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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

8 Must-Have Supplements For Active Ladies

 "Fitness is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you have a kingdom."

 ~ Jack LaLanne

 The nutritional needs of an active person vs a person who is sedentary are so much different. While the biggest difference is calorie intake, your active body may require supplements that are made for active ladies. I am talking about supplements that can keep your body performing at its best and supplements that will help your body recover from fitness. Fitness helps our body feel good and taking these supplements may help your body to continue to be active.

Keep reading to discover 8 Must-Have Supplements For Active Ladies

 I recently attended the biggest fitness conference in Las Vegas and the theme for this year was Inspiration. The theme word fit the fitness event perfectly for what I learned at the event. I was super excited to be able to attend an event with other folks who have a passion for fitness and health. IDEA World conference is a fitness and wellness event that features comprehensive education with fitness classes. It is the place to learn all about fitness and wellness. 

 What I love most about the Idea World conference is the chance to engage in fitness classes that are taught by the fitness pros. I also love the huge expo for a chance to see the latest in fitness equipment and health supplements. The first day of the event featured the opening ceremonies with the presentation of the IDEA Jack LaLanne Award Presented by Elaine LaLanne. For those that have never heard about Jack LaLanne, he was an American fitness and nutrition guru that inspired so much of fitness as we know it today. You can thank Jack LaLanne for gyms, many health programs, and even the jumping jack - named after him.

 Attending this awesome event inspired my fitness routine and also gave me new insight into my health routines. Jack LaLanne lived to be 96 and was still exercising! His wife Elaine attended the conference and is in great shape. She is a huge inspiration for me as she is still active at 96!

My Must-Have Supplements

 The fitness event inspired me to keep being active every day and to continue to follow a healthy diet along with my many supplements. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are many and it helps me continue to look and feel awesome at 57! 

 My passion for fitness and health started six years ago when I was unable to do one push-up at a health conference. It was then that I realized that I had to take charge of my health. Through years of learning, I have discovered the must-have supplements that I take every day. These are the supplements that I consider beneficial to my wellness.

While we don't always notice the benefits of taking supplements, it is when we stop taking them we notice something is not right with our body.

1. Women’s Multivitamin

 My supplement regimen always includes a multivitamin that is made for women. A multivitamin is necessary for health for the simple fact that we can't reach our nutritional goals with food alone. The food that we eat today is grown in soil that may be depleted of nutrients due to current farming techniques. Then consider the time that the food is harvested and the time it takes to get to the grocery store, thus losing nutrients. 

Other reasons a multivitamin is important to take include ~ Poor diet ~ Nutrient Absorption Declines with Age ~ Chronic Health Conditions ~ Harmful Chemicals ~ Vegan or Vegetarian Diet

The above are just a few reasons why you should include a multivitamin in your daily routine. Then if you are a female you should look for a multivitamin that is made for women. Women have different nutritional needs than men. A multivitamin that I have been using is VivaNaturals Organic Women's Multivitamin with Probiotics. I love that this multivitamin is specially formulated for women’s unique needs and is an all-in-one supplement that supports so many functions.

 Viva Naturals Organic Women’s Multivitamin is an all-in-one supplement designed to support energy production, immune health, skin health, bone health, and radiant hair and nails.* Each serving is packed with 21 essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, plus iron, calcium, folate, and zinc, as well as a women’s support blend that includes pre and probiotics to help support balanced digestion.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

~ Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Certified Organic and Third Party Tested

 There are so many vitamins and minerals packed into this multivitamin that the serving size is three tablets! In fact 13 of the nutrients are 100% of the daily recommended values. It is a good thing that the tablets are easy to swallow. I like that this multivitamin has added benefits that support my immune health and my digestion. 

Save 10% off supplements with the code MOMKNOWSBEST

2. Protein Powder

Our active bodies require more protein. Protein helps our muscles recover from our workout and it helps our muscles get stronger. As a runner who followed a mostly plant-based diet, I did not realize that my body needed more protein until I added a protein shake to my diet. After several weeks of consuming a protein shake for breakfast, I noticed that my body started to tone up. Based on my size and activity level, I need 59 -106 grams of protein a day, according to the protein calculator.

My morning always starts with a protein smoothie. I love smoothies for so many reasons. From the easiest way to get protein into my body to being able to toss in many superfood supplements, smoothies are a quick and easy breakfast for me. My morning smoothie always starts with a plant-based protein powder and frozen fruit. Then I add green tea matcha, flax seeds, collagen, and either a green or red powder.  So my smoothie contains at least 30 grams of protein and plenty of superfoods. Protein powder is the easiest way to add more protein to your diet

3. Turmeric

 Turmeric is great for inflammation and pain. Exercise can cause inflammation and pain to our body, especially when we first start a fitness program or change our exercise routine. While you can get turmeric through cooking by adding turmeric powder to your food- check out this Turmeric Cinnamon Roasted Cauliflower recipe! A turmeric supplement provides more benefits to the body. 

  Many years ago I had my first running injury. I injured my ankle from running up too many hills. This painful injury left my ankle swollen. My injury was slow to heal and I had to stop running. Through online research, I discovered that turmeric was good for inflammation and pain. After a week of taking a turmeric supplement, the pain and swelling started to decrease. More research on turmeric helped me realize that it was a supplement that could help the inflammation of my lungs from asthma and allergies.  

4. Omega-3 Fish Oil

 Fish oil is a dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids. Your body needs omega-3 fatty acids for many functions, from muscle activity to cell growth. Fish oil has benefits for the heart, brain, and healthy cholesterol levels.

