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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

10 Ideas for an Active Vacation

  Working hard to be in your best shape before an exciting vacation can help you to feel confident. Although vacations are associated with letting your hair down and getting away from routines, you can still be healthy. Take time to work out before slow, relaxed days or build exercise into your fun activities. Consider these ideas for staying active and fit on your next vacation.

1. Bring a Yoga Mat

 Pack a yoga mat to work out in your room or outside. Compact travel mats can easily fit in your bag for an ocean view cabin cruise experience. Save favorite workout videos on your phone or laptop for a private morning fitness routine. A yoga mat can be used for sun salutations, Pilates, HIIT, or barre-inspired routines.

2. Pack Resistance Bands

 A set of resistance bands takes up very little luggage space and give you flexibility for strength workouts. You can work out in your room, on a deck, or at a park. Use resistance bands for upper and lower body strength. This can help you to maintain your pre-vacation gains without adding weight to your luggage.

3. Visit the Gym

 Your hotel or cruise ship may have a great gym down the hall. Travel companies know that guests prioritize their health and happiness away from home. Use the gym for cardio machines like stationary bikes, ellipticals, rowing machines, and treadmills. Free weights and weight machines can help you to feel invigorated and ready to meet the day.

4. Walk Everywhere

  Lace-up your walking shoes and get moving! Walking is one of the simplest ways to start a fitness journey or maintain your aerobic conditioning throughout the day. Explore your travel zone, skip the airport people mover, and walk a few blocks rather than hailing a taxi. Every step adds up to a no-stress vacation fitness routine.

5. Hangout at the Pool

Put on your swimsuit and jump in your above ground pool. Paddle around in the sun and squeeze in early morning laps. The water provides natural resistance for a full-body workout. Swimming is a no-impact option for people of all fitness levels. Bring a kickboard for variations if you like to mix it up.

6. Try a Local Hike

 Local trail excursions are great for sightseeing and raising your step count. Choose an outing to climb to a beautiful vantage point for a dual workout and photo album opportunity. Urban adventures can include guided walking tours and landmark scavenger hunts. Maintain your aerobic fitness and meet local people on your travels.

7. Rent a Bike

 Bike rentals are widely available in popular travel destinations. Rent a bicycle and cover more ground on ​a breezy adventure. This can be a fun way to go out as a group or visit attractions that are some distance from your accommodations. Look for hourly, daily, or weekly rental rates.

8. Take the Stairs

 Skip the elevator and pick the stairs whenever you can, even with luggage. Taking the stairs gets your blood pumping and helps to maintain your leg strength. You can make one simple choice that benefits your body.

9. Book an Instructor

 Resorts and cruise ships frequently offer fitness classes and private instruction. Books a personal trainer for yourself, a partner, or a group of friends. An instructor can motivate you and keep you on track. Try a remote fitness training service via smartphone application if there are no trainers on your trip.

10. Play

 Relax and prioritize fun. Play with children in your travel group or sign up for new activities. Scale a climbing wall or learn a local style of dance. Beach vacations are a great chance to try surfing for the first time. Create wonderful shared memories and make the most of your days away from home.

Get creative and move joyfully on your upcoming vacation. You can truly have the best of both worlds with an active and restorative journey.

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