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Friday, September 2, 2022

Allergy Shots Info & Products That Help Allergies & Asthma

 Allergy shots will stop or reduce allergy attacks from the items that you are allergic to. Reducing the triggers of allergy-induced asthma will help you better manage your asthma. 

 Are you looking for a better way to manage your asthma and seasonal allergies without the side effects of prescription medicine? A more natural way to stop or reduce allergy attacks can be found in the treatment of allergy shots. While it can be a long-term treatment of 4-5 years of receiving allergen shots, it has shown to have a high success rate of curing people from many different types of allergies.

Are you tired of seasonal allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat, coughing, and asthma attacks? If you have suffered from allergies way too long, maybe it is time to look into receiving allergy shots. Six months ago, I decided to start the treatment of allergy immunotherapy to help manage my asthma. My allergy-induced asthma was not under control and it was affecting my health as well as my daily living. 

I had two options ~ prescription medicines or allergy shots

 My allergy doctor told me if I don't start managing my asthma, I would have COPD later in life. She gave me two options ~ daily prescription asthma medications or allergy shots. I chose allergy shots as I did not want to experience the long-term side effects of medicines. I had been treating my asthma symptoms naturally for many years with success. That was until my food allergies became life-threatening. 

 So I decided to receive bi-monthly shots of the things that I am allergic to, to better control my asthma. I am halfway through the first part of my allergy treatment and I have survived. You can read more about what are allergy shots here. 

You might be wondering if allergy shots would be a good treatment for you. The first step would be to do allergy testing to find out what you are allergic to. Making an appointment with an allergy doctor for allergy testing would be your first step. Then the doctor can know which type of allergy shots to prepare for your treatment. Below is a list of allergies that can be treated by allergy shots.

Allergens for Allergy Shots

+ Weeds

+ Grass

+ Pets 

+ Dust

+ Mold

+ Trees

+ Insects

+ Plants

Reactions from allergy therapy

 For most people the symptoms from the allergy shots are mild. For others, who have asthma or have severe allergy attacks, the allergy shots symptoms can be worse. The good news is, that the symptoms are not life-threatening and can be managed. Many different factors can make the symptoms of allergy shots worse. The past 6 months have been a learning experience for me and I have discovered how to best manage the symptoms that I have experienced through my allergy shot treatment.

Typical allergy shot reactions and side effects

+ Pain at the injection site

+ Swelling at the injection site

+ Hives

+ Sneezing

+ Congestion

Less common reactions

+ Asthma breathing issues

+ Wheezing

+ Throat swelling

+ Pain and redness at the injection site lasting more than 2-24 hours

 The first 6 months of my allergy shots were quite easy and I only had a couple asthma attacks 15 minutes after my injections. Then my allergen serums contained higher levels of my allergens and my reactions after my allergy appointments became more severe. We also have had a lot of rain so more weeds have been growing here. So my reactions have also been a result of a worse allergy season. 

 I have experienced many breathing issues these past couple of weeks. My breathing issues are the result of a bad seasonal allergy season here and my body building up a resistance to the allergens from the shots that I am receiving. The build-up phase of my treatment for allergies has 6 more months and then I will no longer react to all the things that are growing outside.

Products that I have been using to help with my asthma and allergy symptoms

 Since allergy season is bad this year and I am receiving allergy shots during this time, my asthma symptoms have been miserable for the past couple of weeks. I have been waking up so congested with mucus in my lungs and I have been struggling to breathe. So I have had to make many changes in my lifestyle. A huge change is I had to stop running outside and I now exercise indoors. I know that these changes are temporary while I receive my buildup allergy serums. 

 I have also added some new supplements and products to my asthma treatment plan. These products have been helping to continue to manage my asthma without having to use prescription asthma medication. I have included the products that I am using for my allergy and asthma treatment below, along with links to buy them. 

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Portable nebulizer 

 I decided to purchase a portable nebulizer. I will be traveling next month to Philly for an expo and I did not want to pack my heavy nebulizer that the doctor prescribed. When my travel nebulizer arrived, I had to try it out and it works just as well as my bigger nebulizer. I love how small and light this nebulizer is. The best part is how quiet it is when I use it. The only thing that I don't like about it is that I have to hold the nebulizer during my nebulization treatment. 

I use my nebulizer with a saline solution and it helps me expel the thick mucus from my airways. 

Purchase the Handheld Nebulizer Machine here

Clear Lungs Extra Strength

You never realize the benefits of a supplement, until you stop taking it. I started taking Clear Lungs in 2019 after I tried a sample at a health expo. This Chinese herbal lung medicine prevented an asthma attack from becoming severe. I was at the expo and my voice started to get raspy and hoarse as I was visiting the Ridgecrest booth. The representative was introducing me to the benefits of Clear Lungs and I decided to try it. Within 10 minutes after taking the capsules, I started coughing up mucus and my voice was back to normal.

