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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

4 Plant Based Products That Are Perfect For Summer Entertaining

Do you have friends that follow a plant-based diet? Check out these delicious plant-based products that are perfect for your summer party.

  It seems that more people are following a plant-based diet. So when you are entertaining, it is always a great idea to have food that can be enjoyed by those who choose to eat plant-based food. That way your friends feel welcomed at your party. 

 People follow a plant-based diet for many reasons and one of the reasons may be a dairy allergy. So serving plant-based food at your party may help them feel safer enjoying the food. When you have a food allergy, eating at a party can be stressful. So the best tip that I can give someone who is entertaining is to serve store-bought food that is free of the food allergy and keep the food packages. That way the person with a food allergy can read the ingredients of the food.

A severe food allergy makes eating at a party stressful

 As someone who has a severe dairy allergy, I am hesitant to eat homemade food at a party. Someone may think that they are making their food without any dairy ingredients but then forget that they added butter or margarine to the dish. Yes, butter is made from milk and some people don't realize that. Dairy can hide in food items with names like whey and casein. While labeling for food allergies is getting better for things like nuts and gluten, the dairy ingredient labeling is not as good. Take, for example, non-dairy coffee creamer. Did you know that non-dairy coffee creamer contains casein, a milk by-product? 

So I have to read labels on food before I eat them. One bite of dairy can cause me to have a severe asthma attack. So unless I see you prepare the food, I am not comfortable eating homemade food when I am at someone's house. I do feel comfortable eating if the food was premade and you can show me the ingredients. So I have some great suggestions for dairy-free, plant-based foods that are perfect for your next party. 

1. Sweet Loren's PremadeCookie Dough 

Most baked goods like cookies contain butter and milk. So as a person who follows a plant-based diet, I never eat dessert when I am at a party. So having a vegan cookie that is also gluten-free is a wonderful plant-based product for a party. Just make sure to save the packaging so your guests can read the ingredients. 

 Sweet Loren’s PremadeCookie Dough contains no egg or dairy, These ready-to-bake cookies are also gluten-free and contain no peanuts or tree nuts. These delicious allergy-friendly cookies come in many delicious flavors and are perfect for parties. Fresh baked cookies are always a hit at celebrations and all your guests will enjoy these plant-based cookies. From chocolate chunk to sugar, you will love all the cookie flavors. You can find Sweet Loren’s in the refrigerated dough section of your local market.

2. Romesco Dip ~ Sauce ~ Spread

 What is a party without some kind of dip and chips? Your friends who follow a plant-based diet will love that you included a plant-based dip on your food table. Just make sure that the chips for dipping are also made with plant-based ingredients. Serve the plant-based dip and chips straight from their containers, so your guests can see the ingredients.

 Romesco is a versatile condiment that can be served as a dip, sauce, or spread. This delicious red pepper dip is a staple of Northern Spain and can be served as a dip with pita chips and vegetables. Made from red peppers, almonds, tomatoes, and spices, this delicious dip comes regular or spicy. Romesco can also be spread onto your favorite sandwich/burger or mixed into potatoes, rice, noodles, and stew.

3. Watermelon Seed Energy Bites 

 Dessert is always the best part of a party. So make sure to have several plant-based dessert options at your party. Choose a vegan dessert that also is free from major allergens and organic. Since you will be serving the vegan dessert from the package, so your friends can see the ingredients, make sure to select a dessert with a colorful package. 

 Natural, fruity, and irresistibly fresh! These Energy Bites from Forcafoods are made from only 5 organic and clean ingredients. You will love the colorful packages Força Foods is a snack brand that makes energy bites out of watermelon seeds that are organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, contain absolutely no preservatives, vegan, and free from major allergens. These bites come in delicious flavors like strawberry, banana, and coffee. 

4. Wildgrain Sourdough Bread

 A summer party is not complete without some fresh-baked bread. Your guests will enjoy a warm loaf of sourdough bread. Make sure to select a sourdough bread that is made from plant-based ingredients. Most loaves of sourdough bread are made from simple ingredients and rarely contain any dairy.

 Make your job easy and purchase ready-to-bake sourdough bread from Wildgrain. This delicious chewy loaf of sourdough bread is 100% plant-based and bakes in 25 minutes. Wildgrain is a bread delivery service with no commitment. Every month, a huge box of delicious bread and other goodies arrives at your home. You simply place the bread in your freezer, Then when you want a loaf of homemade bread, just take a loaf from the freezer and place it in the oven to bake. In 25 minutes, you will have the most delicious sourdough bread ever. 

Take $30 OFF Your First Wildgrain Box with code MOMKNOWSBEST30

 These are just a few of my favorite plant-based products that are perfect for summer entertaining. Other great vegan party food items are hummus, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, salad, and vegan burgers. Just look for the word vegan when shopping for plant-based party food. Make sure to save all food packages just in case a guest wants to view the ingredients in the food. If you have a friend with a food allergy, play it safe and serve the food in the container that it came in. Also have separate serving utensils. An added feature that would make me feel safe eating the food would be a separate section on the table for the plant-based food. That way it lessens the risk of cross-contamination of the food.


Forever My Little Moon said...

These are great alternatives for those with allergies or special dietary needs.

Beth said...

Those energy bites sound like just the thing to help keep me feeling good. I'd really love to try them.

AiringMyLaundry said...

All of these sound delicious. I am most excited about trying the bread!

Gervin Khan said...

Wow! These are great products for ours to try, every food looks so yummy. Plus the sauce dip looks so delicious and enticing!

Melanie Edjourian said...

Wow, i love this. You've found some lovely products there. i think I'd enjoy all of them especially the cookie dough.

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! These are all really great looking products that we must try! These food looks absolutely delicious

alita said...

Those watermelon energy bites are irresistible. These are some really great product finds here.

Kathy said...

These products look amazing. I actually have that Wildgrain bread too and it is so good. My daughters and I love it.

Jennifer H said...

What a great list of vegan foods to try this summer.

Fatima D Torres said...

That salsa looks delicious and flavorful. Perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Ivan Jose | Dad On The Move said...

Thank you for your recommendations. My wife and I are trying our best to incorporate more plant-based food into our diet.

Tammy said...

Those cookies look so good. Must try those.

Marysa said...

These are interesting, and they all sound good. I would love to try them. The bites seem like a convenient snack for work.

Anamika A Chattopadhyaya said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing alternatives! One of my husband's colleagues follows plant-based diet. So next time she comes my home, she'll get those watermelon seed energy bites 😍.

Everything Enchanting 🙂

Anonymous said...

These all look like yummy items to have when entertaining and I especially LOVE wild grain and their yummy breads and pasts BUT love those yummy looking cookies too!

Rose Ann Sales said...

Oh my! All of these looks absolutely delicious! I would really love to try all of these!

Ris said...

I would love to try all of these especially the Watermelon Seed Energy Bites, it's so new to me!

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