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Monday, June 12, 2023

A Thorough Guide On Maintaining And Repairing Eyewear By Yourself

 Even though it may look like something that can easily be done, the truth is, most of us cannot easily find eyewear that perfectly suits our face. Those that can, can most definitely consider themselves lucky.

 Therefore, once you manage to hunt down the right pair, you should do whatever is in your power to take care of them, because, at the end of the day, you want them to last for as long as possible, right?

 Maintaining eyewear isn’t as complicated as you may think and if you want to know what steps need to be taken in order to take care of them properly, then check out these useful tips and tricks below.

Stay Away From Chemical Contact

 Depending on the material that’s been used to make your glasses, bear in mind that they can be very fragile. There are some lenses that come with films that are here to protect you from UV rays, and scratches, and are even capable of improving your prescription.

 Although these films may appear to be very resilient, they are actually the most sensitive part of your eyewear and can quickly be destroyed if they come into contact with specific detrimental chemicals.

 So, please, keep that in mind. Now, a lot of people think that things like bathroom cleaner is the only thing that can harm their eyewear. But what they tend to forget is the fact that things like sunscreen and lotion can be as equally harmful when it comes to eyewear.

 So make sure to keep your glasses away from these items. But what are you going to do if your lenses are already destroyed to the point of no return? Don’t worry! Avid eyewear lovers would like to remind you that nowadays you can easily come across places (both online and physical stores) where you can replace your lenses fast. As you can see at https://seekoptics.com/collections/oakley, most of these shops offer high-quality lenses that are much stronger and more durable than, for instance, plastic ones. So you do not need to stress over it!

The Right Storage Is A Must!

 Unfortunately, a vast majority of people have a tendency to leave their glasses literally anywhere, such as on the couch, bathroom sink, kitchen table, etc. Even though nothing too serious is going to happen if you do it once, be sure it doesn’t become a habit.

 What’s so bad about it? Namely, if you put your eyewear just about anywhere (especially somewhere unsafe), you are putting your glasses at risk of getting damaged. Someone could accidentally sit or step on them, and many other things.

 That’s precisely why it’s of huge importance to purchase a solid case where you’ll put your eyewear, and, at the same time, protect them from a variety of negative things like scratches, dust, dirt, and many others. 

 But how can you determine if a specific case is good enough? Just make sure to obtain the one that has a lot of padding from the inside.

Employ Only Lint-Free Microfiber Cloths

 We know that a lot of people (including us sometimes) tend to use the things we wear at the moment like sweaters to clean our glasses. They believe that a hot breath on the lenses, along with a quick wipe by utilizing their sweater is going to be able to get rid of any dirt that’s on the lenses.

 But what they fail to realize is that the clothes we wear (particularly sweaters) are most definitely not intended for these purposes. On the contrary. No matter how soft your clothing may feel to you, the truth is, it is actually a lot coarser than it appears to be at first glance.

Thereby, instead of polishing your lenses with anything that you are currently wearing, be sure to use a lint-free microfiber cloth instead. With it, you will clean your eyewear thoroughly without doing them any harm!

Don’t Forget To Wash Them

 Frequently, a gentle wipe isn’t going to cut it, and that’s especially the case if the dust and dirt have piled up a lot in the meantime. In these instances, the only thing that you can do is to wash your glasses.

 If you want to do it the right way, then make sure to employ lukewarm water and some mild, non-oily liquid soap. Once you're done washing them, then you should cautiously, yet thoroughly dry your lenses, along with the frame by utilizing the aforementioned cloth.

 Just like all of our belongings, eyewear deserves to be treated the right way. Therefore, if you share our opinion, then make sure to implement everything that’s been written here and you’ll have your glasses for a long, long time.

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