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Thursday, January 13, 2022

11 Products You Need For A Healthy Year

 The New Year is always a good time to focus on change. It is a great time to reset your life by making changes to your health. Check out some amazing products.

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 About a week ago, many people celebrated the New Year. They said goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022. Many people also made New Year's resolutions that have a focus on health changes. The first month of the year is always a great time to make healthy changes, especially after a month of unhealthy routines. 

 December is usually a month that is filled with so many things that are not healthy for our bodies. Things like stress from doing too much from shopping to trying to create a picture-perfect home for the holidays. Then there are all the parties and get together with indulging in way too many sweets and fattening foods. Our busy life and the cold weather also can make us cut back on exercise. So the month of December usually ends with our bodies not feeling so healthy. Maybe that is why there is so much sickness around us with so many people catching colds and the flu.

Making healthy goals for the New Year is a good thing

 So making healthy goals for the New Year is a good thing. The first of the year is the best time to give your body a reset. Starting with a Reset Day and progressing to a Reset Month will give the body time to rest and heal. Making healthy changes to your life can help your body function at its best. While some changes may be hard, in the end, your body will perform better and you will feel better,

While I strive to live a healthy life year-round, the winter holidays can also encourage me to eat too many gluten-free mocha brownies and not getting enough sleep. The stress of trying to get everything done makes it tough for me at times and having the kids home from school means extra work for me. While I always make time for exercise, as it is a huge mood enhancer for me, finding the time to work out can be hard during the holidays. So I have to remember these 13 Simple Ways To Sneak In A Workout

 So I am happy that January is here and the kids are back in school, they were super bored being at home. I am also starting this month with ways to get my body back on a healthy track. From focusing on eating more vegetables to getting more sleep, I am making changes in my life. Some of the changes include some new healthy products that I discovered and other changes include products that stopped using during the past month or so. So take a look at these products that I am loving this month.

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Eleven Products You Need For A Healthy Year

1. FeelGood Superfoods ~ As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to eat more veggies. Eating plenty of vegetables was super simple to me when I had my Southwest swingset garden. Now that winter is here and the selection of produce at the store is slim, I am not eating a whole lot of green veggies. So I am glad that I discovered a delicious Superfood shot that is loaded with fruits and veggies. These small bottles of juice give me the benefits of eating fruits and veggies.

 FeelGood Superfoods Immune Support Shots are all-natural daily fruit & veggies shots fortified with essential vitamins. Each shot is packed with the natural healthful goodness of 26 organic superfood ingredients. These physician-formulated Immune Support Shots provide 1000mg of vitamin C, plus vitamins A, D3, B6 & B12.

2. Fx Chocolate ~ The cold winter keeps me inside for my morning ifit exercise and that means I am not getting my daily dose of sunshine. So the lack of sunshine can do a number on my mood and leads to me experiencing SADD. The rays of the sun also give our body some vitamin D, so maybe it is the lack of vitamin D that can cause my seasonal depression. So I started eating a piece of chocolate every day to get my supplement of vitamin D.

 FX Sunshine is a delicious way to get your daily dose of vitamin D. This artisanal chocolate contains a therapeutic dose of vitamin D as well as vitamin K. The chocolate is sustainably sourced and contains zero grams of sugar. Vitamin D has been clinically shown to improve moods, bone health, and support a healthy immune response, so eating a piece of dark chocolate is a good thing. FX Chocolate also comes in other supplement formulas so you don't have to swallow pills to get your daily supplements.

3. Regular Girl ~ Start the New Year without constipation or other gut problems. I have spoken about Regular Girl many times on my website as this is a product that I love. This fiber supplement is so easy to use and keeps you regular in the bathroom department. I discovered Regular Girl many years ago and at first, I just used it while traveling. Now I mix this tasteless fiber powder into my daily smoothie to help me go #2 at a regular time every day.

Regular Girl is different from other fiber supplements. This fiber does not give me gas or bloating and mixes into any liquid or soft food like yogurt. Regular Girl also contains probiotics to give your gut healthy bacteria that are good for your immune system. This pink supplement may also help you lose weight as fiber keeps your body feeling full, so less snacking. One tasteless packet in the morning mixed into smoothies, coffee, or any other liquid means I go like clockwork every morning. You have to try Regular Girl to see how amazing this fiber supplement is, flight attendants love Regular Girl. Use my code MOMKNOBEST10 to save 10% at Regular Girl.com. The Regular Girl starter kit comes with a cute water bottle and is the best way to try Regular Girl at a great price.

