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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Best Natural Products To Help You Sleep

When your body or mind just won’t let you fall asleep and you are desperate for sleep, you are willing to try anything including sleeping pills. Before reaching for a habit-forming sleeping pill, try these natural sleep-inducing products first.

 Has sleep been a difficult thing lately? Have you been tossing and turning trying to fall asleep? Sleep can be an enemy for most people. We know that we need 6 - 8 hours of sleep a night but we struggle to fall asleep. While we are desperate for sleep, we also tend to stay up late as our bed is not the place we want to be. How we just want to lay our head on our pillow and fall asleep, knowing sleep does not come easy.

 Insomnia is not a fun thing to deal with. You want to fall asleep but your mind or body won't let you. You lay in bed looking at the clock, calculating how much sleep you will get if you fall asleep. Then the next morning your alarm clock rings and you struggle to get out of bed. The rest of the day, you reach for endless cups of coffee for energy but your brain is in a fog. That is what lack of sleep does.

Insomnia symptoms may include:

+ Difficulty falling asleep at night.

+ Waking up during the night.

+ Waking up too early.

+ Not feeling well-rested after a night's sleep.

+ Daytime tiredness or sleepiness.

+ Irritability, depression, or anxiety.

+ Difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks, or remembering.

Best Natural Products To Help You Sleep

 Our bodies need sleep to function and when we don't get enough sleep, many problems can occur. Things like depression and anxiety can occur when we don't get the sleep we need over a period of time. If insomnia continues to occur for months, even our health can suffer. Sleep is how your body rejuvenates and restores itself. It is vitally important for the entire body, head to toe. Every organ system relies on repairing and restoring itself while sleeping.

 A lack of sleep, or sleep deprivation, can have extensive side effects aside from fatigue. Sleep loss can lead to memory loss, loss of focus, stress, and poor decision-making. Extended or chronic sleep loss can lead to weight gain, chronic mood disorders, and even heart disease

 I am no stranger to insomnia and have dealt with occasional lack of sleep for many years. So I have a bedtime routine that I try to stick with and use several natural products to help induce sleep. I have not used sleeping pills for sleep as they tend to be habit-forming and have chemical ingredients in them, that I avoid. So I made a list of the Best Natural Products To Help You Sleep.

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Sleep Supplements


 Melatonin is one of the most popular natural sleep aids on the market. Melatonin is a hormone our body already produces and it may have some benefit in shortening the time to fall asleep. There is no official recommended dosage for melatonin, so start with a small dosage of 1milligram and if needed, build up to five milligrams one hour before bed. These soft strawberry sleep gummies have 1 milligram of melatonin and are even safe for kids.


 Magnesium is a mineral that is naturally found in many foods and can support a calming and unique relaxing experience when taken 30 minutes before bedtime. The best way to experience the calming effect of magnesium is with a magnesium carbonate drink. Start with 150 milligrams of magnesium the first night and if needed, increase to 325 milligrams. 

 Magnesium Lotion

 Magnesium lotion is a multi-purpose product. This lotion is rich in magnesium so it can help you fall asleep and also take care of muscle pain at the same time all while softening your skin. Magnesium lotion is a great product to use on tight sore muscles before bed. If you have no sore muscles, just rub the magnesium lotion into your feet and it will help you fall asleep. Select a vanilla-scented magnesium lotion for amazing aromatherapy.


 CBD is a natural supplement made from the hemp plant and can be useful for sleep. Since CBD supplements help your body relax, they can be helpful for inducing sleep. CBD comes in many forms like tinctures, pills, and gummies. These CBD sleep gummies have 5 mg of CBD which is the perfect dose to help relax your body to sleep.

Products to aid sleep

 Sleep Mask

 A sleep mask can help you get better sleep. Light can disrupt REM and deep sleep, leading to post-sleep tiredness. Even the light from clocks and smoke alarms can disrupt your sleep. So sleeping with a sleep mask can create a sleep-inducing environment, at any time of day.

 It is best to find a sleep mask that covers your eyes and is comfortable to wear. Manta Sleep Mask offers a personalized-for-your-face fit. The straps are adjustable it blocks all light completely. This mask is constructed with super soft, breathable, durable materials that gently conform to your face without putting any pressure on your eyelids or lashes. Manta Sleep Mask is perfect for back, side, or stomach sleepers.

