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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Yosuda Rowing Machine Review For Full Body Workout

 Are you looking for an affordable at-home exercise machine that is great for a full-body workout? You need to check out the Yosuda Rowing Machine. This rower is comparable to a gym rower and gave me awesome fitness results.

 Six months ago, I had the desire to do some body toning on my back and my core. Looking in the mirror and at photos, I saw that my back and my core lacked muscles and definition. So I did some online searching to see what exercises and exercise machines help build muscle in your back and stomach. 

 My online fitness search results showed that the best exercise for building back muscles was lifting weights. What I discovered for the best exercise machine for back muscles was using the rower machine. So I decided to incorporate the rowing machine into my gym exercise routine to tone my back muscles and added some additional weight lifting exercises to build muscle on my back.

 While some folks at the gym focus more on building muscles and not cardio, I am a person who likes speed. I like to perform cardio exercises that also build muscles. I like to do HIIT. The need for speed may be the reason that it took me a long time to add strength exercises to my workout routine. So the rower was the perfect gym machine to help me shape my back muscles.

Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

 Since I was receiving allergy shots, I was using the gym for my exercise instead of running outside. I started using the rower at my local gym last year and gave myself 6 months to see if it made a difference before I invested in a home rowing machine. For six months, I did 20 minutes 5 days a week on the gym rower. I liked how the rower gave me a full-body workout. I was able to get my cardio exercise by using my legs, arms, core, and back muscles. Did you know that a rowing machine uses 86 percent of the muscles in your body?

 After using the rower for a couple of weeks, I started to notice my back was getting toned with some muscles. I even started to see muscles forming on my stomach and even my thighs. That was all the encouragement that I needed to keep using the gym rowing machine. I then made the decision that I needed to buy a rower for my home gym, as it would be great to use after I ran outside.

 Rowing can help develop strength in individual body parts such as the arms, legs, and core, improve cardiovascular health, increase endurance, and even burn calories.  It is also a low-impact exercise and great for all levels of fitness.

Yosuda Magnetic Rowing Machine Gives a Full Body Workout

 Since I did not have much space in my home gym, I was hesitant in buying a rower for the home. The one that I was using at the gym was 95 inches in length. The price of the gym rower was also holding me back as it was quite expensive. Then I received an offer from Yosuda Bikes to try out their exercise equipment. Since I already owned a studio cycle, I decided to review the YOSUDA H-185 Rowing Machine.

What I liked about the rower from Yosuda was the size. This rower was 70 inches in length compared to the gym rower of 95 inches. So it would fit in my gym space at home. I also liked that it could fold up when not in use. Since my home gym is also used as a playroom for my grandchildren, that was a good feature.

The Yosuda Rower is Easy to Assemble

The Yosuda rower machine was easy to assemble. It can with easy-to-read instructions and my teen son put the rower together in 20 minutes. I watched my son build the rower and I knew that I would have no problems assembling the rower if I had to do it myself. My son likes building things so I let him have the fun. 

 Once my son assembled the rower, it was ready to use. I let my son try the rower first since he did all the work. My son is 6 feet 2 inches and was able to row comfortably on the rower. The Yosuda  Magnetic rower can accommodate rowers up to 6'6" and 350 pounds. My son had never used a rower machine before but he quickly learned how to use a rower machine. My son was enjoying the rowing machine.

The Yosuda Magnetic Rowing Machine Is Easy To Fold

 Once my son finished rowing, he showed me how to fold the rower. It was simple to fold up the rower. I just had to remove a pin and untwist a knob. When folded the rower was 28.7''L 19.3''W and fit perfectly in the corner of the room. The wheels on the rower made it easy to move.

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

 The YOSUDA Rower H-185 is a magnetic rowing machine. This means it utilizes magnets and a metal flywheel to generate resistance. The YOSUDA Rowing Machine generates very little noise because the magnets never actually make contact with the flywheel. Magnetic rowing machines tend to be among the quietest types of rowers. You can easily watch TV, listen to music, or carry on a conversation while rowing. 

 The YOSUDA Rower includes 16 various levels of difficulty. Since I have been rowing for 6 months on an air rower, I was not sure if the adjustable magnetic resistance would give me an intense workout. I quickly learned that the magnetic resistance gave me an intense workout. I liked that I could focus on my cardio with the resistance at level 8 and do intense strength exercises at level 16. My core muscles got an intense workout at level 16! It was like rowing through the mud.