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4. Oaza ~ Now that it is too cold to go outside, I am working out inside. That means that I am also sweating more. I think that I sweat more inside on my elliptical, more than I do when running outside. Living in a desert means no humidity so I don't sweat when exercising outside. I used to only drink an electrolyte replenishment drink in the summer but now I am reaching for hydration every day. I discovered the best way to rehydrate after a sweaty workout and it is through my favorite morning pick-me-up drink.

 Oaza is a hydrating coffee that is simply delicious. this sugar-free and dairy-free cold brew coffee drink has under 30 calories! The best part is you don't have to work up a sweat to enjoy it. Oaza comes in 3 delicious flavors ~ classic dark roast, oat milk latte, and cacao mocha.

 Oaza was created out of a certain necessity for Oaza’s founder, Jeff Burbank. Exhausted from long commutes and long work-days, coffee became an all-encompassing presence in his life. But with this uptake in caffeine came some unwanted side-effects — dehydration that led to the dreaded, seemingly inevitable coffee crash. From this problem came Oaza, a coffee that both tastes good and keeps you hydrated. That’s why he chose the name “Oaza.” Meaning oasis, this canned cold brew would be refreshing, regenerative, and revitalizing. Thus came Oaza, an electrolyte-infused coffee that maintains your energy, keeps you focused, and tastes delicious.

5. Strawberry Leopard ~ My New Year health goals also involve pink and purple hair. There is just something about colorful hair that lifts my mood and encourages me to be good to my body. Since I am all about using products that don't contain toxic chemicals, I am glad that I can use an at-home, clean, vegan semi-permanent hair color to make my hair purple.

 Strawberry Leopard is an at-home, clean, vegan semi-permanent hair color line with 18 shades of fun color. So now you can feel good about changing the color of your hair. Strawberry Leopard is Cruelty-free and Long-lasting. Their hair color contains Bonding Technology – along with rich Rice Proteins and Amino Acids – to help repair & strengthen your hair while coloring. Their bold and pastel hair color lasts up to 8 weeks and is infused with Vitamin B5, Mango Oil & Shea Butter to keep your hair healthy & hydrated while looking awesome. From purple to pink with many other color shades like blue and green, I am sure that you will find your favorite color. So add some excitement to your hair with these vegan hair colors. 

6. Nuzest ~ Six years ago, I added a protein shake to my meal plan. The reason was to help heal a running injury but after a couple of weeks of increasing my protein intake, I began to notice that my body was less flabby. I even started to develop toned muscles on my arms. I decided to step on my Fittrack scale, I gave up weighing myself years ago, and I was amazed that I lost 5 pounds! Even though I was a runner, that number on the scale had stayed the same until now. It was a plant-based protein powder that finally helped that number on the scale move and tone my body. 

 My body needed more protein to lose the last 5 pounds. Now I drink a daily protein smoothie that is made with Nuzest every morning. I like Nuzest as it is made with clean ingredients and is free of the top 8 food allergy items. This smooth-tasting protein is also vegan and tastes the best. Nuzest mixes so well in water so I don't get any grit in my smoothie. I also find that Nuzest gives me the best results in my protein powder recipes like Dairy-Free Vegan Chocolate Protein Pancakes. You need to try Nuzest protein, it comes in many delicious flavors.

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7. MicrodermaMitt ~ My healthy body reset also includes healthier skin. The cold dry winter can do a number on my skin as well as me not making time for my skincare routine. I get lazy in the winter and sometimes skip washing my face before bed or I forget to apply lotion to my body. So my skin can use some TLC and I am using this cool mitt that exfoliates my skin while I am in the shower.

MicrodermaMitt makes Exfoliating Mitts for the face and body, as well as skincare products. Our Mitts are all-natural, made from floss fibers that swell when wet to gently grip dead skin and other impurities trapped in your pores. Your skin will instantly feel smoother, healthier, and look more radiant.

8. Ouisi ~ A healthy body includes a healthy mind. So I am making the year 2022, the year that I focus on taking care of my mind. One of the ways that I am focusing on mental health is by spending more time with my family and also stimulating my brain. My boys love playing card games and board games so I decided to check out a game that looked enjoyable for the whole family.

OuiSi ("we-see") is a visual game that is fun for the whole family. What made me select this game was the award-winning sets of 210 visually-connecting photo cards. These cards have some pretty amazing photos of everyday objects in unusual ways. This card game can be played in so many different ways. The activities and games ignite creativity and curiosity, regardless of age. Ouisi is an open-ended game with mindful discovery that invites your kids to put down tech gadgets and engage. This card game sure does challenge the brain and can invoke awesome conversations.

9. Nira ~ This past month I have been neglecting my facial care. My healthy plan for this month is to be more consistent with using my laser facial device. I discovered the Nira Skincare Laser Device several years ago and this device helps keep the wrinkles away. The Nira really works at targeting those fine lines on my face, that is when I remember to use it a couple times a week.

