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Friday, April 13, 2018

Natural Ways To Cope With Spring Allergies

Spring is here and so are the seasonal allergies! If you are bothered by seasonal allergy symptoms, keep reading to discover some amazing tips to cope with seasonal allergies.

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  I so love spring for the warmer weather but I am not too fond of the symptoms that I get from my allergies to all the plants that are growing. I love looking at all the pretty flowers and the buds on the trees but I can do without the coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, and sore throat that my boys and I experience from Spring Allergies. I began the allergy season with my usual cough, you know the one that has me hacking up lots of mucus. 

 My younger boys started allergy season by sneezing and blowing their noses along with itchy eyes. They also have days when their throat hurts. I would love to tell you that we don't have a need for allergy medicine but our allergies tend to be bad. The youngest boy and I still take over-the-counter medicine as we have allergy-induced asthma. The over-the-counter medicine helps but does not relieve all of our symptoms so I have some natural things that I do that help me cope with my symptoms and keep my son and me from having to use additional or stronger doctor-prescribed medicine. If your spring allergies are mild these natural ways might be all you need to cope with those allergy symptoms.

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1. Try essential oils

  I love using essential oils for allergy relief. My favorite oils are peppermint and eucalyptus as these always help open up my nasal passages to get all that mucus out of my lungs so I can breathe better. I love that essential oils are natural and chemical-free. I use a diffuser that puts a therapeutic mist of essential oils into the air so I can have the refreshing peppermint smell to help with my allergies. I use an essential oil diffuser that is portable so I can take it with me while I travel.

2. Try Homeopathic medicine

I will always try a homeopathic remedy first to relieve my allergy symptoms. A good homeopathic remedy will help relieve allergy symptoms like hay fever, sneezing, mucus, sore throat, and more without the side effect that you get from over-the-counter medicine. My favorite herbal remedy is ClearLungs Extra Strength, Herbal Decongestant. This vegan supplement really works and it also helps my asthma symptoms. One dose of Clearlungs helps me get the mucus out of my lungs and that helps me breathe better. 

3. Soothe a sore throat with a soothing pop

 When I have been outside pulling weeds, my throat tends to hurt so I know that allergies can cause a sore throat. So when my boys complain of a sore throat in the spring, I treat it with a delicious organic Lolleez. This naturally medicinal flat pop on a stick helps soothe their throat to take away the discomfort. My boys love the fruit flavors and I love that they are made with non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients.

4. Clean often
 I find that keeping the house clean helps with spring allergies. I like my windows open for fresh air so I make sure to dust and vacuum a couple times a week. A vacuum with a HEPA filter is a must for allergies. Make sure to clean the ceiling fans and window screens too. I also have a no-shoe rule in my house as that also keeps the allergens like dust and pollen off my floors.

5. Inhale herbs

 This winter, I discovered that a natural vapor rub helped my son when he was having an asthmatic coughing attack. The vapor rub had menthol and eucalyptus oils in so these helped open his lungs up so he could breathe better. I rubbed some on his chest before bed and it helped him to sleep better. I now carry a small container of the natural vapor rub in my purse so I can inhale it when I start having an allergy coughing fit. The herbs help me to take deep breaths and help to expel the mucus that was causing me to cough.

6. Take a nightly shower

 In the spring, I shower almost every night as all those pollens and other plants get in my hair when I am outside. A shower after my walk or at bedtime is a must as it gets the pollen off your skin and hair. A shower will also keep the pollen off your pillow and bedding. While you are in the shower, you can also use a neti pot to get the allergens out of your nasal cavity. When you are outside the allergens tend to get in your nose so cleaning your nose with a saline solution is a good idea for your sinuses.

7. Use an air purifier

 An air purifier that has a good air filter will help reduce the amount of allergens and dust in the house so this is a must for spring allergies. An air purifier with a HEPA filter can capture allergens, mold, allergens, smoke, viruses, and bacteria to keep the air that you breathe clean.

8. Wash your bedding weekly

 Your bed can be causing you allergy problems. Your sheets can be covered with dust and air-borne allergens. So washing your sheets and blanket weekly can help with allergies. Change your pillowcase too and wash your pillow often to reduce allergens. Don’t forget to deep-clean your mattress too by vacuuming it regularly.

9. Drink tea

 I find that a glass of warm tea helps to loosen all that mucus in my lungs and nose so I can breathe better. There are also natural teas that have herbs in them that help with allergy symptoms. My favorite tea is a homemade cold and flu tea. This delicious tea has lemon, honey, and ginger in it which are natural alternatives to cold medicine. This tea can also soothe a sore throat.

