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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Best Fitness Tips For Enjoying Running

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Want to enjoy running?

  So you finally got the hang of running and want to work on running longer distances or faster speeds but don't know where to start. You have discovered that running is a great workout and can even be fun too. Yes, running is fun, and that running high that people speak about does exist. You get in your zone and you feel like you can win the race. I love that feeling that I get from running, a feeling of accomplishment. If you are not a runner or just started running, you may not be thinking that running is fun. That is ok, running is not for everyone and there are plenty of ways to get some healthy exercise.

  I have been running for a long time and over the years, I have learned what works for me to enjoy my running time and run longer/faster. Now I am not a sprinter or a marathon runner. I like to run 4-5 miles at a time and my speed right now is 8-minute miles but I would love to get back to those 7-minute miles that I ran in my twenties. I hope some of my tips can help you.



 It is always best to eat something 30 minutes to 1 hour before you run. Your body needs the fuel so have a lite snack that is loaded with carbohydrates so you will have the energy you need to get a good run in. If you like to run first thing in the morning, eat something like a banana before you get ready so it has time to digest before you run. After you run have a snack with protein in it. Protein will help your muscles recover better.


  I hate stretching but a running injury caused me to start stretching more.  Stretching will help your muscles perform better and not hurt so you can enjoy your running more. It is hard to enjoy running if your legs are hurting so stretch before you start running. I also walk about a couple blocks as this also helps the muscles warm up. Make sure to do some stretch after you run too. This will help your muscles recover faster.


 It is always good to drink a glass of water before you run as running will make you sweat. If your body is hydrated, you will feel tired and not want to run. In warmer weather, your hydration is even more important so up your drinking with a Sports Drink that contains electrolytes to prevent dehydration. Check out these Hot Weather Hydration Tips For Runners to learn about the signs of dehydration ways to prevent it.  My favorite sports drink contains coconut water, a great natural source of electrolytes and potassium. It comes in great natural flavors and is low in sodium. This delicious drink is naturally flavored and has no colors from artificial sources. The carbohydrates in the sports drink will also give you some energy to help you run faster/longer.

BODYARMOR Sports Drink now comes in 11 flavors – Strawberry Banana, Orange Mango, Fruit Punch, Blackout Berry, Watermelon Strawberry, Pineapple Coconut, Mixed Berry, Tropical Punch, Lemonade, Grape and Knockout Punch.

Train with a faster person

 I love running with my teenager as he makes running fun. He runs very fast as he is on the track team. I get motivated to run as I want to keep up with him. When I can't run with the teen, I will have the younger boys ride their bikes and I run behind them.

Fast music

 Fast music always motivates me to run. When I have my favorite tunes in my ears I will run faster and longer. So grab those headphones and listen to your favorite fast songs.

Slow music

 Slow music is also great when running. I like slow music when I start my workout as it helps me to start out slow to warm up my muscles. If my muscles are not hurting, I enjoy my run better.

an style="font-size: large;">Have a set goal

 To get the distance in that I like, I have a turn around point that is half of my running. So if I want to run 4 miles, I will run to a place that I know is 2 miles away from my house and then turn around to get my four miles in. If I want to work on my speed, I will try to run fast for one full song or I will look ahead and tell myself to run to a certain tree, sign, or something else that I see in the distance. That helps me with speed as then I know I get to slow down when I get to that point.

Know the signs of dehydration

 It is important to drink water before you get thirsty as thirst is an indication of early dehydration. Here are some signs that your body needs more water:

                               A headache
                               General fatigue
                              An increase in body temperature
                              Muscle cramps

 Stop running, if you become dizzy, nauseated, have the chills, or cease to sweat. Find a shady spot and rest. Make sure to replenish your liquids with a sports drink like BODYARMOR to get your electrolytes back in balance.


 It is always important to drink after running to replace the fluids you lost through sweating. That tired feeling that you get after exercise could be dehydration so play it safe, especially in warm weather and drink a natural sports drink that has potassium and electrolytes in it.

BODYARMOR Sports Drink is a premium, sports drink that provides superior hydration. It is packed with electrolytes, coconut water, and vitamins and is low in sodium and high in potassium. BODYARMORcontains natural flavors and sweeteners and no colors from artificial sources

Starting in 2018, BODYARMOR Sports Drink is now available in 6-Packs
across the U.S. at several retailers including Kroger, Walmart and Sam’s Club. It is available in four
flavors including Strawberry Banana, Orange Mango, Fruit Punch, and Peach Mango LYTE.


Anonymous said...

I found this article to be so fresh and informative! I loved the information and look forward to reading more of your work!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Good to know. I try to jog daily, and it's not my favorite thing to do. I'll have to pick up BodyArmor. It sounds tasty.

Sarah Bailey said...

I always wish I had enjoyed running more when I could, enjoyed the freedom of it more.

shanelle sherlin said...

as a fellow runner, i completely agree with all these recommendations. especially knowing when you're on the verge of being dehydrated.

Unknown said...

I HAAAAVE to get in the habit of stretching more, it's one thing that leaves me feeling so refreshed - even before a run. I've never really been a runner, but I know it's so good for you, so maybe I'll try these tips now that it's getting warmer out (:

Ally said...

I love stretching, especially active stretching prior to a workout. I've never heard of body armor before, I'll have to look into it.

Lasha said...

These are great tips. Thank you so much for this information. That is so helpful.

Akamatra said...

I have recently started running with C25K and I love it. My worst problem is finding time to do it!

Unknown said...

Started to run at lunch time was finding it difficult to make time during the day. Thanks for the recommendations, will definitely use these tips going forward.

Unknown said...

thank you so much for all of these tips, I want to start running again now that the temp is so warm and nice out. and these are all really useful.

Unknown said...

Every time I run I feel like throwing up but it is prob dehydration. Will look into that sports drink to help me.

Unknown said...

I could never really get into running because I would get so sore. But I never stretched after my run & only drank water. Waters great for you, but I bet I needed something to hydrate and help replace my electrolytes. If I start back up, I'm definitely going to try stretching before and after my run, and hydrating with BODYARMOR.

galatealily said...

I wish I had more time to run! I used to love to do it every day. Great stress reliever. xo, Suzanne

Unknown said...

The idea of training with a faster person never occurred to me, but it makes sense! I also love your tip about eating something. Too many people wake up and thing they should do it first thing in the morning.

Unknown said...

I have never heard of this brand before, but it sounds refreshing! I don't like the flavors of a lot of drinks on the market, so I will have to try these!

Lavanda Michelle said...

I used to run a lot! I was on my high-school track team. This kind of inspired me to get out and run more! Thanks for this. :)

Rhonda Martin said...

My Niece just started track this year and runs a lot. This sounds much better for keeping her hydrated and the flavors are something she would drink so I'll have to look for it at our local grocery store.

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