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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Kitchfix Grain Free Waffles Are 100% Grain Free & Paleo

These delicious grain-free waffles are great for a Paleo diet!

                      I received samples of the mentioned product.

 The box may say grain-free but my taste buds sure did not believe that. These delicious waffles tasted like regular waffles that I made in a waffle iron. I had to try these Kitchfix waffles as I loved how healthy they were. The Blueberry Maple flavor was the thing that caught my eye in the store. My boys wanted to try the original grain-free waffles so I bought both flavors. I love how easy they were to make as I took them from the freezer to my toaster.

    I just love the healthier clean ingredients that these grain-free waffles are made from. I don't need to follow a gluten-free diet but I have many friends who do so I love letting them know about the healthy delicious foods that I discover. My friends who are following the Paleo diet will love these waffles too. My boys did not care one bit that the box said grain-free as they had delicious waffles. I was happy that the waffles had 8 grams of protein, that is more protein than one egg! The waffles are also low in carbs.

I found these yummy perfect for breakfast grain-free waffles at Sprouts but they are also available at many other stores. Kitchfix makes these delicious grain-free waffles in three flavors:
Blueberry Maple
Banana Cinnamon

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