9. Eat honey

Take a teaspoonful of raw, locally produced honey daily to combat seasonal allergies, hay fever, or colds. It’s important to find local honey, as it is supposed to help your body adapt to the allergens in the environment around you—almost like an allergy shot. Bee pollen has also been shown to help with allergies.

10. Allergy Shots

 An allergy shot treatment may help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Allergy shots can also help with other allergies like cat allergies and dust allergies. Many people have reduced or eliminated their seasonal allergies from allergy shots. Basically, allergy shots are a treatment to get your body used to the allergies that are causing your body problems. So that your allergy symptoms will go away. Discover my experience with allergy shots here.

Prevention is key

 Finally, it's important to remember that prevention is key when it comes to seasonal allergies. Take steps to reduce your exposure to allergens, such as keeping your windows closed during high pollen days, washing your hands frequently, and avoiding outdoor activities during peak allergy season. Additionally, consider using a high-quality air purifier in your home to remove allergens from the air.

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Do you have any tips that help you with spring allergies?

These tips might just make spring allergy season easier to cope with so you can enjoy the nice spring weather. While you may not be able to cure your seasonal allergies, following these items may help with your allergy symptoms so you will not be so miserable. You may be able to be outside more and enjoy the spring weather. Who knows you might even start a garden.


Mommy B said...

I don't have any allergies but I like drinking tea and inhale herbs. As for my kids, I make them drink honey. :) And of course, clean often.

Marcie C said...

We've been consuming a lot of honey this year. I think it's been helping! And taking showers at night has been a great way to clear out pollen before bed.

Gingermommy said...

These are really great tips! In fact, I am really going to have to try some of them this year.

Unknown said...

I always drink tea and eat honey for breakfast, it really helps! Love the tip about taking a shower at night too!

Victoria Sconion said...

Spring time I must take a shower at night. I suffer with allergies its important to wash off all the pollen.

laborders2000 said...

I have several family members that deal with allergies on a regular basis. I need to give some of your ideas a try!

Unknown said...

I keep hearing about essential oils, but I have not tried them. I really should. Also changing your sheets seems like a wonderful idea! I always struggle a tad with allergies as the weather changes from cold to warm. However it never lasts super long.

Christina said...

Being a preggo momma right now I'm all about the natural stuff for allergies. Thanks for sharing!

reesa said...

Spring allergies are in full effect here! I never thought to use my essential oils to help!

Anonymous said...

Essential oils have been really great for me for natural healing. I will have to check out some of these other options.

Unknown said...

Essential oils help with so much in the body! I'm not even surprised.

Taylor Ronald said...

Thanks for share great article......You are presumably only allergic to something in your environment. You could attempt a natural allergy pill like Hylands allergy relief and check whether the sniffling leaves!.....You are presumably only allergic to something in your environment. You could attempt a natural allergy pill like Hylands allergy relief and check whether the sniffling leaves!

Anonymous said...

I have never really dealt with allergies until now. We just moved and they have been terrible this year.

Kathy said...

Spring allergies can be such a pain. You have a list of some great ideas here. I personally love essential oils.

Lady In Read said...

I have heard of the benefits of having local honey to help with allergies and need to get to the farmer's market

Susan said...

As a nurse, I can tell you that nothing is better than frequent hand washing. But, I know allergies are impossible to prevent and you’ve listed some great ways to combat them!

Lavanda of Appetizers & Entrées said...

Thanks for sharing these great natural remedies for coping with spring allergies! As someone who suffers from seasonal allergies, I'm always looking for ways to ease my symptoms without relying on medication. I can't wait to try some of these tips, especially the ones involving local honey and essential oils.

LisaLisa said...

Great natural remedies, my daughter suffers from Spring allergies and man it can take a toll on her at times. We do utilize a few of these remedies and they do help her.

Laura JL Books said...

My allergies do get out of hand, I will have to try some of the suggestions that you have mention here. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Gervin Khan said...

My husband and my kids deal with allergies and now, I know how to handle them using this information.

Christy G said...

I have allergies and have to take meds daily. If I don’t I’m in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Those are some great tips for allergies. I like to also use a humidifier.

Zab Zaria said...

Thank you so much for the tips! I am using humidifier too

Anonymous said...

We definitely have air purifiers in the house. I tend to have itchy eyes during spring. -LYNNDEE

Beautiful Touches said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with such severe allergies, but thank you so much for sharing what works with helping manage it!

Richelle Milar said...

This is a really great and very informative post! Knowing some natural remedies does help a lot! Thanks for sharing this with us

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