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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Skorch Waterproof Backpack Will Keep My Son's Phone And Clothes Dry When He Goes Sailing

   My son is in Navy ROTC and this summer he will get the opportunity to go sailing. Sailing involves cadets learning how to make the boat go. The boat of course is in the water and they do tip over. When the tip over, you fall into the water and get wet along with your clothes and other items. I found the perfect waterproof backpack for my son that will keep his things dry, including his phone. My son can't wait to use this backpack on his sailing trips. He even joked that he will charge his friends money to put their phone in his waterproof backpack.

 The Skorch backpack is fully waterproof. It keeps clothes, cameras, phones and other things like your lunch dry in all conditions or if the bag falls overboard. This bag has a capacity of 1220 cubic inches and holds a lot of stuff. I was able to get a pair of shoes, a towel, and a change of clothes in the bag with room to spare. The bag has padded straps so it is comfortable to wear while you are enjoying water sports like sailing, river rafting, jet skiing, and more. This bag is also great for the beach or while riding a bike in the rain. The bag is made of durable UPVC material and is strong enough to carry items like books or a laptop. The material wipes clean and drys fast.

I just love how easy it is to close the waterproof backpack. The instructions are printed on the bag. You simply fold over the unique flap a couple times and clasp it with a strong clasp.

    My son tried on the backpack with the items in it and gave it a thumbs up. He said it was comfy and did not feel bulky. He can't wait to go sailing this summer with his Navy ROTC unit, it's his first time. He might even let his friends put their phones in his bag.

To purchase this awesome Skorch Waterproof Backpack, click on the below link. The price is pretty good for an item like this.

Check out my video review!


Unknown said...

A waterproof backpack is an excellent idea.

Christy Maurer said...

I'm sure he will really appreciate having dry stuff! I love that it holds so much too!

Giveaway Lady said...

Nice! I think my brother would like one for his gym supplies.

Shonda said...

A waterprrof backpack can really come in handy.

Rebecca said...

This would be great for trips to the lake. We are always getting our towels wet.

Danisdecadentdeals said...

I love the idea of a waterproof backpack especially for some amazing travel adventures like river rafting. :)

Uplifting Families said...

This bag would be perfect to take camping or to the amusement park. My daughter has skipped the water rides because she couldn't get her phone wet. This would have added protection.

Sara said...

This would work so well for so many things!! (:

Cousin Becky said...

Yes also foe wakeboarding too

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