 I take Omega-3 Fish Oil for the benefit of health and joint health. Getting older means that my joints need help with lubrication. I want my joints to be healthy so I can keep running. Healthy joints also help older folks walk without pain. Omega-3 also supports heart and brain health.

5. Prebiotic Fiber 

 A prebiotic fiber supplement benefits the body in so many ways. From gut health to regularity to overall balance and nutrition, a fiber supplement can also help with immunity. Taking a daily fiber supplement can also help weight loss as it can help the body feel fuller after eating so you will eat less. 

 I like to keep regular in the bathroom department and not have stomach issues like constipation. So taking a daily fiber supplement helps. When I learned that the health of my body starts with a healthy gut, I started taking a prebiotic fiber and probiotic supplement. That way I get the benefits of regularity and the benefits of a healthy gut with an easy-to-mix tasteless supplement. Some days, I mix my fiber supplement into my smoothie and other days into a bowl of oatmeal. To give my boys the benefits of a fiber supplement, I make these delicious high-fiber bars for their breakfast or snacks.

6. Chia Seeds

 Chia seeds are very high in fiber and provide good amounts of protein. They're also rich in fat and one of the best plant-based sources of heart-healthy omega-3. 

 Chia seeds gives nutritional benefits like fiber, protein, and omega-3. So I always include a couple of tablespoons in my morning smoothies. I also like using chia seeds as a vegan egg substitute in my baking recipes. Chia seeds are also great to add to oatmeal and cookies for added nutrition.

7. Collagen

Collagen is the main component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles. As we age our body produces less collagen so supplementation will help with skin, hair, nails, and joint health.

 I started taking collagen many years ago when my ankle injury was not healing. After learning that my older body was not producing enough collagen for healthy joints and cartilage, a collagen supplement helped my ankle heal. I also like the skin, hair, and nail benefits that I get from collagen. I mostly add collagen to my daily smoothies but will also add this tasteless powder to my coffee. 

8. Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha green tea powder is made from green tea leaves. A single serving is equal to 10 cups of green tea! Matcha is a healthy superfood that is rich in antioxidants and is a great source of natural energy and mental clarity. Matcha benefits may include skin health and increased metabolism.

 I love green tea matcha for the metabolic and skin benefits. I also love green tea powder as it helps me think better. This green tea powder has the benefits of ten cups of green tea! I add a 1/2 teaspoon of matcha to my daily smoothie, now you can see why smoothies are so awesome! You can also make a delicious green tea latte with matcha powder.

So these are the eight supplements that I take on a daily basis for health. Along with a healthy diet and fitness, these supplements help me be able to stay active as I age. I love running and lifting weights, so I find these supplements to be essential for my active lifestyle.

Viva Naturals makes wellness possible

 Back to that women's multivitamin that I just discovered. I like that it is formulated for us ladies. Our bodies have different needs from guys, so it is good that the multi has iron in it. Women need more iron than men as we lose blood every month from our monthly cycle. While I no longer have a period, due to age, my body requires more iron since I don't eat meat. I also like that there is calcium in this multivitamin since I have a dairy allergy. The fact that this vitamin is packed with 21 essential vitamins and minerals is a huge plus. That way I don't have to take single vitamin and mineral supplements.

 I buy many of my supplements from Vivanaturals as they have a great selection of wellness products for the best prices. I like that the supplements from Viva Naturals are organic and contain no artificial dyes. Viva Naturals sells more than supplements. They also have organic foods and beauty products. I love their organic coconut oil for baking and their huge bottle of MTC Oil for my Dairy Free Iced Bulletproof Coffee Latte. They even have flax seeds and chia seeds. 

So head to VivaNaturals to check out their new organic Women's Multivitamin with Probiotics and other organic supplements.  Save 10% off supplements with the code MOMKNOWSBEST

I ran this race a couple of months ago and finish in 2nd place for my age group!


Tammy said...

You and I basically take the same things. I started these a few years ago and can't live without them. Especially the turmeric.

Renee said...

I know there are health benefits but I've not started anything but a multivitamin so far.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Thank you for this list! I will have to try some of these out and see how they work for me.

Lisa said...

What an informative post and I learn something new today! I'll think more about these next time I'm out.

Melanie Edjourian said...

I need to start having more of these in my diet. I do love chia seeds but don't have them often enough.

Kathy said...

I agree with having some good supplements. I take a few myself each day. I think it's important.

Christy G said...

I need to pick up some fish oil and take it again. I'm not currently taking a multivitamin but I probably should but I take methyl-folate and iron supplements.

Richelle Milar said...

This is a really great and very informative post! I need to add fish oil on my supplements. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Shelley@StockpilingMoms said...

I take a lot of these same things! In May, I was hospitalized for numbness that acted like a stroke. Come to find out my B12 had bottomed out. This can cause neurological issues. I have added B12 to my mix!

Beautiful Touches said...

These look like really good supplements to have as part of a daily routine in an active lifestyle! Thank you for the recommendations!

Anonymous said...

We Bengali Indians always add turmeric in our daily meals (like currys/soups). It's so good for our health 😍. I also used to consume protein powder to gain some weight :) I'll check out other supplements!

Everything Enchanting ❤️

Terri Steffes said...

Thank you for this list! I know turmeric is really good for you. Incorporating it is where I get hung up.

Abida said...

The list was really good. I liked the part most where you talked about Chia seeds

Marysa said...

I take a few of these, and I'm all for turmeric as well! I don't use protein powder much and will have to look into adding that.

Edye Nicole said...

all awesome tips!


Live Laugh Love said...

I need some joint pain supplements but I can't take horse pills. I need powder form or gummies what I would mostly take anyways. Chia seeds I have but sometimes it's hard to eat, but I put in smoothies or yogurt. Those exercising equipment look real nice.

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