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Friday, October 30, 2015

The New Shark® Rocket Powerhead Makes Cleaning Floors Fun

    When I went to New York for BlogHer 2015 last July, there was many different products to sample and see. Many companies had new products that I got to see first hand before they went to market. It was fun to be able to try new products. One of the products that I got to try was a vacuum cleaner made by Shark. Shark had their new Shark® Rocket Powerhead at BlogHer for us bloggers to play with. I had fun trying their new vacuum out. I was impress at how easy the Shark® Rocket Powerhead was to use. I even more surprised at how light the vacuum was. This vacuum also had some cool unique features that I had never seen before in a vacuum. I expressed my interest to the Shark company and handed them my business card, yes we bloggers have business cards.

   I was excited when Shark asked me to feature their Shark® Rocket Powerhead vacuum on my website. I of course said yes as I wanted to tell others about this vacuum that only weighs 9 pounds. When the vacuum arrived at my door 3 months later, my 7 year old son was excited to try it out. I don't know who was more excited, my son or me. Together we opened up the box and put it together which was easy to do. As I read the instructions, my 7 year old son had fun checking out all the different features on the vacuum. He loved that handle adjusted to different heights so that he could make the vacuum his size. My son was able to figure out how to remove the dust cup and change the Interchangeable brushrolls as they were so simple to do.

  The vacuum comes with 2 brushrolls and compartment on the side of the vacuum to store them. People with wood floors will love the Gentle Touch Hard Floor Brushroll as it will not scratch the floor. The Carpet & Floor Brush is great to use on carpet and area rugs. The vacuum also has 2 different power levels so you can control how much suction you want to use.

   I put the vacuum to use right away on my kitchen floors as I always have crumbs in my kitchen from having 3 messy boys. I used the Gentle Touch brush for this job. The Shark went right to work sucking up the crumbs that my boys had made from their snack. I was surprised at how quiet it was. It also was easy to push. When I was done my son, with a push of a button, took out the dust cap and empty it into the trash. My son put the dust cap back in the vacuum and changed the brush to the Carpet & Floor brush. Away to the carpets I went with my Shark Rocket PowerHead. It was easy to push on my carpets, but I would have liked a little more suction when using it on my carpets as I tend to have heavy sand in my carpet. The joys of living in the desert of Albuquerque. This vacuum also does not have any attachments or a wand to clean the stairs, features that I prefer. I did appreciate the lightness of this vacuum though, which made it easy to carry upstairs, a plus for people with stairs in their house. This vacuum will be perfect for mom as she has mostly wood floors in her house.

                   Here are the features again of the Shark® Rocket Powerhead:

Shark Rocket ® Powerhead 

·         Weighs a total of nine pounds, and less than one pound in hand when vacuuming
·         Interchangeable brushrolls are easy to assemble and clean via innovative roller garage
o    Carpet & Floor Brush and Gentle Touch Hard Floor Brushroll clean carpets, rugs and hard floor surfaces
·         Fingertip Controls for easy transitions between hard floors, carpet and area rugs
·         Multi-position adjustable heights tailored to personal preference and compact storage
·         Breakthrough engineering combines motor and dust cup in the head of the vacuum, reducing airflow path and maximizing efficiency and power
·         Available at all major retailers nationwide in August, starting at $169 MSRP


"These opinions are my own and I received the above mentioned product to facilitate this review."



  1. I have a Shark Rocket and I love mine! I use it practically every day!

  2. The Shark Rocket looks awesome! I have been wanting one for a while now :)

  3. I am in the market for a new vacuum and this one looks awesome and I love how lightweight it sounds

  4. That looks like a great machine!! Any time you can get the kids helping with chores is a good one! :)

  5. I love my shark vac! This looks great as well!

  6. I need one of these so bad! I keep buying crappy ones only to turn around and buy another

  7. I got to review one of these and I think it's really useful. I think it's wicked nice.

  8. I've never used a Shark before but I know many people love them!

  9. I would love to try these Shark and it looks a useful machine. I wanted to have this

  10. I love Shark! I've been using Shark Vacuum for 2 years and still working great

  11. That vacuum looks really cool. I love that it looks light and easy to operate.

  12. Been seeing a lot about this later. In the market for a new one so will have a closer look. :)

  13. This might sound funny but it reminds me of Sharks Tale, what a fun looking hoover!

  14. I'll have to invest in one of these for Christmas.

  15. This is awesome, very easy to use and very convenient. I shall invest in one.

  16. I've had Sharks for years for my hard floors. I love this one! It's so cool that it has two different brushrolls.

  17. I only have Panasonic type vacuum. I LOVED it. This vacuum looks light and I like the color as well. I cannot live without vacuum. I vacuum everyday especially that we are using the fireplace and the dogs are inside the house.

  18. That is awesome! I love that it's so lightweight. I think my son would have fun using it too.

  19. Omg ulyour new shark sounds pretty fabulous!!! I so need one in my life. My vacuum sucks lol

  20. OMG I need one for laminate floors ASAP. With 2 dogs and rain, it can get grimmy ;)

  21. Wow, clealing tools like this is very important especially if you have some pets at home like me :)

  22. I love the progression shots! Your home is beautiful and shows so much love!It’s still one of my very favorite tools. It comes in handy for so many projects.jow

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