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Friday, June 21, 2019

Sandbox Fun With Playmobil Sand Toys

                                                 I received toys from Playmobil to facilitate this post.

  My daughter and her husband have purchased their first home and will be moving in soon. Their new home has a nice size backyard so their will be plenty of room for backyard toys. My granddaughter is a lucky kid as she will get all my boy's old backyard toys. It will be sad to see the play toys leave my yard as that means my boys are getting old but at the same time, I now have a whole yard to decorate with new items. I have been working hard to get all the weeds out of my yard with some new natural weed prevention methods as I will not spray my yard with toxic weed sprays made by Monsanto, the maker of Roundup. So my granddaughter will get many outdoor toys like a slide and sandbox. So I am thinking that my grandchild needs so new sandbox toys

Did you know that the PLAYMOBIL brand has sand toys?

 My boys grew up with Playmobil toys and they were so much fun. My boys had some great imaginative play with the Playmobil sets. So when I saw that Playmobil has a line of sand toys, I knew that I had to check them out. These sand toys would be perfect for the sandbox once the baby gets bigger. Last time we took the baby to the park she decided to taste the sand but being that she will have her first birthday soon that is typical for her age. My grandbaby will be getting some other toys for her first birthday and the Playmobil toys will be put aside until she is older. The Playmobile Sand line toys are recommended for ages 2 and up.

 Ice Cream Shop Bucket 

 The Ice Cream Bucket sand toy is so cute and I can't wait to play in the sandbox with my granddaughter. This grandma will have so much fun scooping ice cream cones with my grandbaby. I love that the sand toys store inside a cute bucket that looks like an ice cream shop. The colors of this set are my favorite colors. The sand play elements include a sieve, spoon, ice cream cones, and ice cream scoops. The sand toy comes with two Playmobile people and those are the only small parts to the toy so my daughter can put those pieces aside until the baby is two years old. This adorable ice cream sand toy could also be used for water play so I am thinking the sandbox could be used as a pool. Then the baby can start playing ice cream shop with me this summer.

Water Tank Truck

 Every child needs a truck or two and the Playmobile Water Tank Truck is perfect for both sand play and pushing around the backyard. This durable sandbox toy has a removable tank that can be filled with water so it can also be used as a watering can. I love that the sand truck comes with ramps that store on the truck. The truck also comes with a person. The wheels on the backyard truck can drive over sand with no problem. My granddaughter has a cousin that is close in age so this truck will be perfect for backyard playtime. This sandbox truck will be perfect in the sandbox and driving in the grass. I can't wait to see her dad teaching her how to make truck sounds on the imaginative beach construction site. It is so exciting to think about my boys having fun playing with their niece with their old favorite outdoor toys and the new Playmobile Sand toys.

Which Playmobile sand toy is your favorite?


Brianne said...

Those are some really fun toys for outside play! My nephew would love these!

Jaredamy said...

These toys are adorable! I wish we still had a little sandbox for our kids to play in! They loved ours.

Celebrate Woman said...

Sandbox is always a fun place to be. And I love Playmobil tiny figurines. They are so diverse and come with different themes.

Kita Bryant said...

I use to love the Sandbox when I was a child my mom not so much lol. I don't have one for my kids but I will pass on to a friend who has one in her backyard.

Gust si Aroma said...

It's so great that Playmobil has toys especially for sand. My kids will love it!

krystal said...

My son would love these - definitely a lot of fun for us here in Florida!

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

These toys are cool! My grandson is the right age for these kinds of toys, so the doting and spoiling grandma (that's me!) will get him some Playmobil sand toys!

Kiwi said...

Amazing sand toys for kids. I am just so happy kids still want to play in the sand and explore!

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