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Monday, August 22, 2022

Amazing Fun Adventure Force Blitz 6 & Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72

 When Adventure Force Dart Blasters arrive, the fun begins. Something amazing happens and teens put down their devices for device-free fun.

I received samples from Adventure Force to facilitate this post.

 If you have teenagers living in your house, you know what I mean, when I say they are always on their devices. My youngest teen always has his phone in his hand and wireless earbuds in his ears. He has broken many jelly jars as he struggles to fix his favorite snack of peanut butter and jelly with just one hand. I am sure there are times he wished that he had a third hand. My son is addicted to those how-to videos. While he has provided me with much-needed info at the right time, I just wish he would put down the phone.

 Then there is the other teen who comes home from school, quite exhausted, and relaxes with a movie on his phone or his favorite music. My sons are both straight A students and they participate in school sports as well as NJROTC. So I don't stress about their electronic usage and set screen limits. I have raised my kids to be responsible for their future and these boys are following in the footsteps of their older brothers who are both successful military adults in the navy.

Adventure Force Dart Blasters gets teens off their devices

 Something magical happens in my house when I get a delivery of Adventure Force Dart Blasters from Walmart. My teen boys take their eyes away from their electric screens, put down their phones, and start looking at the newest features of the dart blasters. Then the begging starts and my boys ask if they can take the blasters out of the box. My boys always promise to not destroy the packaging as they know that mom needs them for pictures.

 I always say yes to my teens who want to have device-free fun. So I let the dart blaster battle happen. My boys each carefully unpack the foam darts, the dart chambers, and the dart guns. Then they load the foam darts into the blasters and start shooting foam darts all over the house. I try to stay out of the way of the battle of the blasters while I watch the fun. I am glad that the foam darts do not hurt as I always seem to be the perfect target for the boys.

Once my boys are done shooting the darts at each other and they have picked them all up, it is mom's turn for some fun. I load the darts of foam back into the dart blaster chambers and shoot them at the boys. If my husband is home, he also joins in. It is the best family time fun! 

Introducing Two New Dart Blasters From Adventure Force

 My boys enjoy checking out the latest dart blasters and we were happy when they had an opportunity to play with these new dart blasters from Adventure Force. As teens, it takes a lot to get them to put down their electronics. The things that entice them to end screen time are food and shooting. My boys have enjoyed shooting foam darts from an early age as their older brothers had water guns and dart shooting guns.

 I remember when they were little and their older brothers made them wear hard hats and goggles to join in on the dart blaster fun. The older brothers got tired of getting in trouble when the younger boys would cry so that was smart on their part. The older brothers also were on the shooting team at NJROTC and knew about safety. Now my teens are on the shooting teams. Even though they shoot real weapons, my boys love the adventure that comes with dart blasters. These blasters did not disappoint them. They were fun to play with.

Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72 Dart Blaster

 The blaster in your hands is mission-critical, so we created the ultimate blaster to help you leave every arena victorious. The Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72 features the largest capacity drum holding 72 darts for those long epic battles. And to top it off, Alpha Auto 72 is fully automatic, delivering extreme distance, accuracy, and unprecedented power. Too slow to load and aim, and you risk taking a dart; too inaccurate, and hitting your target can feel as if you’re shooting in the dark. It is fully motorized allowing you to unleash a storm of darts and send opponents running for cover.

Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72

+ Blasts darts up to 100 feet

+ Fully automatic, battery-operated blaster

+ Darts are compatible with all Adventure Force blasters & most standard Nerf® blasters

+ The dart drum holds 72 darts

+ Recommended for children 8 years of age and older

+ Tested for durability and safety

Item includes 1 dart blaster, 72 long-distance darts, 1 removable pop-up sight, 1 removable stock, and 1 dart drum

Discover and purchase at Walmart 

Adventure Force Blitz 6 Dart Blaster

 Get your game face on and stay ahead in the competition with an auto-advancing dart blaster with a range of up to 100 feet. The Adventure Force Blitz 6 was designed to be so easy to use you can start blasting as soon as you unpack it. All you have to do is load darts, pull back on the ring, and release before pulling the trigger to launch a dart. The best part is that it is great both for indoor and outdoor play. All darts included are compatible with all Adventure Force TM blasters & most standard Nerf ® blasters.

Adventure Force Blitz 6

+ Shoots up to 100 feet

+ 12 long-distance darts

+ Darts are compatible with all Adventure Force blasters & most standard Nerf blasters

+ 6 chamber auto-advancing blaster

+ Recommended for children 8 years of age and older

+ Tested for durability and safety

+ Unisex

~ Discover and purchase at Walmart

Perfect for gifts

These dart blasters make perfect gifts for kids 8 years and up. Even the big kids will love them. The holidays are coming sooner than you think, so add these to your holiday shopping list. They also make the perfect birthday gift. You can't go wrong with the gift of an Adventure Force Dart Blaster. Even if the kid already has the same dart blaster, they will love it as then they have one to share with their friends. That way they can have ultimate dart blaster battles.


Renee said...

Me and the husband do this a lot. I NEED that 72 shot blaster!

AiringMyLaundry said...

This would be so much fun! My kids would love it and would probably have battles in the house.

Melanie Edjourian said...

These look like so much fun. My son and daughters would love to run around and play with these.

Hannah Bures said...

My son loves to play with these guns! Me not so much because they do sting a little. I enjoy watching him have fun with them though!

LisaLisa said...

We have these and the kids love playing with them, they are a lot of fun.

Tasheena said...

My nephews would love these, I have to look into getting these for them.

Shelley@StockpilingMoms said...

That 72 shot would have come in handy when my boys were little. They always ganged up on me and I was always out of shots! lol So much fun!

Christy G said...

My son would love these guns. He is obessed with the nurf fortnite ones but who can be a 72 shot one.

Maggie said...

How fun! My son is going to love this. Definitely looking into getting one.

Monica Simpson said...

I'd love to play in a battle with these against my son. He loves any kind of toy gun fight!

Beautiful Touches said...

Not only teens, but I've seen plenty adults put down their devices for an impromptu session of nerf wars! These nerf guns would be great to have available to encourage just that!

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! This is a really cool toy for my son! I bet my husband would definitely love this more lol!

Gust si Aroma said...

This sounds like a lot of fun for teens but also for adults too! Perfect for our family!

Lavanda Michelle said...

I bet a lot of kids would love to play with these fun looking toys. They are perfect for big and small families as well. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic game! I love that your kids love it enough to put down their phones.

Anonymous said...

Terri Steffes

Anonymous said...

Such fun toys for kids. My son had those toys when he was younger and he always had fun. -LYNNDEE

Marysa said...

These toys look like fun! I know my kids would enjoy these. It is nice to see them off their devices.

Bethel said...

I am a grown up girl but i love that Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72!!

Anonymous said...

Teenagers? I would love to play this game with my hubby using Adventure Force Dart Blaster toys 😍😬. Your boys are so cute ❤️.

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