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Monday, January 25, 2016

They Are Only Little For A Short time

  My youngest two boys are not babies anymore and I miss those days. I can no longer call them the babies as they are 7 and 9 years old. For the longest time my older kids, who are now 16,21, and 25 called the youngest boys the babies instead of their real names. They are sixteen months apart and they are almost like twins. They were also a handful when they were babies as they are so close in age. The first years of their lives were very busy and I was not able to do many things with these two like I did with my older three kids. One of the things I wish I had time for was creating a baby book. You know the one with pictures and memories. I just never had time to make one. All the pictures of my boys are on our desk top computer. My boys just love watching the slide show of their pictures. This computer is old and is on its last leg so I need to get these pictures transferred to my laptop before it no longer works.

  My husband has a better idea for all these precious baby pictures of my youngest boys. He suggested that I make a memory book with the baby photos. I discovered Mixbook. This online website helps a person like me to create the perfect photo book so I can treasure all those pictures of my boys. Mixbook has a wide selection of photo books to choose from. I just love the selection of backgrounds that you can choose from to make your book special. Once you select the book that you want, they have books for kids, babies, weddings, and more, you then add the photos. This website makes it easy to customize your book so it can look awesome. I just love that you can customize the pages to hold as many or few pictures. You add words to the pages also. How you make your book look is all up to you. With Mixbook, everything is customizable. Add your own photos and text, change the layout, add stickers and backgrounds - you are free to design a Book that is personal to you!

  I have not made my photo book yet as the computer with all the boys baby pictures decided to not work, so husband needs to get a special cord to transfer them off the hard drive. While I am waiting I will ave fun browsing through all the different ways to design my photo book. I am thinking of the Sparkle And Shine book as it has pages that are filled with glittering zigzags, stripes, and polka dots to create vibrant backgrounds for all my photos.

"These opinions are my own and I received a credit to Mixbook to be able to make my own photo book exchange for this review."


Sandra Watts said...

I wish I took more photos when mine were young. Now can do videos too which is awesome!

Elina Mark said...

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