, I knew that these CBD cookies would be a perfect way to help my muscles recover after running.  Each delicious cookie is packed with 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 13 grams of pure protein. These cookies were super delicious and I enjoyed them. I loved that the cookies were made with all-natural ingredients and were vegan. So they did not interfere with my food allergies of dairy and soy. 

CBD Focus Shots

Since I enjoy running in the morning, I like to use natural energy drinks. These CBD Focus Shots were perfect for my energy as they had 75mg of caffeine in them. The flavors of pomegranate and tropical made these ready-to-drink shots super easy to enjoy before I went running. The CBD shots also had 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD, 150mg of energizing L-Arginine, and a host of revitalizing vitamins and minerals in them. The small drinks gave my body the energy that I needed to run.

 I enjoyed discovering new ways to get my daily CBD for wellness. CBDfx has a wide variety of CBD products from CBD Oil tinctures to CBD topicals. They even have CBD products to use in the bath and on the face. From seed to sale, CBDfx uses a pure, single-pass CO2 extraction method that produces an ultra-premium CBD oil from some of the finest organic hemp plants in the world — guaranteeing a safe and high-quality experience for maximum benefit. Check out all the products that CBDfx offers here ~ https://cbdfx.com/


Ben said...

I love using CBD products. They reall do work. I'll have to chekc these out.

melissa said...

I Have begun running so i have to try these CBD supplements for my joints and muscle aches. The gummies seem like a tasty way to take the CBD.

Kathy said...

These products look great. I love using CBD products. They're amazing.

Nikki Wayne said...

It's great to know about these products. Can't wait to try them.

Rose Ann Sales said...

I would definitely try all these if it's available on my area

Ryan Escat said...

Glad to know about the other uses of CBD.. Those gummies sounds fun to have as a daily supplement.

Chef Dennis said...

I would love to try CBD, too! I heard a lot of benefits that we could get from using them.

Lynndee said...

I've heard so much great things about CBD products. I will have to give them a try. -LYNNDEE

Wanda Lopez said...

How interesting. I have seen CBD products everywhere but no-one talked about them the way you do. I didn't know they were so good.

Gust si Aroma said...

You just made me curious about CBD. Someone dear to me has big sleep problems and it's great to know that there are natural ways to improve her sleep quality!

Anonymous said...

That is very interesting. Not into CBD products myself, but if I hear of some one that is, I will send them your way!

Authentic Food Quest said...

I've been reading and hearing so much about CBD products but have never tried any. I'm quite intrigued especially by the running energy boost product. I'm defintively going to dig further into this.

Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers said...

I’ve been hesitant to try CBD products. I have autoimmune disorders and chronic pain. Currently, I receive treatment for them from doctors but sometimes it isn’t enough.

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