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Thursday, April 7, 2022

What Are True Wireless Earbuds ~ Tranya T30

I have finally decided to ditch my corded headphones and join the wireless earbud community with WIRELESS IN-EAR HEADPHONES.

 While I have reviewed wireless headphones in the past on Mom Knows Best, I have always passed on the electronic devices to my teens or husband. I admit that I was not ready to give up my pink wired headphones for many reasons. 

 The main reason for using wired headphones, that you connect to a device, was that all my music was on my iPod Shuffle.  My tiny mp3 player was what I used for running and I liked that it clipped to my shirt. I also did not have enough memory on my phone to transfer my music. The headphones with a cord were easy to use and I really did not like the way that wireless earbuds felt in my ears. I was also afraid that the earbuds would fall out of my ears when I was running. Sure the headphone cord had its drawbacks but I was not ready to switch over to the other side.

Tranya T30 True Wireless Earbuds helped me switch to the other side

 I decided to upgrade the tablet that I use for taking photos. Around the same time as replacing my tablet, my cell phone company offered me free Netflix. Netflix got me hooked on a tv show and I wanted to watch the show while I worked on my laptop. So I grabbed my headphones and my new tablet. I went to plug my headphones into my new tablet but there was a huge problem! My new tablet did not have a headphone jack. The tablet only had a Bluetooth connection for sound. So I needed wireless earbuds to watch my tv show on the tablet. 

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The next day Tranya reached out to me and offered me their T30 True Wireless Earbuds in exchange for a review. Talk about perfect timing. I, of course, took up Tranya's offer to review their new true wireless headphone. I have reviewed Tranya earbuds two years ago and I knew that they made quality earbuds. My youngest teen son still uses the wireless earbuds from Tranya.

 The new T30 True Wireless Earbuds had my name on them and I was not going to let my teen boys have these earbuds. These earbuds had a style that I liked and I knew that I could use them for watching movies on the tablet and for exercise. I just bought a new indoor exercise machine that had an HD Touchscreen with exercise programs. My new exercise bike only had Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity so I needed earbuds so I could listen to my music while exercising. I knew that the True Wireless earbuds from Tranya would give me the best sound quality for my exercise music.

What Are "True" Wireless Earbuds?

 When I looked at the specs of the Tranya wireless earbuds, I noticed the words "true wireless" and I had to know more. Since I was new to using headphones that did not require a headphone jack, I wanted to know what the difference between wireless earbuds and true wireless earbuds. This is what I found on the Tranya website.

You must be wondering why some earbuds are called "wireless earbuds" while others are known as "true wireless earbuds," also referred to as "True Wireless Stereo (TWS)." The difference is true wireless earbuds don't have a connector or a cable between the earphones. They are completely cordless or cord-free, which means they are more convenient, flexible, and easy to use. True wireless earbuds can be used in playing games, smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, and other new electronic devices. True wireless is only available in earbuds. They connect to the audio using Bluetooth, and each earbud is physically independent. The latest Bluetooth makes it easy to transmit high resolution wirelessly. There is no compressed version of sound due to no wires and the compression lowered the resolution of the music.

Comfortable earbuds that made my life better

The one thing that I really loved about the Tranya T30 was how comfortable these earbuds were. The earbuds came with 3 different ear tip replacements so I was able to find an ear tip that fit my small ear canals. I also liked that the wireless earbuds had a tip that hung over the ear to give a better fit. I did not have to worry about the earbuds falling out of my ears.

 The T30 was super simple to pair to my electronic devices. I was able to use them straight from the case. I placed the earbuds in my ears and opened up the Bluetooth Settings on my phone. I heard a voice telling me they were connected and I was ready to go. I was ready to listen to music and watch my favorite tv shows.

 I quickly found many uses for my new wireless earbuds. In the morning the earbuds helped me listen to music while I exercised. The sound quality was amazing. I was thankful that the T30 earbuds were sweatproof.  On days that my husband worked from home, the earbuds, which are wireless, helped me listen to music. So I did not have to listen to my husband's phone calls. The earbuds were also useful for my Zoom meetings. When I wanted to watch a movie on my tablet, I just connected the earbuds wirelessly to my tablet. It is a good thing that these earbuds have an 8 hour charge time. The earbud case had a 40-hour charge. This would be handy for when I travel by train or car. 


+ Incredible Ultra-high Call Quality with 4-Mic Design

+ Ultra Low-Latency Gaming Mode

+ Dual Effects Mode: Normal & Bass Boost

+ Type-C Fast Charging

+ 6mm High-intensity Magnetic Driver

+ IPX7 Water and Sweat Proof

+ Ultra-light & Portable Charging Case

+ 8 Hour charge time

+ 40 Hour charging case

+ 3 Different Sizes & Thickness Ear Tip Replacements

 My teen sons were impressed with my new wireless earbuds and begged me to let them try them. I reminded the boys that the new earbuds were mine and let them try them out. Both boys said that the sound quality of the earbuds was pretty good. The older teen said that he did not care for the style of the wireless earbuds as they looked too much like the earbuds from the fruit company. While my teenage son has an image to uphold, I like that these wireless earbuds look similar to the competition. I also like that they are way more affordable 

 The Tranya T30 True Wireless Earbuds also have smart touch control which will be useful when I purchase a new smartphone. That way I can listen to my favorite music while running. The smart touch control will make it simple to adjust volume and skip to the next song. I can even answer a phone call or activate my voice control software. These awesome Tranya earbuds are available on Amazon.

If you are looking for quality true wireless headphones at an affordable price, you need to check out Tranya T30 True Wireless Earbuds 


AiringMyLaundry said...

My daughter would love these. She has been wanting some wireless earbuds and they sound amazing.

Beth said...

I need to get a pair of these. I've been looking for a new pair. My current ear buds are dying. LOL

Edohpa said...

I have owned a pair of wireless earbuds for probably a year now and just tried them out for a whole day awhile back while doing some deep outdoor cleaning. I was highly impressed!

Tami Creates said...

These look great, and much less expensive than other wireless earbuds I've seen! I'll have to check them out :)

Eileen M Loya said...

I want to check these earbuds out. I need to fit them first before I buy because my ears can't keep "regular" earbuds in place, like they fall off with slight movement. I like the features of the Tranya earbuds so you can be sure I am going to check them out. Hope I find some at the mall.

Terri Steffes said...

I would like to compare these to my earbuds from Apple. I find the Apple ones uncomfortable.

Melanie Edjourian said...

I do love the sound of these. I never thought about using earphones to listen to Netflix whilst working. That way my daughters can use the piano at the same time without being disturbed.

Tammy said...

I have never tried ear buds before because I kept thinking they would fall out while I was walking or working out in the yard. I should just try them and find out.

Kathy said...

These are my favorite type of earbuds. The wireless ones are amazing. You can use them pretty much anywhere.

Gust si Aroma said...

I am looking for the perfect wireless earbuds for my teenage daughter for her birthday. This one sounds good!

Marysa said...

These look like great wireless earbuds. As a mom, sometimes I just need some time to myself and enjoy music or watching a show on my phone.

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