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Thursday, December 26, 2013

This Is What Christmas Is All About

My church had a play with the children last Sunday. It was about the birth of Jesus. I love when the children are involved in sharing Christmas with others. It is so awesome to see little ones showing the love of Christ to others and learning at the same time. The director of the children's play did an awesome job working with the kids and everyone enjoyed the show. My boys ages 5 and 7 years though it was so cool to be in a play.

Jesse, age  5 years is in the green and played a shepherd. 

                                      Kodi, age 7 years and in a white shirt, played a shepherd too.

Here is some of the other children in the play.


mystylespot said...

Ahh this looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing! love the pics! Happy New Year! xo xo

Erin S said...

I grew up going to a Catholic school and remember the Christmas plays very well! We put hours as classes into the play every year

Star light said...

I always loved being in Christmas plays when I was younger. Sadly my daughters have not been in one yet. They do not have one in our school and currently our church only has an adult Christmas play. I think I may have to help start one next year. Thanks for sharing!

Jayne said...

I have a video somewhere around here that I really need to have made into a DVD from one of my favorite Christmas pageants we ever did.

Your boys look adorable.

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