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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kroger Skillet Meals Help you to Get A Good Meal On The Table

If you are like most families, you have a busy lifestyle and getting a good dinner on the table can be a chore. So instead of getting fast food tonight get a meal your family will love. Kroger makes these awesome skillet meals that take 10 minutes in the microwave to cook. They serve 2- 4 people and come in great flavors like  Tuscan-Style Penne, Sausage Rigatoni, Penne with Grilled Chicken,  Shrimp Lo Mein and Chicken Fajitas.
Create a complete meal by pairing Kroger Skillet Meals with your favorite sides, such as Kroger Garlic Bread, and Fresh Selections Salad Kits.
I received coupons from Bzzagent to buy these items and they tasted great. I bought the Shrimo Lo Mein. I added carrots to my meal, as I had some left overs in my fridge. I loved how easy it was to get dinner on the table. Look for these meals at your Kroger stores( Smiths here in Albuquerque) in the freezer section. What meal would you like to try tonight?


Jamie said...

We don't have a Kroger anywhere near us, but this is a great idea!!

Buzz4Mommies said...

Looks fantastic~ Something I would eat for sure. I wish Kroger was in our area!

Yona Williams said...

We don't have a Kroger's but I have shopped there and liked it - I would love a piece of that bread in your pic - it looks good. The skillet meals are a good idea!

mystylespot said...

I love kroger! Its the only place i shop for groceries, and they're store brand products always surprise me! they are always fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I wish I went to buy mine. dont feel like cooking tonight:)

Unknown said...

I wish we had a Kroger in Duluth. I love to shop there when we visit relatives in Minneapolis. Great meal idea!

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