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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Watch Eleanor’s Bench on Pure Flix Now ~ Giveaway

 Looking for a new show to binge-watch? You need to check out “Eleanor’s Bench.” This a touching show that shines a light on the juvenile justice system in an informative and enlightening way.

Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. My opinions are 100% my own.

 I signed up for Pure Flix streaming services last year and I am glad that I did. I always find something that I enjoy watching on the Pure Flix streaming website. When I am in the mood to watch something,  I always find several shows and movies that I want to watch. Pure Flix recommends the best family-friendly shows and series.

 I was on the Pure Flix website the other day and a show that caught my interest was Eleanor's Bench. I watched the official trailer of Eleanor's Bench and enjoyed the subject of the show. So I watched the first episode of Eleanor's Bench. I enjoyed the show so much that I had to binge-watch the other episodes of Eleanor's Bench. This is a Pure Flix series that you need to watch!

New series “Eleanor’s Bench" is streaming exclusively on Pure Flix now!

 If you are looking for a show that your whole family can watch, you will find plenty on Pure Flix. Pure Flix is your home for faith and family-friendly movies and shows that you can confidently stream with the entire family. With new premium and exclusive original entertainment choices every week, you can strengthen your faith and family with Pure Flix – a streaming service that inspires, uplifts, and entertains.

 The newest Pure Flix Original series, "Eleanor's Bench," starring Karen Abercrombie as Eleanor Thomason, a juvenile court judge, is full of important lessons about following God’s calling, practicing self-control, and learning from your past. Eleanor’s journey illustrates how discovering ourselves reminds us that we are enough and deserving of God’s love.

About Eleanor's Bench

 Eleanor Thomas' success as a Washington DC juvenile court judge is challenged when her inner-city past comes to court and demands more than judgment, prompting her to return to her impoverished neighborhood of youth. Will her renewed sense of purpose reinvigorate her faith?

~ Featuring: Karen Abercrombie, Demond Wilson, Cameron Arnett, T.C. Stallings, Lori Schultze, Wesley Williams, Rebecca Rogers, Durrel Nelson, Kamillah Matthews, Caleb J. Avery, Scotty Curlee

I loved watching episode 2 ~ Old hurts and tough truths are revealed as Eleanor spends more time in her old neighborhood.

 Judge Eleanor grew up in a rough neighborhood but her parents gave her what she needed to get a good education to become a judge. Her humble start in life helped shape her and she wasn't afraid to talk about her humble beginnings. Eleanor still had a strong connection to the people in her old neighborhood as her dad still lives there.

 When her dad's health started to decline, Eleanor starts spending more time in her old neighborhood. During this time she learns that the grandson of her childhood best friend is caught chatting with gang members that his mom (her best friend's daughter) killed her boyfriend. This made her realize that our past is never completely in the past and she needed to reconnect with her past. She felt a strong desire to help her dad and the people that she grew up with.

When we sacrifice for family, or any member of God’s people, we are showing what God’s love looks like to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Watch the Official Eleanor's Bench Trailer HERE

I love having a Pure Flix subscription as that means I can watch the best faith-based movies like Sun Moon. If you are frustrated with the selection of shows for families on network television, then you need to check out Pure Flix streaming services. Pure Flix has a huge amount of family shows and movies for families. You will love the variety of the selection of entertainment that can be enjoyed by the whole family. No longer will you have to hold the remote while watching tv with your kids.

 Pure Flix Original series, “Eleanor’s Bench,” starts streaming only on Pure Flix on June 30, with new episodes dropping every Friday. 

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AiringMyLaundry said...

This sounds like it could be a good movie. What a nice giveaway.

Susan said...

I’d love to watch this. My dad was a juvenile probation officer which made it tricky for me to commit teenage shenanigans. After he passed away, I was going through his things and found a letter from a man who was a former juvenile offender. In the letter, he talked about how my dad helped him turn his life around. I have tremendous respect for the people who work in this type of career and can identify with this TV program.

Kathy said...

Sounds like a good one to watch. I have thought about getting Pure Flix. Sounds like they have some good movies to see.

Starting Fhom Scratch said...

I recently discovered "Eleanor's Bench" and was captivated by its heartfelt portrayal of the juvenile justice system. Karen Abercrombie delivers an outstanding performance as Eleanor Thomason, which shines a light on important societal issues. I'm grateful Pure Flix offers meaningful content like this for families to enjoy and learn from.

Fredrick Pauly said...

I would like to see Legacy Peak.

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! This sounds like a really great one to watch! Can’t wait to check this out

Monidipa said...

I appreciate the opportunity to watch "Eleanor's Bench" on Pure Flix through your giveaway. It was a heartwarming and thought-provoking film that touched my soul. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with your readers.

Tammy said...

Sounds like a great series to watch. Thank you for sharing this information so that I can go check it out.

Beautiful Touches said...

Elenor's Bench looks like it could be a wholesome show to watch through, with the content I bet it's a tear-jerker too!

Lady In Read said...

Thank you for your review on this show.. it does sound like one with a lot of heart and one that I might like

Samantha said...

Sounds like a great one to check out and watch! We need to look into Pure Flix!

Gust si Aroma said...

I am always looking for new series to watch! This seems to be my type of show!

Niurka said...

Unlikely Angel

Tonya Mcminn said...

I would like to see wildflower.

Antoinette M said...

I'd like to watch An Unlikely Angel.

Stephanie Larison said...

My Best Friends Christmas looks really cute.

Heather Kelly said...

I'd like to see "Journey of Faith" series.

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