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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Is Adoption Right for Your Unborn Child?

An unplanned pregnancy can be one of the most stressful situations a woman can face. If you're not ready for the responsibility of being a parent for whatever reason, the decision is what to do with this new life you care carrying. Many women will choose not to terminate the pregnancy. It may be based on religious or personal beliefs but either way, there will be a baby at the end. A common path is putting the child up for adoption. It's not an easy decision and it brings up many questions. Should you put your unborn child up for adoption?

Get the Facts

Putting a child up for adoption is a huge decision and like any other, you need to be well-informed. Do your research and find out the laws in your state, such as adoption in Iowa. It's important to understand the different types of adoption and what your rights are as the birth mother. Speaking to an adoption agency is an excellent way to get the information and counseling you need to make this vital choice.

Types of Adoption

There are three common types of adoption and you should understand how they all work before you make a decision on which is right for you and your baby. They are:

  1.  Closed Adoption - This is the least common type of adoption representing only about 10% of the total adoptions in the U.S. In a closed adoption, only the medical records of the birth parents are given to adoptive parents. No contact or other information is transferred. It is closed because it cuts ties with the child. It's important to consider that someday, the child will grow up and may wish to meet their birth parents. A closed adoption will make this difficult.
  2. Open Adoption - The most common type of adoption in the U.S is open adoption. The birth parents can specify criteria for the adoptive parents and help in the selection process, ensuring that their child goes to the right kind of home. Contact can be maintained with the child as they grow up and regular visits can also be agreed upon and scheduled.
  3. Semi-Open Adoption - Semi-adoptions contain elements of the other two. Only medical records are given to the adoptive parents but the birth parents are active in the process of choosing the adoptive pair. Contact with the child is generally not a part of the adoption but a mediator may handle regular communication between both sets of parents.

Dealing With Emotions

In giving a child up for adoption, you are giving your offspring an opportunity for a better life. Nevertheless, there are many emotions that can be difficult to deal with such as guilt and the grief of losing a child. Getting therapy or counseling should be considered to help deal with any negative emotions you may experience.

The decision to become a parent is a big one. An unplanned pregnancy can present you with that decision before you are ready. Adoption may be your best choice. Learn the facts, get help, and decide carefully. Giving your child the gift of a good life may be one of the best things you ever do for another human being.

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