 Clear Lungs is made from natural herbs and supports free breathing, keeps airways open, and balances mucus levels. You can read more about my experience with Clear Lungs and my natural asthma treatment here. Fast forward to a month ago and I ran out of my daily Clear Lungs supplement. Life got busy and I forgot to order more. Then my asthma symptoms got worse and a couple weeks later, I realized that Clear Lungs was not in my daily supplements. So I ordered more. Ten minutes after I took the Clear Lungs, I started coughing up mucus. If you have asthma or allergies you have to try Clear Lungs Extra Strength. 

Order Clear Lungs Extra Strength Here

Natural Inhaler

 This natural inhaler has helped restore my breathing within minutes when I am having an asthma attack. This tiny but powerful tube contains a blend of essential oils that helps me open up my airways. It works quickly! I always carry the pocket-size natural inhaler with me. That way when something triggers my asthma, like someone wearing fragrance, I just inhale the essential oils to restore my breathing. 

 I have several tubes of the natural inhaler scattered throughout my home so I can grab one right away. I even keep one beside my pillow and this amazing all-natural inhaler has helped me when I wake up gasping for air. This is another must-have asthma and allergy product, even if you use a regular inhaler. Buy several!

Order Olbas Inhaler Here

Sea Moss Gel

 Sea Moss has many benefits to your health, which include inflammation, healthy mucus membrane support, digestive health, and thyroid support. Sea moss is made from a type of seaweed and is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, and plant compounds. 

 I started using sea moss gel for the inflammation and healthy mucus membrane support. This delicious gel is a treat to take. It was the flavors that attracted me to try this supplement. I already knew about the benefits of seaweed in my diet, like the rich source of iodine but having a sweet way to get my daily seaweed sounded awesome. The Sea Moss Gel tastes like jelly and comes in delicious flavors like pineapple, elderberry, and strawberry.

Order Sea Moss Gel Here 

Morning Miracle

 Morning Miracle delivers clarity and allergy relief without masking symptoms with chemicals like many over-the-counter or prescription options do. I like that this supplement is made from natural ingredients and can help with mucus buildup. I always wake up congested and right now I need extra support with my seasonal allergies. Morning Miracle has two different drink mixes, with caffeine and without. I have been using the caffeine blend as it gives me the caffeine that I need to exercise in the morning.

 My exercise routine has been tough due to my asthma but exercise helps me to open up my airways and expel all the thick mucus from my body. So Morning Miracle gives my body some extra help with my exercise.

Order Morning Miracle Here


My asthma and allergies have drained my energy as all my energy has been going to my breathing. I also have been having trouble focusing. So these supplements grabbed my attention with the words energy and focus. The flavors also sounded delicious. The VITAVATE supplements also have plenty of vitamins and minerals to help with wellness and right now I can use extra help with my wellness.

My lack of sleep and my body building up resistance to my allergies is wearing down my immunity. So to have supplements that boost my wellness is a good thing. These drink mixes are so easy to make and have a delicious taste. My favorite is the lemon.


Next year I will be cured of my seasonal allergies

 The allergy shot buildup phase of my allergy shot treatment plan will be done in February 2023. Then I am having faith that I will no longer have allergies to seasonal allergies like plants, weeds, grass, trees, and dust. Then I will begin the 2nd phase of my allergy shot treatment plan and receive my shoots one a month.

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Renee Franklin said...

I've never thought about allergy shots. I'm not one to get shots very often. I just use my inhaler.

Shelley@stockpilingmoms said...

My son gets allergy shots. We have those natural inhalers eveywhere!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and more details about allergy shots. I've never had them but may need to consider.

Olivia Douglass said...

Great info- allergies have been killing me this year. I've never talked to a doctor about allergy shots but I may ask next time I am in for an appointment.

Samantha said...

Such great info and a nice list of helpful tools for allergy & asthma!

Christy G said...

I got allergy shots when I was younger and wish that I could get them again. But with an autoimmune disorder I'm not allowed to take allergy shots and have to rely on Zyrtec to help control my allergy symptoms.

Beautiful Touches said...

I am so incredibly interested in trying out the sea moss gel!

Anonymous said...

A friend of ours is also getting allergy shots. I'm wishing you all the best. -LYNNDEE

Gust si Aroma said...

I am so sorry for what are you passing through! I hope you'll be better soon and you'll do all your workouts only outside!

Anonymous said...

I am bookmarking this post for Amy brother as he does have issues with Asthma and anything that helps is much needed. Thank you for sharing...

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