Includes a Tablet Holder

 The rower included a tablet holder. Since I have a ifit membership, I could utilize the ift app while rowing. I liked that I could join in on studio rower workouts to guide my rower workouts. I could also watch a movie on my tablet while I was rowing. So that is a handy feature to have on a rower.

Monitor/Control Panel

 The YOSUDA Rower H-185 comes with a small, simple monitor built into the housing. With the Scan button, you can set the display to rotate between all the metrics, letting you see the details without having to stop your rowing. The monitor displays the basic workout data:

+ Distance

+ Calories

+ Stroke Count

+ Total Count

+ Time

Quality of The Yosunda Rower

 The YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing Machine is built using heavy-duty commercial-quality alloy steel, which gives it a very solid and sturdy frame. The rower is very stable and is easy to make level with adjustable feet on both ends of the rower.


I think my favorite feature of the Yosuda Rower is the comfortable seat. The seat cushion is ergonomically designed so my tushie stays put while I row, unlike the flat seat of the gym rower. I never have to adjust my body while I am rowing with this rower seat. When I use the rower at the gym, I am constantly adjusting my body as it has a flat seat.

 The foot pedals have a non-slip texture with adjustable straps and are large to fit even my son's big feet. My son wears a size 12 in shoes. The handlebar of the rower also felt comfortable to use and my sweaty hands did not slip.

The whole family is enjoying the Yosuda Rower

 The whole family has been enjoying the rower. My other teen son has been using the rowing machine almost every night. My teen has been working on building muscles so the rower has become a part of his fitness routine. My son likes the resistance on the rower and alternates between levels to get both cardio and strength.

 The rower is stored upstairs in a room above the family room. I love that it is a quiet machine. When my son is working out, my husband is downstairs watching TV. The rower does not interfere with my husband's TV time, in fact, he can't even hear my son exercising.  

An Affordable Rower

 What I like best about the Yosuda Rowing Machine is the price. Right now this affordable magnetic rower is priced at around $300. That is cheaper than a gym membership. This rower does not take up much space so I have my rower in a corner of my home fitness room. While it can fold up, I decided to not fold it up. That way I can use it after I run outside, for my core and strength exercises. When the grandchildren visit, I can easily fold the rower up and move it into my bedroom.

Yosuda Has a Full Line of Exercise Equipment

 If rowing is not your preferred method of exercise, Yosuda has many other types of affordable exercise machines. From bikes to ellipticals and treadmills, Yosuda even has under-the-desk bikes. Yosuda makes at-home exercise affordable, so you can't use that as your excuse for not exercising.

Buy Yosuda Exercise Equipment for the Home Here 


Kim said...

I have a Peloton that I love because you can do all different exercises.

Richelle Milar said...

This sounds like a really great machine that I must have! Thanks for sharing this with us

Rose Ann Sales said...

This is perfect, I could use one of these! Can’t wait to try this out

Monica said...

How is it for your back? I feel like my back would be in pain for some reason. But I do love a full body workout! I think I would need someone to teach me proper form.

Beautiful Touches said...

That does look like it makes for quite the workout, I really like that it's low impact!

Laura JL Books said...

This is a great product. When my son and I went to the gym, I would always use this machine. It does give you a great workout. thanks for sharing.

Heather D said...

I need something like this. It is hard to workout in the Fl heat

Gust si Aroma said...

I can see the improvement! I need this machine! I like the idea that I can use it at home!

mail4rosey said...

I had a rower but gifted it to my brother in law. I just wasn't using it. I have a treadmill now and I like it but I still wish I'd have kept the rower. :) lol hindsight is 20/20

Zab Zaria said...

Thanks for sharing your honest review. The article I found was very helpful in determining the best machine.

Lady In Read said...

rowing machines are definitely an effective way to exercise.. this one looks good

Anonymous said...

That looks like an amazing rowing machine and an awesome to get some exercise!

Marysa said...

This would certainly add a nice dimension of exercise to what I usually do. Sounds like a wonderful machine to have!

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This looks like a great machine. I need to try rowing since I have mobility issues. It would help me get in more exercise.

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