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Monday, September 12, 2022

10 Best Gifts For Grandparents

 When asked about what they would like for a gift, grandparents say they don't need anything. Buying a present for grandma and grandpa can be hard, so you have to get creative. Check out these 10 wonderful gift ideas for grandparents.

According to my mom, she has everything she needs, so you don't have to buy her a gift. Then when you do buy your mom the best gift, she does not use it. Most older folks grew up during tough times, so it can be hard for them to treat themselves. My mom will continue to wear her old worn-out slippers, even though I bought her a new pair of slippers.

 One has to be creative when buying a gift for their grandparents. I have discovered that grandparents like practical gifts when it comes to gift giving. The problem is who wants to give a senior a gift of clothes or slippers? As a gift giver, it does not seem right but trust me on this one, grandparents love practical gifts. As the gift giver, you just have to buy a useful gift that your grandparent would not normally think of or one that, in their opinion, costs too much money.

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Ten Gifts That Grandparents Will Love

1. Labels To Last

As people get older, their memory declines and they have a hard time remembering things. Simple things of where did I leave my cane or jacket become the norm. Seniors will go to the store or senior center and then leave without items that they brought, like a cane or jacket. Then grandpa can't remember where he left his cane and finds it easier to buy a new one. If only there was a way to help grandma and grandpa not misplace their items. 

 Give your grandparent the gift of Labels to Last. Labels to Last are stylish Adult Name Labels that will make it easier for grandma to find her lost items. These waterproof labels can be customized with grandma or grandpa's name, phone number, or room number at their assisted living place. These are the perfect gift for active seniors. These labels are perfect for seniors who live in assisted living facilities. You will love that they are dishwasher and laundry safe!

 The name labels come in many colors and 2 sizes along with many options for personalization. The best part is the labels are durable and waterproof. So they can be placed on items like clothes and coffee mugs. The labels are super easy to use so the older adult will have no problem sticking them on their coat or cane. Then when grandma or grandpa misplaces their book or glasses, the person who finds the lost item can call them. 

Ideal items for Labels to Last

+ Coats  + Coffee Mugs  +Potluck Dishes

+ Canes  + Eyeglasses    + Tablets

+ Clothes  + Shoes   + Water Bottles

+ Books  + Car Keys + Phones

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Purchase Labels to Last HERE


2. Drinkmate's OmniFizz Beverage Carbonator

 My father-in loves drinking soda but he has trouble lifting those heavy cases of drinks. So he buys his sparkling drinks in single bottles from the senior center vending machine. Buying drinks that way can quickly add up to more money when compared to buying drinks by the case. A beverage carbonator is a perfect solution to grandpa's soda expense.

The Drinkmate is the most versatile machine on the market and can carbonate ANY liquid without dilution. Making it the perfect gift for a senior's kitchen. Now your grandparent can easily enjoy bubbly mocktails, fruit juices, lemonade, water, or anything one might find in the fridge to sparkle! With no electricity required, the countertop drink maker is easy to use! Add some Premium Italian Syrups and a couple of 1-liter bottles and you have a gift that your grandpa will love. Then when the next gift occasion happens, give a present a CO2 refill cylinder and more soda syrups.

Purchase Drinkmate's OmniFizz Beverage Carbonator HERE


3. Fiji Joe Turmeric

 Turmeric has many benefits for older people. From helping with inflammation to sore joints, turmeric is a great supplement for seniors. Your grandparent can mix the turmeric in a glass of milk with a small amount of sugar and enjoy a nightly golden milk drink. Make sure to include the golden milk recipe with the gift along with a fancy glass.

 Snag the tastiest turmeric by Fiji Joe Turmeric! The brand offers organic turmeric with high curcumin levels to boost your overall health and well-being. This brand’s turmeric has one ingredient, the soil it grows in is tested to make sure there’s no lead contamination and the brand uses the whole root approach. This certified organic turmeric has major benefits for your body and brain, proving to be a thoughtful gift for the grandparent on your list! 

Purchase Fiji Joe Turmeric HERE


4. The Patch Brand

 Swallowing pills may be hard for grandma or grandpa. So give them the gift of vitamin-infused patches. These patches make taking daily vitamins so simple and easy. They will love the colorful boxes and that you are thinking of their health.

 Perfect stocking stuffers, The Patch Brand has you covered with their vitamin-infused patches. Choose from the following vitamin patches: Sleep, Energy, Focus, Immunity, and Stress Relief! These vitamin-infused patches are a more effective, more efficient delivery system for the vitamins & nutrients your body needs to support its natural processes.

Purchase The Patch Brand HERE


5. STNKY Washable Laundry Bag

 If your favorite grandparent is a regular at the local gym, then this STNKY Washable Laundry Bag is a great gift. This unique bag is the best place to carry home stinky gym clothes. This 2-in-1 bag would also be great to stash stinky undergarments until wash day.

 STNKY Bags are the best way to sort, store, carry, wash and dry everything from sweaty gym clothes, laundry when you travel, scrubs, and just about anything else that gets dirty or sweaty. STNKY Bags lock in those germs and smell from your gear while you go about your day. Then, when it’s laundry time, there’s no need to touch your dirty stuff. Just open the bottom zipper, turn the bag inside out and your STNKY Bag becomes a wash bag. Throw it in the washer and dryer, bag, and all, and you’ll be ready to go again! 

