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Friday, January 20, 2017

More Bang For Your Buck: Affordable Beauty

Looking good can be an expensive profession! So we’ve pulled together some of the best money saving ideas to looking and feeling good.  The greatest bit of all is that no one will know you are working on a budget!

Let’s start with the foundation of all beauty.  Your diet.  Instead of forking out on the latest high street trend to make your skin glow, start with the most important and simple step.  What you eat will shine out of your skin or dull it down.  We’ve got The Ultimate Guide To What Not To Eat here but for a quick guide on what to eat read on.

Hydration is king.  Keeping to 2 liters a day as a minimum.  Add lemon and a little Manuka honey to hot water for added health benefits.  Think clean.  Instead of saving money by purchasing ready-made and processed foods, ditch that plan.  Save money on repairing creams by investing a little more into fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish.  Be creative and feel a little bit smug knowing every bite is going to give you a more glowing complexion.

If you’ve nailed your diet then the next step is a beauty regime that isn’t going to break the bank.  Spa treatments are an expensive luxury but do give really good and long lasting results.  To save money there are hundreds of ways you can give yourself a little indulgence, reap the benefits and see great results.

Homemade face masks are a god send and if your food store is stocked with clean foods, you will have everything you need to recreate the same treatments they use in the most expensive spas.  Recreate the relaxing feel by ensuring your bathroom is tidy and add a few candles.  Little touches like warmed towels or some lavender oil will help you relax and take you away in your own zen moment.  We’ve found a great list of face masks you can make at home so give them a go!

Makeup bags can end up being worth more than your handbag so it pays to shop around.  Get online and find some good discount beauty supplies you’ll end up with more products and brushes for your money.  Giving you a bulging bag of beauty for half the price.  There are loads of cheaper brands available that offer just as much as the larger branded products.  So get into the stores and play around.  

The last step is fashion. How to recreate that designer look for less?  Vintage fashion can be a great place to start although there are loads of expensive retro boutiques now.  Ebay can be a great source for buying second-hand designer clothes but beware of imitations. Far better to buy worn once items than brand new.  People often wear ball gowns or cocktail dresses once so you can find some real gems online.  And the thrift shop will offer all the basics you need to style up your wardrobe.  A few quality items are all you need.  Shop smart and you’ll soon be able to sniff out the bargains.

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