Blackout Stickers

 If the annoying blinking LED lights from electronic devices are disrupting your sleep, these blackout stickers from Mantra will help. Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers provide 100% blackout from disruptive lights from routers, chargers, smoke detectors, laptops, smartphones, and other devices. And, they won’t leave a sticky residue when they are peeled off! There is no signal interference, as the proprietary technology allows you to continue to use your electronic devices while the stickers are applied. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

 We live in a world of screens and we know that being on our devices before bed is harming our ability to fall asleep. We love our phones and computers, so turning them off can lead to stress for some and it can be a hard habit to break. So instead of giving up your device time before bed, try wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Mantra.

 Blue light affects our bodies in ways Mother Nature never intended. Blue light emission can cause eyestrain, headaches, and anxious fatigue. This destroys your natural ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Manta Sleep Blue Light Blocking Glasses are specifically designed to block these disruptive wavelengths. These glasses are proven to block 99% of melatonin-disrupting blue light in the spectrum range of 450-480nm. They also feature top-quality acetate frames, a comfortable, customizable fit, spring-loaded, nickel-plated steel hinges, and soft & adjustable silicone nose pads. 

The Perfect Size Pillow For Travel

 Traveling can disrupt your sleep. Sleeping in a strange bed with pillows that are not yours can make falling asleep hard. Sure you can pack your favorite pillow but who has room for a big pillow in their suitcase? The Little Dreamy Pillow may be made for toddlers but it is so comfortable, that grownups will love it for traveling. This small breathable pillow is the perfect size to pack in your travel bag. Then use it with the other pillows at the hotel to get a good night of sleep. The best part is you don't have to stay awake wondering if someone drooled on the hotel pillow. The Little Dreamy Pillow comes with a pillowcase and both the pillow and case are washable.

A New Pillow

 It might be time for a new pillow. Your current pillow may be old or it may simply not be the right type for you. A new pillow can make all the difference in your sleep. Finding a pillow that supports your neck and head properly can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. Sleeping on the wrong pillow could be a cause of your sleep issues. A new supportive pillow may even help with sleep apnea.

The Cushion Lab has a wide variety of pillows to support all types of sleeping positions. My favorite is their adjustable memory foam pillow. This super comfortable pillow is perfect for any sleep position and has an earth-friendly bamboo cover.

A New Mattress

 Do you know how old your current mattress is? If it is older than 5 years, it may be time to replace your mattress. If you wake up with a sore back or neck, your mattress may be the cause of your body pain. A new mattress does not have to be expensive to help with your sleep. It just has to support your body and be comfortable. Check out these affordable mattress options from Emma. This mattress perfectly blends comfort, pressure relief, motion isolation, cooling, and zoned support.

More Helpful Ways to Fall Asleep

Along with trying some of the above sleep products, other useful sleep tips that can help with your sleep include: eating a light snack of protein and carbs before bed and a warm shower. Once in bed, try deep breathing and stretching. Turning down the temperature of your bedroom may also help you fall asleep as well as a white noise machine or a sound machine.  Before reaching for a habit-forming sleeping pill, try these natural products first.


AiringMyLaundry said...

I will keep these in mind when I can't sleep. I hate when that happens! I do know I need a new pillow.

Joline said...

I used to drink melatonin but it doesn't work as well for me anymore. I do like Sleep Well by Saje.

Lisa said...

Sleep mask and rain sounds are my best friend. Can't sleep well without them!

Tasheena said...

I really enjoyed checking out this post, thanks for sharing all of these alternatives.

Richelle Milar said...

These are all really great alternatives! Sleeping mask really help me to sleep peacefully

Rose Ann Sales said...

Sleeping mask and new pillows sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Terri Steffes said...

Magnesium really helps me. In fact, it is a must. It also helps with leg cramping at night.

Katie C said...

CBD is definitely my go to in helping me sleep. I find that my lack of sleep correlates to me not being able to shut my brain off and CBD helps!

Heather D said...

Melatonin is great for getting an extra good nights sleep. Love it!

Gervin Khan said...

This is what I want, thanks for this awesome shared! As this will definitely a big help for me to have that amazing sleep that I've wanted!

Beautiful Touches said...

These sound like great products to help get people to sleep, melatonin gummies and cbd has helped me out a lot but I'd love to get some blackout stickers for all the electronics around!

Christy G said...

I struggle with sleep quite a bit. Mostly due to my chronic pain but other times, I just wake up in the middle of the night.

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