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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Colorful Composting W/ CompoKeeper Giveaway

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Did you know that International Compost Awareness Week is May 3rd-9th?

The "innovative food scrap collector was designed with your busy life and the planet in mind. Efficient, no odors, bug-free convenience!  Available in four colors and comes with 12 Compostable Bags, Two Activated Carbon Filters, Easy-to-assemble Handle Accessories

Proprietary bag-sealing clamps
Pedal-powered lid
Ventilated design
Activated carbon filter

What are you doing to reduce your eco-footprint?

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on May 15th, 2015.  Good Luck!!


Shelly - Lynchburg Mama said...

We waste a lot of paper. All of our other recyclable items are picked up now thanks to a program in our community. We recycle cans, plastic and cardboard. I wish they'd pick up the paper too. All of our food goes to our pigs and chickens; however, I'd like to compost things like egg shells, coffee grounds, etc. for our garden!

Unknown said...

Fruit- we never seem to eat it fast enough. Shameful really..

Tina W said...

The bulk of our trash each week is the used cat litter. We are pretty good about recycling and composting most of our waste.

Unknown said...

We seem to waste alot of bread it seems to go bad before we can finish it all

Jamie said...

We waste a lot of plastic, since we do not have a recycling center where we live. Try to use food scraps for mulch. :)

Unknown said...

We try so hard not to be wasteful, but there's only two of us, so we do end up wasting food because it goes bad. I wish we could get things in smaller quantities like carrots and celery.

Kristin said...

We just started composting last fall and we fill it just fine with all sorts of produce scraps and our million banana peels and egg shells, but I'm still a little clueless about the whole thing. Also, we placed our bin in a spot that seemed good only to watch as it gets hardly any sun. We'll figure it out. This bin is SO much cuter than the one we have!

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