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Friday, November 8, 2013

Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri Review

I received an awesome pan from Ozeri to review. I received a  10" Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri, with a 100% PFOA-Free Non-Stick Coating developed in the USA. My husband was very impressed with this pan when I took it out of the box. He worked in the restaurant business for a long time and knows a quality pan when he sees one. I love the stainless steel look of the pan and it will be a great replacement for my old pan. I have a pan with a lifetime warranty that I was going to send back, but I think I will save the shipping money as the Ozeri pan is much better.

 The Ozeri Earth pan has a safe PFOA-Free Non-Stick coating(a harmful chemical used in all traditional cookware) and is far more durable and scratch-resistant than other non-stick surfaces. For more information about the safe coating visit Here.

I put the Earth pan to the test and made scrambled eggs. I put a teaspoon of oil in the pan. As you can see from the picture the eggs barely stuck to the sides of the pan. That means less waste of food.

Clean up was simple, I just rinsed the pan and it was clean again.

I am very impressed with the Ozeri Earth pan as it is a safe non stick pan that performs wonderful and has a great price too! The pan looks awesome hanging on my pot rack. Right now the pan is on sale for $34.95. That is more than half off the list price. To purchase this wonderful stainless steel pan go to http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EKTO0YE This pan makes a great gift or would look great in your own kitchen.

"These opinions are my own and I was sent the Ozeri Earth pan to review on my blog."


Melissa said...

That's really impressive with the scrambled eggs!

Couponing Away Debt said...

Nice! My eggs always stick and then burn in my pans.

Cristi said...

I love that there are pfoa free version of non-stick pans available these days. I LOVE the way my cast iron skillets/pans make my food taste, but sometimes I just want a pan I can clean out quick and easy. This looks like a great option!

Jamie said...

Looks great - my husband always puts the heat up too high, so this might save me from stuck on for life foods!! Great post!

Nicole Brady said...

Clean-up of eggs is always such a nightmare! Looks like this pan made clean-up a snap!

Susan (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

We love those pans!!!!

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