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Monday, December 30, 2013

Losing 20 lbs in 20 Weeks - Mickey on Nutrisystem

Here is some great information on weight loss that I want to share:

“The Helicopter Mom” is a household story as old as time. One woman, too many roles and not enough time to juggle them. As a result, the woman is now neglecting herself and binge eating between play dates and deadlines, trying to keep herself afloat. The turning point in this particular mom’s life came when her husband pointed out something he had just read in a study. People tend to surround themselves with like-minded people and this does not just apply to the intellect, but body types as well.

The reason for this is that you tend to gravitate towards people that want to do the same things as you. When you are a healthy, active person then you make friends at the gym or in the park. When you are a stay at home mom that lives in a triangle between the grocery store, kindergarten and the park, then you are likely to meet similar people.

Mickey realized that between a pampering husband and three pregnancies, she had managed to let many pounds sneak on to her hips. All those in-between meals, sudden sugar cravings and snacking during cooking had left her a size that she had never imagined she would be. After her 3rd pregnancy she was 40lb overweight.

Gaining weight had made her lose contact with her thinner friends. She used to be the girl in the cute clothes, avoiding fatty foods at night and preferring to walk from club to club with her thin friends, as opposed to cabbing it. She had gone from a hip and young college student, to a stay at home mom whose idea of a night out meant large meals and larger desserts, followed by a comfy cab ride home. She had even lost her will to shop, knowing that most of the clothes she really wanted to buy were not made in her size.

All of these things were beginning to pile up and causing her to loathe her daily routine. When you do not feel pretty, you do not act pretty either, because you are innately unhappy with yourself.

Thus, Mickey decided to put her foot down and do something about it. This is why when Nutrisystem invited her to become an NS Nation Blogger she accepted. Nutrisystem would provide the meals for free on the condition that she would blog about her weight loss experience. Nutrisystem has partnered with many bloggers offering them their program and support services for free or even coupons discount codes—you can get a few at WeightLossTriumph. Mickey lost 20 lb in 20 weeks.

follow along her Nutrisystem 5-month journey as she shares her enthusiasm, her struggles, her opinion about the food, and why Nutrisystem worked for her. Prior to Nutrisystem, Mickey tried many diets. All of them made her feel miserable.  It felt like time had stopped and that she hadn’t had good food in years. The main thing she didn’t like with all these diets and weight loss systems she tried is that there was a lot of guesswork involved.  She writes: “I’ve counted points, counted calories, limited some foods, eaten more of others, measured, prepared, etc. The Nutrisystem plan is so much easier.  You’ve heard me rave about how great the food is and it’s true.”

One thing she likes about Nutrisystem is that it’s a diet you can follow even when you away from home (i.e shopping, running errands). She can easily get a meal with her when she is out and about. She often keeps some lunch bars in her purse and car. Even when she went for a few days to Great Wolf Lodge on vacation, the 3 days worth of Nutrisystem meals that she took with her were allowed her to follow the plan easily.
Having dropped 20 lb weight, she is feeling healthier and happier especially since she is now wearing jeans that are a size smaller, and tops that had previously stretched across her torso, look as adorable as they did the day she bought them. With the increase in energy and a healthier outlook, Mickey is now taking more pride in her appearance again. She is making a conscious effort to exercise more and eat healthier.


Jamie said...

Looks like it works!! Wish you didn't have to buy their food, though - too expensive for me! :(

Bonnie G said...

Thanks for sharing. Come the first of the year I am going to try to eat better and lose weight. I will have to check this out.

Melissa said...

I've heard so many great things about Nutrisystem, but it doesn't fit into my budget.

Glamamama said...

It seems like a reasonable option...just have to move your body too!

Anonymous said...

I agree with @Glamamama - moving your body is key, think this is the element I'm missing!

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