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Monday, November 11, 2013

Swerve Sweetener Tastes like Real Sugar

I received this awesome sweetener from Mamavation and Swerve.Swerve is a great tasting, natural sweetener that measures cup-for-cup just like sugar!  Swerve is a great sweetener that is a replacement for sugar, Swerve is zero-calorie, non-glycemic and safe for those living with diabetes.  Human tests have shown Swerve does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels. Swerve can be used in your coffee and baking too.

I first tried Swerve in my coffee and my coffee tasted great. I then decided to bake with Swerve to put it to the challenge. I decided to make a pumpkin pie and of course I did not tell my family that I replaced the sugar in the pie with Swerve. My pie recipe called for 3/4 cup sugar, so I used 3/4 cup Swerve.  My family did not even notice a difference in the taste, they loved the pumpkin pie.

For more information of great tasting Swerve go to http://www.swervesweetener.com/


Susan said...

I'll have to try this. I am planning to make pumpkin pie soon, and I'm always looking for ways to make it healthier. Thanks!

Erin S said...

just got my shipment and can't wait to cook with it. Did put the sweetener in Coffee-loved it and don't need to use much to make it sweet!

Coralie said...

Looks great! YUM. I will have to try this. Thanks for the great review.

Buzz4Mommies said...

Sounds terrific! I am always on the lookout for healthy alternatives! Great looking pie!

Jamie said...

Never heard of this one - will have to check it out at the store!! Thanks for the info, now can I have a piece of the pie? ha/ha

Anonymous said...
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