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Monday, April 10, 2023

Vegan Strawberry Basil Lime Pineapple Salad

 Looking for a refreshing summer salad? This Vegan Strawberry Basil Lime Pineapple Salad is refreshing and so beautiful to look at. The flavors of the ingredients combine so well to make a sweet and delicious side dish that is perfect for a summer barbeque.

 Pineapple is a summertime favorite fruit. Sweet and refreshing with such a pretty yellow color. It seems that the stores have more fresh pineapples in the produce department. Check out this Vegan Strawberry Basil Lime Pineapple Salad!

 The combination of flavors of sweet pineapple, sliced strawberries, and fresh basil with a sweet rose' wine vinegarette is so amazing. This is a summer salad that is worthy to be served at a fancy backyard party or a simple barbecue.

Vegan Strawberry Basil Lime Pineapple Salad is

+ Refreshing

+ Sweet

+ Plant-Based

+ Healthy

+ Perfect For Parties

+ Loaded with Flavor

+ A Summer Favorite Salad

+ Made for Potlucks

+ Easy to Make

+ Full of Fiber

Ingredients Needed For Vegan Strawberry Basil Lime Pineapple Salad

+ Fresh Pineapple

+ Sliced Strawberries, fresh or frozen

+ Fresh Basil

+ Olive Oil

+ Maple Syrup

+ Lime Juice

+ Ponti Rose’ Wine Vinegar

Ponti Rose’ Wine Vinegar is the Perfect Flavor Enhancer For Summer Fruits

 A bottle of Rose wine vinegar is perfect for making a sweet vinegarette that will bring out the sweetness of summer fruits. Ponti Rose’ is a full-bodied wine vinegar with hints of strawberries and a pleasant, mild, fresh taste. 

 Ponti selects the best Rose wine from among the top wines available throughout Italy; then cautiously transforms it into wine vinegar that is perfect for this summer fruit salad and many other dishes like fish, rice dishes, cooked and raw veggies, berries, dressings/marinades/sauces, as well as cocktails!

This delicious rose wine vinegar will be the perfect ingredient for your healthy recipes for summer. The Ponti Rose wine vinegar has a balanced wine taste and gets its bright pink color from rose wine. It is the perfect product to add to your pantry!

How to Make the Vegan Strawberry Basil Lime Pineapple Salad

Making this delicious fruit salad is super simple. One needs to slice the pineapple into bite-size pieces, slice the strawberries, and chop the fresh basil. Then you combine the rose wine vinegarette dressing ingredients in a shaker bottle. Toss the fruit and basil in a bowl and drizzle the sweet dressing over the fruit. The colors of this summer fruit salad look so pretty so make sure to serve it in a fancy bowl.

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AiringMyLaundry said...

Yes please, this is my kind of salad! What a delicious flavor. I can't wait to try it.

Lisa said...

Huh, I never thought about adding some of these things to my fruit salads. I bet it really changes the taste for the better.

Michael said...

not a fan of both fruits but the presentation is really nice. its enticing!

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! This looks absolutely delicious and tasty! I’d love to try this salad!

Rose Ann Sales said...

I really love salad and this one looks really good and healthy! Can’t wait to try this out

Lavanda Michelle said...

This Vegan Strawberry Basil Lime Pineapple Salad sounds absolutely amazing! I love how refreshing and colorful it looks. I can't wait to try it out and add it to my list of go-to summer salad recipes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!

Christy G said...

This pineapple salad looks amazing. I will have to make it this week after I get the ingredients from the store.

Tami Creates said...

Pineapple and strawberries are like my two fav foods so this looks amazing, haha! :)

Renee said...

That looks so good. I will have to try this since it's starting to get warm here now.

Beautiful Touches said...

That looks tasty and refreshing, I wouldn't have thought to put some of those flavors together but the more I think on it the more I'd like to give it a try.

Gust si Aroma said...

This salad is so rich and flavorful! It's vegan and full of vitamins! Love it!

Anonymous said...

This looks absolutely delicious and I am for sure gonna try this recipe! I am so excited for the summer rippened fruits we have in the warmer months ;)

Laura JL Books said...

This sounds so amazing I will have to try this recipes. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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