 The Nira Laser device for the face is a laser device that stimulates the collagen in your skin to increase. So the collagen fills in the fine lines making them look less noticeable. You have to check out the Nira reviews to see the amazing before and after photos. It is hard to believe that my skin still looks amazing at 56 but it does thanks to the Laser device from Nira. Make sure to use my code MOMKNOWSBEST so you can save 10% on this amazing facial device. Right now the Nira Laser device is 40% off but this sale won't last long. So get you Nira now and experience younger-looking skin.

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10. Splendid Spoon ~ I will be doing a food reset program for the month of January. That means that I will be including ready-made plant-based meals for my meals to help reset my body back to healthy eating. While I can make my own healthy plant-based meals, I find that eating vegan meals that are ready-made makes things easier and there is less of a chance of me reaching for the junk food.

Splendid Spoon makes resetting my body easier. Their delicious plant-based smoothies, noodle bowls, and more help my body heal and recover from all that holiday food. I love that their meals are ready-made so all I have to do is heat them up. The Splendid Spoon meals are also allergy-friendly so I can feel safe eating them. The gluten-free meals are loaded with nutrition and delivered to your home. 

Your box of healthy food is waiting for you!

 Start the new year with a box of healthy meals that are delivered to your home ~ so no need to step inside a grocery store to be tempted by unhealthy food. Having food that is ready to eat will take away the stress of making meals. Splendid Spoon is the tastiest way to shed some pounds.

You need to check out the 21 Day Splendid Reset Program! It’s 21 days of whole-body wellness tools & resources that will help you glow from the inside out - physically, mentally, and emotionally. My favorite meal is the plant-based Creamy Butternut Squash Noodles. They taste like mac and cheese!

  Order heresplendidspoon.z724.net/e4aB7r 

11. Beam Minerals ~ Your body has 37 trillion cells and every single cell needs minerals to function. That is what I learned a couple of months ago when I attended the virtual Nourished Festival. After I listened to the speaker speak about a plant-based mineral supplement and how it helped her regain her health. I knew that I had to give these minerals a try.

 My body was recovering from lots of trauma. We had just gone through mold remediation in our house and a gas leak from a water heater not being properly installed. I had experienced my first anaphylaxis shock from dipping my hands into milk after I cut jalapenos up without gloves. I am allergic to milk and mold. My lungs needed to recover and heal as my asthma was out of control again. So I decided to try Beam Minerals as part of my natural lung healing treatment.

 Beam Minerals are plant-based and are easy to take on a daily basis as they have great taste. What appealed to me about these minerals were their many health benefits like supporting natural detoxification and helping with inflammation. These minerals from plants have many other benefits but these were the ones that stood out to me. The Beam Minerals were also 100% Bioavailable so they go to work as soon as you ingest them. I really liked that they came from plant sources and were not chemically sourced from salts, rocks, chalk, and eggshells, like other mineral supplements. The human body doesn't easily assimilate elements like eggshells!

 So I took the Beam Minerals MICRO-BOOST™ - Exceptional Micronutrient Support and ELECTROLYZE™ - The Gold Standard of Electrolyte Replenishment every day for a month. At first, I did not notice any difference in my asthma symptoms, I was still having that nagging cough, especially while I was sleeping. It was probably my lungs detoxing out all the irritants. Then by the end of the month, I noticed that I no longer was awoken in the middle of the night with my asthmatic coughing. I also no longer needed to use my essential oil inhaler before I exercised. I was finally sleeping better. 

 These minerals played an important part in my healing as they helped my cells detox all the stuff like the mold. Everyone can benefit from taking minerals as our bodies need them to function properly. You need to head to the Beam Mineral website to see all the different benefits that these plant-based minerals offer the body. While your lungs may not need healing like mine, you may have different types of body healing. Minerals benefit even a body that is healthy as they will help the cells get their nutrients and take the waste out. So I encourage you to learn more about Beam Minerals and make them part of your healthy year plan.

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Happy Healthy New Year!

So these are the many healthy products that I have included in my New Year health reset. I will also be starting allergy shots next month. In December, I had allergy testing and discovered that I am allergic to a long list of weeds, grasses, trees, and plants that grow around my house. I am hopeful for the allergy shots as I have dealt with seasonal allergies for over 20 years. The seasonal allergies affect my asthma so the allergy shots will help reduce my asthma episodes. I will, of course, write about my experience with allergy shots. So here is to a healthy new year ~ healthy new you.  I encourage you to try these products as part of your healthy happy new year.  


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