Purchase STNKY Washable Laundry Bag HERE


6. VINIA-- Red Grape Powder Capsules

 Older adults tend to have mental fog and a lack of energy. So a gift of a supplement that will help with energy and mental alertness would be awesome. Include a fancy water bottle with the supplement to help them drink more water.

 The perfect product for those who suffer from mental fog and an overall lack of motivation will benefit from VINIA. VINIA works to improve physical energy and mental alertness via increased blood flow and delivery of oxygen. Vinia has the only Resveratrol that harnesses the powder of Piceid Resveratrol from Red Grapes and a matrix of Polyphenols. It dissolves into your body within 20 minutes, where it remains active for 12 hours. 

Purchase Vinia Red Grape Powder Capsules Here


7. Liberty Beans Coffee 

 If your grandparent drinks coffee, then coffee is always a great gift for them. Upgrade their usual cup of coffee with one that has a bold roasted taste. These gourmet coffee beans would be the perfect gift when paired with a travel coffee mug and some holiday coffee creamers.

 The coffee-loving grandparent will love to start off their mornings this holiday season with a bold roast from Liberty Beans Coffee Company! Liberty Beans Coffee Company is a family-owned craft roaster offering premium coffee sourced from green importers and farming partners. The husband and wife team searches the world for the best beans available from coffee-producing regions in Guatemala, Brazil, and Columbia. By fine-tuning the coffee roasting process, the brand maintains the delicate natural flavors and unique profiles for the ultimate sipping experience. 

Purchase Liberty Beans Coffee HERE 


8. 1934 Bloody Mary Exceptional Mix 

Do you know a grandparent who loves bloody Mary drinks? A gift of a nice bottle of a bloody Mary mix and their favorite bottle of vodka would bring a smile to their face.

 We all know grandparents who have got to have a bloody mary on deck during the holidays, so light up their yule log with 1934’s Bloody Mary Exceptional Mix that judges and consumers from the world’s most prestigious competitions have awarded the BEST Bloody Mary four years running since 2018! This handcrafted small batch mix has a bold full-bodied flavor made using only natural ingredients that won’t water down in your glass. No MSG or high fructose corn syrup here—just rich Bloody Mary goodness. Cheers!

Purchase1934 Bloody Mary Exceptional Mix HERE


9. Fresh Baked Sourdough Bread

Your grandparent will love the gift of fresh sourdough bread delivered to their home. They will love that they can bake up a loaf of warm delicious sourdough bread anytime they want. The loaves of sourdough bread store nicely in their freezer and all they have to do is place them on a baking sheet to bake in the oven.

 When you subscribe to the best homemade sourdough bread subscription, your grandparent will get a monthly delivery of a huge bread box that contains several loaves of ready-to-bake sourdough bread and so much more. The Wildgrain bread box also has the best ready-to-bake desserts like chocolate croissants and several containers of fresh pasta.

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10. Tea Advent Calendar

 Advent Calendars are always a fun activity for the holidays. Opening up the doors and finding a special surprise is a fun way to count down the days to Christmas. Grandma and grandpa will love opening the doors of this tea advent calendar and discovering a new variety of tea every day. Include a tea cup or two and some fancy sugar cubes with the gift.

 The teas selected for the 2022 tea advent calendar are a combination of popular favorites as well as limited-edition holiday blends. The teabag version contains Adagio's classic and best-selling teas. These range from single-origin white tea to candy cane-flavored black tea. The loose version is filled with single-serve portions of Adagio's festive teas, including a few exclusive blends not sold elsewhere. The 2022 Advent Calendar is a sure way to keep tastebuds happy and merry all the way to Christmas Day.

Purchase the Tea Advent Calendar HERE


Practical gifts don't have to be boring

 So now that you have discovered exciting gifts for grandparents that are practical, you will no longer have a hard time buying them a gift. With so many wonderful ideas for gifts, you might just have a hard time selecting the best gift. 


AiringMyLaundry said...

I love your ideas! What a great list of gifts. I need that laundry bag for my son, actually. His clothes can reek.

Tasheena said...

This is such a wonderful list, thanks for sharing these gift ideas.

LoriBosworth said...

The Labels to Last are a great idea for seniors, especially if they are experiencing memory loss!

Fatima D Torres said...

This is a great list of ideas for grandparents. I'm currently looking for something the kids can gift my dad.

Kathy said...

I'm loving all these ideas. I really love the labels. I love being able to label stuff myself. I think it's great to be able to label your items.

Ryan Sales Escat said...

These are all really great ideas! This is perfect for my grandparents wedding anniversary! I can give them different gift’s!

Rose Ann Sales said...

What a really great gift idea you have here! Thanks for sharing this with us! Every grand parents would love this!

Terri Steffes said...

I will be a first time grandma in December, but those gifts look good to me now!

Beth said...

I need to get that Bloody Mary mix for my mom. It has been a long time since she has had a Bloody Mary, but I think she would enjoy one now!

Beautiful Touches said...

I don't know about everything else, good as they all may be, but I'd be delighted to get an omnifizz from the kids!

Renee said...

These are great ideas! I love the carbonator and would like to get one for myself.

Christy G said...

I love all of these ideas. I'm with Renee the carbonator would make drinking water fun. I could add the mio drops and carbonate it.

Gust si Aroma said...

Beverage Carbonator is such an awesome idea! My grandparents would love it too!

Anonymous said...

These are all fabulous gifts for the grandparents and anyone really. Love that Wildgrain box! Just got one ;)

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